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°~roses are black~° Alastor x reader(🍋 lemon maybe..?🍋) by buttonedwolf666
°~roses are black~° Alastor x dumb bitch juice
we all know the rime "roses are red, violets are blue" but what if down in hell it's not all its cracked up to be? y/n has always hoped for someone to love her...
First Blood (Bloody Bunny x Male Reader) by FoxBoy2099
First Blood (Bloody Bunny x Male Delaven Foxboy
Rumors have begun to spread around the town. A young bunny was roaming around the city, killing it's victims and saving random people. It's target? Nobody knows. They ha...
How did this happen?!  by MoonWalkerFan1998
How did this happen?! by emily
I wake up on Saturday morning to find more than one era of MICHAEL JACKSON! They're all nice but one of them catches my attention and we fall in love. Who is it you migh...
Adopted by BVB by TheAmateurAdrian
Adopted by BVBby Woah.ItsAdrian
Scarlet is 16 years old. She isn't the most popular person at where she lives. It's like a foster home but this place had over one hundred foster kids living there. She...
Michael Jackson Fan-art and imagines by SilentOwlWitch
Michael Jackson Fan-art and SilentOwlWitch
A collection of fan art drawings of my favourite rock star and singer Michael Jackson.
Saviour (BVB) [COMPLETED] by heyit_sjay
Saviour (BVB) [COMPLETED]by Jade
Snowflake is Andy Biersack's twin sister, but she was adopted at 1 years old. Now 22 years old, she gets reunited with her brother when their bands go on tour with each...
Lost In Darkness by Lunatic_Princess_66
Lost In Darknessby Lexie Vasquez-Lara
She's the little sister of a rock star. She has just quit her job after being beaten, injured, and hurt by everyone there. She's been heart broken by the man she loved...
Sticky Cakes by cataclysmicGiant
Sticky Cakesby Link
POV: Youre horny so you fuck a sticky and steaming stack of pancakes.
The Last Cut by emlong123
The Last Cutby Emily
Disarray is an outcast, people call her 'emo'. Her family is full of preps. They hate her new lifestyle of being the way she is. They hate the fact that she dyed her lon...
Scars a Plance fanfic by yaboijimbo69
Scars a Plance fanficby yaboijimbo69
I'm ig righting a story hope u enjoy not sure may put in sum smut so watch out and this contains suicidal thought swearing so this is a R rated book ig
The Last Dance  ( Dahvie Vanity x Reader) by unholyeevee
The Last Dance ( Dahvie Vanity Kyle
~~~~FISRT FAN FICTION!!~~~~ ***That I wrote*** ♡You and your best friend got tickets for one of the last shows for Blood On The Dance Floor. That night is whe...
Michael Jackson Imagines by babyspiderling
Michael Jackson Imaginesby babyspiderling
Michael Jackson Imagines! Just little fics for your enjoyment!
Vampire Slave (Jahvie) **DISCONTINUED** by Mari_Von_Monroe
Vampire Slave (Jahvie) ** Mari Monroe
Jayy is a vampire but only his butler Mikee knows this, so when Jayy gets a call from Garrett Ecstasy of the Ecstasy Estate he is intrigued to get a knew slave Dahvie, n...
My Gift And My Curse...(Jahvie) by NICKIVANITYY
My Gift And My Curse...(Jahvie)by NICKI
Angels and Demons will never live in peace. It just cant happen. Why? Because of what happened three hundred years ago, between Demons and Angels. But what happens when...
Call Me Your Master (Jahvie) *being rewritten* by ImaDevilOnTheInside
Call Me Your Master (Jahvie) * .
Being a slave sucks balls, and sometimes, that's a literal statement. Jayy, being the sensitive, snappy, smartass person he is, is just the opposite people would assume...
Warm Egg Pocket by cataclysmicGiant
Warm Egg Pocketby Link
POV: Youre ridiculously horny and you find comfort in a freshly made, warm, omelette.