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Fresh Blood (Blood Wolf book #2) by Fictionfreak2016
Fresh Blood (Blood Wolf book #2)by Karina
After the betrayal of her soulmate, a narrow escape from a hunter, and an incredible discovery Jade heads back to her home with her friends, hoping to leave Darren and...
Bloodwolf by _One_True_Love_
Bloodwolfby _One_True_Love_
I turned to go inside but ran into a wall in stead. A wall that had hands, I found out when they caught me from falling. looking up I saw that it was Kaiden. And we were...
Blood Wolf by PossiblyDreaming
Blood Wolfby PossiblyDreaming
Stuck in a house full of vampires, her guardian's Vladimir and Louie have protected her for as long as she can remember. She still wants to live a normal life, mainly go...
For Heaven And Hell by unarmed_civilian
For Heaven And Hellby t
Formerly titled THE BLOOD WOLF Evangeline Harvey was a normal wolf at birth. She was given her powers by her saviour, her master, or at least thats what she was told. Sh...
Life As A BloodWolf by soulkeeper211
Life As A BloodWolfby soulkeeper211
Max,a guy who always has good grades and is very smart,but he's always been picked on by people,both boys and girls,but who knew that a car accident could change all of...
The Blood Wolf's Mate by ChloeJohansson
The Blood Wolf's Mateby Chloe Jo❤❤
My 'mate' is a Foster! The greatest pack in history. My pack, Blood Moon, is the largest pack ever. We had connection everywhere but rogues still crossed our boarders. T...
Baby Pup (Young Justice X Baby) by T-O-W-L
Baby Pup (Young Justice X Baby)by TheOneWhoListens
A mission with flaws A cave full of wanders A gun with a bang A MISTAKE that comes with a price This mission is for the whole team including wolf and the war machine. Th...
Dangerous by littleballerina_29
Dangerousby Sherri Tang
Hidden from truths and brought up by lies, she had to deal with everything herself. Then he came into her life, and she couldn't brought up what his purpose in her life...
The Death Artifacts by JayBloodwolf
The Death Artifactsby JayBloodwolf
This is a story placed inside the world of Shadowhunters, written by Cassandra Clare. Although it will remove a lot of lore and I will replace it with my own. It's not f...
Contagious by wolfie0914
Contagiousby wolfie0914
part 2 of where did i go wrong vote comment
Another Clary Story by GizmoLucifer
Another Clary Storyby Gizmo Lucifer
Trinity is an average teenage middle schooler when she gets sent home, but it isn't home she is actually sent to. She reaches a world she only used to read and dream abo...
Blood Wolf by ABeggs01
Blood Wolfby ABeggs01
Meet Avery Shay, a 18 year old Rogue. She has been on her own since she was 8. With a dark past, all because she was... Different. Avery never wanted a mate but one day...
The Truth Behind Orion - Book 1 by MyPhyscoRomace
The Truth Behind Orion - Book 1by Rae_relates
The lone wolf by Werewolflover67
The lone wolfby Fallen_Queen
She is not rogue for she has done nothing wrong. Ruby was born in the bloodlust pack but when she shifted at the young age of 8.Things began to change, she was banished...
Wanted by the Alpha and the Vampire King (Werewolf) by Shienooh
Wanted by the Alpha and the Shienooh
Sasha, a female werewolf, finally breaks free from the vampires that held her captive for almost half a century. With her naïve younger sister, Sasha flees to America w...
Blood Wolf by Drakon_Syaz
Blood Wolfby Rhin Ao
Being re-worked, not worth looking at...
The Gang Wolves by Mythical_chan
The Gang Wolvesby BCC236 .
((Wip)) (( this may change))
The Blood-Wolf by slytherclaw7
The Blood-Wolfby Becca Lestrange
Samantha is just a regular girl that happens to get caught up in a deadly situation. Does She live or die? You decide.
A Legend As White As Snow by Sharzbei143
A Legend As White As Snowby Sharz Beibangara
My name is Sapphire Bluemoon and I was taken in by the Grey pack when I was five after the brutal killing of my pack members and parents. Even though I was always abused...