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The Black Gem by RSPBLiterature
The Black Gemby R.S.P.B
Deep in an abandoned Diamond facility lies a dormant Gem. However this Gem is waking up and it is no ordinary Gem...
Steven Universe Memes by AngelCraftLove
Steven Universe Memesby Rat
Idk I just have a ton of SU memes
A Real Mother by DiamondAuthority43
A Real Motherby PinkDiamond4
Takes place a few months after The Trial. So Steven doesn't know he has Pink Diamonds gem yet. What if Blue Diamond found out that Steven wasn't Rose Quartz a lot earli...
Pink Diamond's Daughter (Slow Updates) by VenusBoi
Pink Diamond's Daughter (Slow Venus
Okay, Okay. so we all understand that the whole rose is actually pink diamond think. so, this is an alternate universe! I kinda was inspired by someone who discontinu...
Steven Universe Oneshots by SimpSmiles
Steven Universe Oneshotsby 💞Bakugou’s master😩
This is a one shot, which means each chapter is a story where you end up with a character from the series. The movie doesn't belong to me either does the characters. No...
Purple Sapphire (Steven Universe x reader) by CharlottesFiction
Purple Sapphire (Steven Universe CharlottesFiction
Purple Sapphire is different, instead of seeing the future, she can make one. After an outburst of rage, Purple Sapphire give Pink Diamond a fate of shattering, and she...
Big Blue (Blue Diamond x Child!Reader) (Reupload) by shorty_nerd
Big Blue (Blue Diamond x Child! shorty_nerd
You're just an average kid, but your life is changed forever when you meet a mysterious giant blue woman. ((This book is discontinued.))
lost memories (blue diamond x human reader)🖤💙 by blaccdiamond44
lost memories (blue diamond x blaccdiamond44
You are just a lonely human. You're parents are gone, you don't have any friends or a family for you to be happy with. But it will all change when you saw this strange p...
When Worlds Collide (Blue Diamond x Reader) by Geologian
When Worlds Collide (Blue Geologian
Have you ever heard of the Mandela Effect? It describes the supposed phenomenon of remembering events which have since been altered. Many humans recall that Nelson Mande...
My Beautiful Moon Rose {Blue Pearl x Reader} by Mickispotato
My Beautiful Moon Rose {Blue Mickispotato
Blue diamond has gone mad. Blue Pearl escapes. What happens when Blue pearl comes into your life? Romance? Happiness? Chaos!? READ AND FIND OUT! Credit to the art: Mari...
Purple Diamond (Steven Universe x Reader) by CharlottesFiction
Purple Diamond (Steven Universe CharlottesFiction
You are Purple Diamond. In the Diamond's eyes, wrong and ineffective. You were supposed to be Red Diamond, with your Diamond shaped as a heart and on your navel, like Pi...
Diamond family (discontinued will make new one) by bendy4life
Diamond family (discontinued ꧁ 𝕶𝖚𝖒𝖎𝖍𝖔꧂
you are a normal human with a pretty sad life you dont have a mom or a dad well you did but you have never meet them then one day you are taken by a tiny blue flying gem...
-The Long Lost Diamond- ( Starting to publish everything again!! ) by Pikawho234
-The Long Lost Diamond- ( 💥🐄
Y/N, a half human half gem hybrid, had just moved to beach city after waiting such a long time. She moved there not only to see where she was born but she also moved the...
Ask or Dare the Diamonds, Spinel and their Pearls  by LynoleyTpayne
Ask or Dare the Diamonds, Spinel Stay hydrated
White: Yellow, Blue.. Blue: mhmm? Yellow: yeah? White: .. I'm bored. Blue: *gasp* Yellow: You? BORED? Me: well, surely we can do something to cheer her up! Volleyball:...
[[DISCONTINUED]] The Homeworld Human (Homeworld Gems x Child Reader) by aehlyn13
[[DISCONTINUED]] The Homeworld aehlyn
[[I AM NO LONGER PUBLISHING ANY CHAPTERS FOR THIS BOOK.]] You are a human toddler who was captured by gem aliens. They brought you to a place where other humans had been...
A Pearl For A Noble Gem (Blue Pearl x Reader) by LapisPeridotLapis
A Pearl For A Noble Gem (Blue LapisPeridotLapis
A Gem of high rank receives a gift from her Diamond. A love story of A Pearl and her Gem.
Book Critique by --BluePearl--
Book Critiqueby --BluePearl--
S T A T U S [✓] Open [ ] Temporarily closed A book review is a form of literary criticism in which a book is merely described (summary review) or analyzed based on conte...
PEARLISH AWARDS 2021 by --BluePearl--
PEARLISH AWARDS 2021by --BluePearl--
Hello everyone, welcome to 2021! Hey, by the way, are you an aspiring author? Do you want your book to compete with others? You can become a judge too... Well then, toda...
She's Gone (Blue Diamond x Reader Oneshots) by stupidsadperson
She's Gone (Blue Diamond x ꜱɪᴍᴘ💔
This is a One-book for Blue diamond cause why not and also she doesn't have many. You can request anything :)