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lip bite | JEON JUNGKOOK by iseakook
lip bite | JEON JUNGKOOKby e
"hELLO it's mEH" "who are you?" where in a girl texts her crush anonymously. by being her weird and dirty self that she hope he will accept.
In Naruto : I'm Invicible who sacrifices EQ by Ihateharemff
In Naruto : I'm Invicible who >
"I am Shiraishi Aoki, and with all due of respect, everyone here looks rubbish." This fanfiction is not written by me. I just translated it. This is my first t...
incorrect • bwwm by elisimone_
incorrect • bwwmby simone
her name is bambi a smart ass korean/black girl who along with a big ass brain has a big ass mouth. she also has a big obsession with smoking weed, but that's another st...
SHUJI - fem reader x Shuji - ishi peters  by lycheelvr
SHUJI - fem reader x Shuji - Kenmaluvsme ꨄ
"Wanna make out?" "Sure lol." - I'm not sure how this story will end up but I wrote this because I didn't see much Shuji stories Also I don't smoke...
Happy Place| ongoing  by bluebutterflies7
Happy Place| ongoing by dakota<3
[-] "He was my happy place, and all the stars in the universe couldn't change that." ••••••• Delani Taylor is the type of girl who wears silk ribbons in her ha...
Enchanted. HP Various - UNDER EXTREME EDITING by HermionesHoe
Enchanted. HP Various - UNDER moonysgf
❝Where are you going?❞ ❝Either to the library or to kill Malfoy, I'll decide on the way.❞
Defiance Discipline Dream Repeat by eyheyla
Defiance Discipline Dream Repeatby eyheyla
~They look so different since I left. No wonder why. We were young teens and now we're in our late teens or young adults. They went from a boy with greasy hair to a hand...
So anxious by lettieirvin
So anxiousby Lettie
Read to find out
The one for me - Erich Blunt -  by badbiddy09
The one for me - Erich Blunt - by badbiddy09
Tori Robertson lived a good life, pretty simple she might say. Everything was good until she crossed paths with one Erich Blunt. "Just let me go" I pleaded as...
Like A Thug   by hoesluv_k
Like A Thug by hoesluv_k
Bryelle a girl who mentally and emotionally unstable meets Justice he is a cold hearted drug king who likes to keep to himself and even he has his own problems. What hap...
Baby Daddy by KundieM11
Baby Daddyby
KundieM11 represents to you a Park Jimin FanFiction ... Kim Mi-Ran, finds herself in a situation where her parents wants her to have a child even though she is not ready...
Love { Erich Blunt x Reader}  by princess_527
Love { Erich Blunt x Reader} by princess_527
Before it starts I just wanted to say that I haven't watched murder in the first yet and that's why I don't really know what's happening and so 😅 This is my first story...
Fly like flower petals  || Kim Namjoon ff || BTS Ceo -Series by strawberry1d
Fly like flower petals || Kim Thai
I know what you think of me: just a naive, useless artist who can't think before air head ! ..." "Y/n...I--" "Save're just a p...
That One Call ✓ by StellaAdamsHere
That One Call ✓by Stella Adams
•Fifth in teen dialogue series• Highest ranking- #90 in Short Story. •••••• "He-" "Fuck hello's! You should have a very good reason as to why you decided...
Boyfriend Scenarios by leadorablewalrus
Boyfriend Scenariosby mae
❝ Finally, she's mine. You don't know how hard it is to hold back when I see other guys checking her out. Now that I have her, I'm going to cherish her. ❞ - Ricky Accard...
Reincarnation?Weird. [BNHAxNARUTO] by JeanneDelapena1
Reincarnation?Weird. [BNHAxNARUTO]by Idril
"I'm not the one who's in charge where people will reincarnate ok?my job is only to guide people to their next lifetime." 'Hmm....this place called china right...
•𝙋𝙧𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙮 𝙩𝙝𝙪𝙜𝙜𝙖 • by dracomariee
•𝙋𝙧𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙮 𝙩𝙝𝙪𝙜𝙜𝙖 •by Dracos444satann
Read to find out . Will try to update everyday❤️ .
I'm all I've got  by islandgyal2000
I'm all I've got by Islandgyal🌴
"You lied and then left, but I understand why you had to do it," I shrugged "Do you hold that against him?" Miss Margaret asked "No, I -&qu...
Behind the scenes||Tom Felton by mrs_winston1107
Behind the scenes||Tom Feltonby Mrs Winston
Tom Feltonxreader You get the part of Brielle riddle in Harry Potter. While on set you become particularly close with one cast member. Your heart get broken but will it...
Arranged by XilwahMT
Arrangedby زهىرة
It was an arranged marriage; later imploded. For her, after moving on...the same story was bound to repeat itself again, but in a contrasting way... ~.~