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The Blue Blank Boy by Zombie-Kitty182
The Blue Blank Boyby Megan
After a symbiote attaches to youtuber Ethan Nestor, he discovers more about this strange alien and names it Blank. Image cover was commissioned to me by Soko Draws (Twi...
The Chat by AstronomicalWings
The Chatby AstronomicalWings
When Darkiplier makes a chat so he can easily communicate with all of the other egos, It doesn't exactly go as planned (NOW WITH ACTUAL PLOT, WHAAAAAT?!)
Villain? Or Hero? by Brookefox_
Villain? Or Hero?by Brooke
[COMPLETED] [UNDER EDITING] Felix, Mark, Jack, Ethan, Tyler and their family (egos) are trying to get into a school for people with superhuman abilities called Xavier's...
A Blank Stare by Doodliebear06
A Blank Stareby Cassi
What will Ethan do when fear takes over? When pain is all he feels? When life is nothing but a living nightmare? How will he help his friends survive from all the blank...
Teamiplier Imagines by _yeet_my_feet_
Teamiplier Imaginesby Dead!
COMPLETED (But uploading here and there) This book includes imagines with the following people: Markiplier CrankGamePlays Tyler Jacksepticeye Pewdiepie Highest ranks:...
Incorrect Ego Quotes by SoullessPotato1
Incorrect Ego Quotesby SoullessPotato1
I will stop when I'm dead. (Mainly things I found from incorrect quotes blogs from other fandom and I ego-ised them) (Cover by me)
Wake Up. Markiplier/CrankGameplays AU by AllTimePhan73
Wake Up. Markiplier/ Blue
Ethan is haunted by nightmares. Every night Blank comes for him, torturing him until the moment he wakes up. So he's living off minimal sleep and way too many cups of co...
Falling... by colorburst_myth
#8 217:11:58:59
When Ethan's girlfriend breaks up with him, he falls. And Mark might be the only one that can save him. - - Cover by @XxxMysticWritesxxX - - Highest Rankings: 1# - blank...
Blankgameplays x Darkiplier x Antisepticeye by Psych_Lucifer
Blankgameplays x Darkiplier x Jenna Foy
Dark and Anti have an idea to release Blank into the world. Once they do Anti and Blank try they're best to get Dark to love them. Dark even gets 'special gifts' for e...
Magical Hearts, Blank Feelings by JellyheartJelza
Magical Hearts, Blank Feelingsby Jelly Jelza
Second book in the Not A Normal High School series. (Y/N) shouldn't have ignored the noise. It started as a crazy man trying to help to being tortured. When you finally...
The Cheerful Brunette || A Crankiplier Fanfic by PShadow_09
The Cheerful Brunette || A Nino
Ethan is a very cheerful and a savage person. In fact, everytime the school jocks was trying to bully him, all he did was roasting them back. But deep inside, Ethan is b...
Choices // Egos Ft. Sanders Sides  by ItsSepticeyeSam
Choices // Egos Ft. Sanders Sides by ItsSepticeyeSam
-- Then the closet slowly opened. He sat there, whimpering and paralysed. Fear consumed Mark and he tried to move, but found that he literally couldn't. He literally co...
Kidnapped (Darkiplier, Antisepticeye, and Blankgameplays) by beanie__meanie
Kidnapped (Darkiplier, beanie__meanie
{ COMPLETED } Harmony has just been kidnapped by three..shadows? Demons? Who knows! One is glitching in and out with a red and blue aura around him, one has sharp teeth...
Incorrect Quotes & Alternate Universes by Buckmysterio
Incorrect Quotes & Alternate lifeless bastard
I need somewhere to leave my random bullshite so here you go: Incorrect Quotes & Alternate Universes for JackSepticEye, Markiplier and others! -THIS IS MAINLY INCORRECT...
Deception: NatemarexReader by Space_Cat648
Deception: NatemarexReaderby Emma
A new generation of psychopaths have caused multiple cases of genocide within the western region of the United States. The police department has trouble keeping up with...
A guide to CrankGamePlays Egos! by FangirlOverlode
A guide to CrankGamePlays Egos!by Fandom Trash
A list of Ethan's egos, cannon and non-cannon, and links to all the videos they're in.
Revenge Is Best Served Together  [BOOK ONE] by AstronomicalWings
Revenge Is Best Served Together [ AstronomicalWings
TEMPORARY HIATUS: NOT CANCELLED ACK Dark has finally gotten sick and tired of waiting and is ready to take action. And he's decided to throw some old faces, and new, int...
2020 Vision | Unus Annus by Redpensblackink
2020 Vision | Unus Annusby RpBi
Rumor has it, 2020 would be the year where everything that could go wrong, would go wrong. Kind of ironic, this year seemed so hopeful, full of vision and preparation f...
Error 404: YouTuber Not Found | BlankGameplays Fanfic by friendlyeinzelganger
Error 404: YouTuber Not Found | friendlyeinzelganger
Jesse is like every other YouTube fangirl- and no fangirl would turn down the chance to get to know their favorite creator. But with Ethan Nestor, aka CrankGameplays, it...
Ego One Shots by Believehope2004
Ego One Shotsby Sam
Just some one shots with Jack's and Mark's egos, as well as the Sanders Sides. Some parts will be more happy while others are more sad. Hope you all enjoy! ~Rankings Rea...