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Finn Wolfhard Imagines/Preferences {ON HOLD}  by MollyStevens819
Finn Wolfhard Imagines/ ThatonegirlMolly
{ON HOLD} ~~Requests are closed~~ NO SMUT AT ALL!!!! Credits to Emmanuella for the cover :)))
As fate would have it...(
S O B I wrote this when I was 11 w h a t w a s I t h i n k i n g ereri and shit I'm suck at descriptions gofuckyourself
The Key to your Insanity by EarlGrey24
The Key to your Insanityby Caitlin
Ever wonder where you'll be in 10 years? Evik Felle pondered this in his childhood as most children do, creating endless possibilities for where he'd be. Though, he did...
Rant book by annaxbrock
Rant bookby anna
rants from me it also says a lot about my life and why I am the way I am. also I don't know why you would want to read this. I'm super irrelevant.
Decepticon's Daughter and the Autobot by AmberDariano97
Decepticon's Daughter and the Amber Dariano
The Daughter of Megatron. the future leader of the Decepticons. Starfire never knew much about her mother only that she died shortly after she was born. But when He shed...
Raven by we_are_broken_hearts
Ravenby we_are_broken_hearts
Hi...that's all I have to say at this particular moment in time
We Need To Talk (2Doc) by whycantibedeadpool
We Need To Talk (2Doc)by whycantibedeadpool
Fic for Blondeulence on tumblr. IMPORTANT!: I'm very greatful for all the comments. But to the people requesting an update on this one, this was just a one-shot request...
I Shouldn't Have Kissed You (a Harry Styles Fanfiction) by Madster_Quack
I Shouldn't Have Kissed You (a Mads :]
Cindy moves to a new school (cliche fanfic beginning, huh? I promise it's not the same as other fanfics). Things go more smoothly then planned; she makes a group of bes...
The Best And The Worst by cuddlesy
The Best And The Worstby cuddlesy
A collection of poetry written by me. I write poetry when I'm bored
well the title says it all... My drawings and stuff,yeah...
Smile, At Their Knowledge by hey_little_fighter
Smile, At Their Knowledgeby eliana
Short stories, poems, and other stuff to check out...
The Hostess or the Custodian by lulupal35
The Hostess or the Custodianby otaco_lover153
There is a solitary tower in the Kingdom of Hope. I know, it is a very unoriginal name for a kingdom, but, it fits the story of how it came to be. It could also be calle...
Author X Reader Scenarios by NightHatchet
Author X Reader Scenariosby Back? Sorta?
Why not? I've seen them for fandoms, maybe this'll be more fun??? Eh, maybe.
100+ views holy hooping Jesus Thanks so much <3
Blufgghhhghh by yoiyoiyoiyoi
Blufgghhhghhby 🤡
Maybe a new book??? Idk????
My Favorite Pokemon and their blah blah blahs by evergreenboy
My Favorite Pokemon and their evergreenboypokefan
My favorite pokemon are getting introduced! To everyone in wattpad that like pokemon c'mon and read!!!! :)
Hetalia Crack by fancyfanficpenguin
Hetalia Crackby Chaotic Penguin
Now you get to see what goes on in my head when I think of Hetalia...