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Abducted *COMPLETED* by L_J_Abrams
Abducted *COMPLETED*by brynli
Annia's life was perfect. She had the perfect boyfriend. She was popular. She got good grades. She was the Head Cheerleader. All was well, until that one day. The one da...
❛  DANG!  ❜   ━   ❪  m. morales.  ❫ by CATRAMITYS
❛ DANG! ❜ ━ ❪ m. morales. ❫by zara
    𝖽𝖺𝗇𝗀! --| 🖤༚ᜒཾ❁🕷ᝰ༢༝|-- 𝐢𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡... miles falls for an ice cold super h...
A Little Bit Yours by LissetAcoeda
A Little Bit Yoursby Lisset Acoeda
"...You're not mine, but I'm still- always have been- a little bit yours." When Elidi was seventeen, she moved across the country in an attempt to flee her unr...
Bad boy//Johnny Lawrence  by qtxamberr
Bad boy//Johnny Lawrence by qtxamberr
I'm thinking of adding some smut to the last chapter so a TW. I'm not the best at writing (this is my first time so sorry if it's bad) this story is for all my Johnny La...
Faceclaims by WritingBeAurora
Faceclaimsby aurora nicole
This is a gathering of my discoveries as an artist for faceclaims. I have a tremendous diversity for you to glance through. Get ready to scroll. I wish to be able to aid...
REVERA by heyclosetheblinds
REVERAby sksks
A freak. Not normal. Cursed. That's what Carrie Funar considers herself. She desperately hides her strange abilities from the people around her, but she can't take it an...
She's like hell (GirlXGirl) by JenWoxx
She's like hell (GirlXGirl)by JenWoxx
Was wenn... ...zwei Welten aufeinander treffen. Ganz Plötzlich und unerwartet. ...das Schicksal seinen Lauf nimmt und auf einmal ungeahnte Gefühle wach werden... ...die...
All About Cara Delevingne by GinutzaGeo
All About Cara Delevingneby L Y D I A
Cara i will always love you♡
Mr.Popular and I by Interracial_lovexxx
Mr.Popular and Iby Interracial_lovexxx
Jada has a rough life. Coming from a drug using home and having an abusive stepfather, how will she adjust when her permanent loving foster parents move to Seattle. New...
Forgotten by _-Gigi_Marie-_
Forgottenby ~gigi~
Lost. Never to be found. Gone forever. Annabeth is just 5 years old. She has beautiful blond hair and big hazel eyes. She has a hole where her two front teeth should be ...
Blonde Gerald :) by tbhidfcc
Blonde Gerald :)by soul
G- Eazy with blonde hair :v
Foreign Hearts by Crispy_Lasagna
Foreign Heartsby BURNT LASAGNA😍🤞🏽
"Hey why don't you take off that skirt and acted like a man?" "Well I will, just as long as you take it off for me"
Pregnant By My Brother's Roommate's Uncle's Adoptive Son's Cousin by salsinned
Pregnant By My Brother's Roommate' salma
this book is a complete joke and also a dare dont take it seriously thx bye ________ anita pierce bumped into the baddest, most popular boy in the school and he yelled a...
Perhaps One Day, Maybe Someday [EDITED] by sumsumxoxo
Perhaps One Day, Maybe Someday [ sumsumxoxo
[Turn on your audio and press the speaker:)] Originally titled as Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes [Poppy Turner] She has the blonde hair, the blue eyes, the loving family and t...
The Masquerade by IDoNotExist123
The Masqueradeby IDoNotExist123
Orphaned at the age of twelve, Kayleigh thought she was all alone. Never did she dream that she would be given a home with a middle aged Assassin, looking for an apprent...
Loved by Sassy-Hoe
Lovedby Karmen
"Jenna, you are loved." That's what they tell me. I know they don't love me. They never have. + Join Jenna as she is a depressed anorexic girl fighting her w...
Alone by GeorgePipkin
Aloneby YourLocalGP
Ash was alone. She had always been that way when it came to social interaction, but today, something was different.
Behind Closed Doors by KittyBurrito
Behind Closed Doorsby KittyBurrito
Sam and Quintin are students at a university in Canada. They meet in a hallway only to later experience great feelings for each other. What will happen, and how will the...
A pocketful of life by pinkhipster101
A pocketful of lifeby pinkhipster101
14 year old Samantha Wood wants to be a Model but the only way to get there is to dump boyfriends ditch best friends and go behind her parents back but when she complete...
Sapphire by alyssahoney13
Sapphireby alyssahoney13
I saw the rain pouring down. I didn't want to go outside but another part of me did. I opened the door and steeped out onto the porch and what happened next was nothing...