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Blue Boy (gay) ✔️ by monkeybreath
Blue Boy (gay) ✔️by monkeybreath
A classic tale of push and pull. Conner, a tough homophobic marine and Jason, a talented openly gay artist, have nothing in common. Until a night of male bonding lets th...
Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner One-shots and Imagines by Kuri-chan52
Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner Khr trash XD
(Been rewatching X-men Evolution and finally watched X-men Apocalypse and I realized, my love for a certain blue furred elf mutant came back! Kurt is so fucking adorable...
Crankgameplays Imagines by Heather1512
Crankgameplays Imaginesby Heather
Some imagines about the not-so-blue boy! (I wrote these in like 2017/2018 and havent added any since, so these are a little outdated in terms of references and stuff. i...
Secret love (crankgameplays x reader) by dutske
Secret love (crankgameplays x dutske
An imagine about ethan and (y/n) were you are Mark's sister and go to LA to stay at Marks place. Mark and you always tease each other but because you were in college you...
|| ♡K-12♡ || Crybaby x Reader by thatCutesyPie
|| ♡K-12♡ || Crybaby x Readerby ahopelessfangirl
You, (Y/n), are a quiet and reserved girl- outcasted by your peers and unwelcomed by many people because of your sexuality, and mainly because you aren't sane like all t...
Ethan Nestor One Shots and Imagines by sommelier_of_water
Ethan Nestor One Shots and Imaginesby prince adam
Are you in love with Ethan Nestor? Do you like fan fiction? Do you enjoy living vicariously through a non-existant character by the name of y/n? Then this is the fan fic...
Thantophobia // CrankGamePlays X Reader by Ethanismybean
Thantophobia // CrankGamePlays X shit????
Thantophobia: The fear of losing someone you love Falling in love with your best friend seems pretty cliche. That is, until it happens to you.
Sally face  (FINISHED) by Itryxzz
Sally face (FINISHED)by Mika
THIS IS OLD AND REALLY BAD WRITTEN, DON'T READ IT! The only reason I don't delete it is because.. It's honestly funny to read. But I warn you. Sal is just one normal 15...
Tyler X Ethan //Theories & Moments// by thatrandomtrash
Tyler X Ethan //Theories & Ȁ̵̠̘̿s̷͔̹͌̒̂ḣ̶̢̭̇͐👽
***ENDED*** Random Gay Stuff. Bt if you find stuff just tell me (/°·°)/ ** © to @cosmic.chara on IG for book cover ** DISCLAIMER:I am not forcing this relationship toget...
My Little Blue Boy (CrankGamePlays X Reader)  by KayThisIsEpic
My Little Blue Boy ( Faith ♡
I have so much inspiration to write this! So I hope you enjoy! And all pictures belong to the Blue Boy himself! 148 in #crankgameplays (THANK YOU UWU)
Childish  by GH0ST1C1DE
Childish by 6Ft Down
(An EddsWorld fanfiction) An abandoned baby Neko was found at Matt and Edd's apartment door, but no one knows who the child belongs to. Matt and Edd meet up with Tom and...
My silly little blue boy by jacksepticeye29
My silly little blue boyby jacksepticeye29
I've been reading fanfics all night, so I made my own. Hope you like it!
Pacify her by 00_italy_00
Pacify herby mxlonice
About a blue boy and a basic bitch, and crybaby all in a fanfiction...what will happen when crybaby tries to take blue boy away from basic bitch?
Ocean Eyes: Teen X Blue Boy AU  by kamaravhal
Ocean Eyes: Teen X Blue Boy AU by Jasey Turnbull
What you call an average teenager is what you would pretty much call Astra. She is your classical teenager, the one that you see in the movies. Doesn't care about grades...
CrankGameplays Smut by gamertiming
CrankGameplays Smutby smuttyyoutubers
If you're into this shit on like youtuber x reader then you're in the right damn place lmfao
Stories told by Mac Demarco  by majesticandstuff
Stories told by Mac Demarco by Peach pit
I went to see Mac in concert in the winter of 2018. He didn't have the band with him which allowed him to ramble on in between songs. These stories are retold to the bes...
The One That Got Away by CallMeByBlueName
The One That Got Awayby CallMeByBlueName
Tytuł: The One That Got Away. One shot NaruSasu.