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The Freakshow Massacre by -livingd3adgirl-
The Freakshow Massacreby -livingd3adgirl-
There was no way to save the dead; only to seek revenge. And even then, the dead would remain dead. Five teenager friends are visiting an amusement park to celebrate th...
The Collected ~ Completed ~ Published  by Megs_204
The Collected ~ Completed ~ Megan
NOW PUBLISHED!! This is the unedited version of The Collected. You can now get the completed version with the link In my bio! The story of a lost boy, a fisherman's daug...
The Royal Baby (Children's Book) ✔️ by heart_th_rob
The Royal Baby (Children's Book) ✔️by ❤ Remy ❤
'If a child (born of royal blood) is born deformed - even with a single mark wrong - then it must be exchanged for another by law' These are words The Queen must hear wh...
Here In Rosefalls | √ by darlaAmores
Here In Rosefalls | √by indecisive
*** Proceed with caution! It's a cringe story I wrote years ago but it's also my first completed story so it has an iron grip on me despite being all over the place and...
Bill Learns About Love (Children's Book) ✔️ by heart_th_rob
Bill Learns About Love (Children' ❤ Remy ❤
A simple book for children about acceptance and being free to love who you want. Bill is a greedy little mouse. One day he gets stuck. Who will help him? Bill Learns Abo...
What the Morning Brings | #NaNoWriMo2018 by infIorescent
What the Morning Brings | infIorescent
15-year-old Ori is an average small-town boy. Or so he thought, until a strange circus appears in his backyard. Accepting an acrobat's invitation to join the Cirque de R...
Reputation (BoyxBoy) by hugzandrugz
Reputation (BoyxBoy)by prince
What happens when an openly gay guy and a closeted jock cross paths? Thanks to @booksaremysoul15 for the book cover! ❤ Copyright c 2017. All rights reserved. All ideas a...
Teenage, Troubled and  Telekinetic (ON HIATUS) by mejemorley
Teenage, Troubled and holding fire
Joshua is bullied at school. He's black and introverted; a clear target for racist bullies. When he's driven to attempt suicide, inherited powers spring forth. Extremely...
Winter Tale  by WolfeyeWinter5
Winter Tale by Alexis (Lexy) Winter
Long ago, the King and Queen had created a competition to reward their Allies. This competition was one of storytelling with multiple boons going to the winner's people...
The Blossoming Story Awards 2019 (CLOSED) by TheBSAwards
The Blossoming Story Awards 2019 ( The Blossoming Story Awards
STATUS - CLOSED Hey everyone! Welcome to the first season of The Blossoming Story Awards! Do you want your work to be recognised? Does no one appreciate your work? Then...
Snow Secrets {COMPLETED} ✔ by selina_carpenter_49
Snow Secrets {COMPLETED} ✔by Selina Carpenter
A dark mysterious fantasy teens fiction story • • Everyone had heard of the tale of Frozen. About a prince who turn out to be a villain. About a princess who sacrifices...
The Last One  by tiromehn
The Last One by tiromehn
3rd place Winner of the Creative Chaos Awards 6 I'm not alone. When your'e the only one of your kind it's better to be alone, to seclude yourself. But it's not because w...
Suddenly You ✔ by JenB__
Suddenly You ✔by vijeta j busan
Devastated by her break-up, Lyn spends her days living with the memories of being loved. The young lady's life takes a new turn as she meets Axel, one whose existence ma...
Blossoming Quotes Contest! (ON HOLD) by TheBSAwards
Blossoming Quotes Contest! (ON The Blossoming Story Awards
Status: ON HOLD Hello to all the noble souls! This is your host - @VismayVairagi Check inside for description and rules :-)
The Rockhounds  by laur9749
The Rockhounds by Lauren
Juniper Bixby is confused and stuck in a life she doesn't fully understand. Despite being surrounded by people she feels alone with the gem in her arm and an affinity fo...
Dirty Paws by SurroundMe
Dirty Pawsby 𝔹𝕠𝕠
In 1948, California, A gang leaders' mistress, and employee wants to get out of the business she's been placed in. Watching murder and rape has corrupted and manipulated...
Marina Ivanov, PI by DrewJes
Marina Ivanov, PIby Jes Drew
Marina always knew what she wanted in life: to be a successful private investigator in her adopted country, and Kristian Clark. But when he loses everything, but gains...
Blossoming Results & Winners 2019! by TheBSAwards
Blossoming Results & Winners 2019!by The Blossoming Story Awards
STATUS: Results of all genres have been declared! ▪︎Action/Adventure (17/06/19) ▪︎Science Fiction (19/06/19) ▪︎Horror/Paranormal (24/08/19) ▪︎Teen Fiction (08/12/19) ▪︎...
The Valiant and the Loved [Completed] by Yovarneine
The Valiant and the Loved [ Yovarneine
HR: #1 in recruit. #1 in flosho2019. I was ten years old when the soldiers murdered my parents in the city square. I was eleven when they took me in and trained me to be...