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[* COMPLETED *] Who will rescue Dr.Fox : Hawkodile X Dr.Fox by Ravenfanflipline
[* COMPLETED *] Who will rescue Raven
Hey guys this is my first Unikitty Story . This is also my first Dr.Fox and Hawkodile .I'll also add Eagleator . Here is the summary . Dr.Fox is at a stake . But No on...
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DEATH NOTE by InfiniteFlameyy
Isang babae na nagmahal ng isang lalaki ngunit hindi nasuklian ang pag-ibig. Ang buhay niya'y itinadhana upang pumatay. Kakayanin niya ba lahat ng mga pagsubok na maaari...
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Blood is Thicker by xoxo_NICOLE_xoxo
Blood is Thickerby Nic
Bonds are tested, trust is lost, relationships are torn... See what happens when you are stuck between your brother and lover of two rival gangs. Do you stick with blood...
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to the end  by nellyhaze
to the end by li’dior 🏹☁️
a group of women are off to L.A. after college finally getting life set together in a 3 bedroom apartment, living together brings secrets, drama &' much more.
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Yo rencarnando con el cuerpo de Zangetsu en Equestria by ghyguh
Yo rencarnando con el cuerpo de María Iscar
Como bien dice el titulo yo rencarnare en el cuerpo de Zangetsu en Equestria pero ademas de las habilidades de el mismo algunas mas de otros juegos y tendre enemigos de...
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Stained Bloodline by Chained_soul
Stained Bloodlineby Pastel_sketches_
This is about a woman serial killer named white goat Who has a son who finds her disgusting But soon feels the same impulses growing inside him I'm not the main chara...
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Bloodstains and Betrayal by _ThreadedTreason_
Bloodstains and Betrayalby Madelyn
I had blood on my hands when I was 15. I've killed hundreds. I've been to hell and back. It's all because of... Well, if I told you that now, this wouldn't be much of a...
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The Legendary Werewolf by ActionGamer99
The Legendary Werewolfby Fiction Arts
The beginning of the book explaining how the character became a werewolf
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Blood Stains by BisexualTicTac
Blood Stainsby Emma Feinstein
Four teenagers are finally able to enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation after a difficult school year. Or at least that's what they wish could have happened. Once they...
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bloodswap by RainbowSparkles03t
bloodswapby RainbowSparkles03t
art not mine credit too owner
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Shardbinder [Male!Shardbinder!Reader X Highschool DXD] by conN0426
Shardbinder [Male!Shardbinder! Silver Phoenix
A man who's been alive for longer than any normal person, he and his partners finds their way to Kuoh to clean up a demon outbreak
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White Lilies by JohnilynMariDepp
White Liliesby JohnilynMariDepp
An erotic fan fiction written from the point of view of Marilyn Manson
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Blood Stained by Aozora_Xu
Blood Stainedby Aozora_Xu
Date Published: Snow that was once looked like porcelain glass stained in black and blood red. An eye stared at the rose in front of her. It shined in an ocean blue, eno...
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Memories of a Former Importance (Poetry) by pogodeathray
Memories of a Former Importance ( Drae
Random dark poetry and musings from the Memories of a Former Importance
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Hope by love_drawing100
Hopeby love_drawing100
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Blood Stained Letters (Complete???) by TheWritingCloud
Blood Stained Letters (Complete???)by Em
Tahila and Damian have been married for 11 long joy filled years,Tahila is constantly traveling for her job as a translator or so her husband though. What he doesn't kno...
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The Hunter's Curse by TheFantasyWriterGirl
The Hunter's Curseby TheFantasyWriterGirl
"If you're apart of the family,You Die"
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31st Street by sydlusk
31st Streetby sydlusk
Blood Stains Never Fade Away by RainbowInCloud
Blood Stains Never Fade Awayby Sonam Biswas
This story revolves around two people. Those two are the main characters and resolving their issues on their own. Life has always different rules and no one has any idea...
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She's Gone by Shauna189
She's Goneby Shauna189
Ally is a senior in West Hill High School. Ally and her best friend Brooke went to a high school party for the seniors. At the party there was a blackout then a scream a...
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