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Demons (Damirae) by Bats_1213
Demons (Damirae)by Bats_1213
*Set after The Judas Contract* Life has gone back to some semblance of normalcy for the titans after the whole Tara-Deathstroke-Brotherblood incident. They have welcomed...
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Birds,planes,and Heroes |rp Group book| by kryptonianbird
Birds,planes,and Heroes |rp # Swift
The next generation of young Justice /teen titans
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DC imagines (mostly bat boys) by x_xmultifandomx_x
DC imagines (mostly bat boys)by ☁ l a n i ☁
x reader, ship, and x oc imagines for all of our favorite dc characters. requests are open so don't be afraid to comment or dm something that you would like to see. -lani
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Bruce Wayne's School for Monsters by speedforce5
Bruce Wayne's School for Monstersby speedforce5
A Young justice supernatural x college au because I've lost control of my life. Pairings so far: Thad Thawne x OC Onesided!Javier Reyes x OC WonderBird Bart x Jamie
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No sueltes mi mano by maxguinllano
No sueltes mi manoby max guderian
Bajo desafortunadas circunstancias y un destino del cual Bart sólo quiere huir, es como Jaime y él se encuentran. Sin embargo, a pesar de lo malo que la vida les prepare...
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He Just want To Stop Him Not Fall Inlove -(bluepulse) by BobSmith549
He Just want To Stop Him Not bart Allen
Bart came to the past to stop bluebeetle from killing everyone and betraying man kind but he had no idea that he would fall madly inlove with him....but the ghosts of hi...
DC PARENTS: OPEN LATE by AmeliaHarris4
A Collection of stories about the nights of our beloved characters.
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Future Stories by Epic_Handcrafted
Future Storiesby Epic_Handcrafted
what the title says
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YJ-Mood Boards by orange_potatoe
YJ-Mood Boardsby orange_potatoe
Each page is a collection of pictures that I feel would be on the characters mood board. Ships and villains will also be represented
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young justice AU by zadrfangirl7
young justice AUby kitty
Jamie Rays lives in a row of conected houses with his friend Tye.There nebours are a blond girl named cassia, a woman named Megan, a collage boy named Logan who lives wi...
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Some things change but other things don't  by multi-shiper
Some things change but other 🔥Queen of hell🔥
This is a few years after from the first story Secrets can't stay secret cause things have to change things are a little bit more crazy than the first book yeah
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DC One-shots  by meefo12
DC One-shots by birdflashtrash
Various DC one shots. JL YJ TT Batfam If you have any requests, please comment or message me...although there may be some I won't do...sorry and enjoy! (If you want Bi...
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Scarlet Scarab (Young Justice.)  by Renegade321
Scarlet Scarab (Young Justice.) by Ryland Wilson
Red beetle, the scarlet scarab, the daughter of Jamie and Bart. How will they react when they find her in the cave.
Broken (Bluepulse)-Young Justice by NyaGordon-X
Broken (Bluepulse)-Young Justiceby NyaGordon-X
Everything came out with Bart. Besides him being Gay and in love with Jaime. Will Jaime choose Bart over his Girlfriend Traci?
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You are my Dark Knight ( DamiJon ) by Akira_Galaxy_Story
You are my Dark Knight ( DamiJon )by Akira Galaxy
Jonathan kent hated his simple life he wanted to be out there around the world , but he couldn't cause of his over protective parent one night , He suddenly Ran away fro...
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Young Justice Instagram by YJ_Person
Young Justice Instagramby YJ_Person
Season 1 and 2 instagram! Couples: Chalant, Spitfire, Supermartian, Bluepulse, etc.
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Singularity (We are simultaneously two individuals and one person) by EternityPrevails
Singularity (We are Jayy
Nobody could really point out when it happened, but after the reach was destroyed they slowly stopped being two highly distinguishable personalities and started to becom...
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Time is slow- A Bluepulse Fic by dccxmicgirl
Time is slow- A Bluepulse Ficby dccxmicgirl
This is my second Fanfic. Bart has retired from the team and has become a solo hero. After Jaime left of course. Barry has retired and Wally still dead, he is the one to...
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DC Oneshots German by KibaTouka
DC Oneshots Germanby Kiba Touka
Hier sind Fluff OS von DC Ships. Auf Anfrage auch Wunsch Ships und Handlungen
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when was the last time? by pommes13
when was the last time?by pommes13
bart and jaime trying their best to be more than friends, but they both don't want to make the first move
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