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Aria Narcissa Malfoy by BCateH
Aria Narcissa Malfoyby That_One_Hufflepuff_Bee
After the war Hermione finds her so called parents and finds out that they actually weren't. On her birthday, a week before the school year starts she wakes up looking v...
Blaise x Hermione One-Shots by Faithfulbitch7799
Blaise x Hermione One-Shotsby Athena
Just a whole bunch of Blaise and Hermione one-shots
48 hours  by starstruckbitches
48 hours by Star <3 and Delilah
What will happen when two enemy's get trapped in the 'Room of Requirements' for 48 hours? Ranked #1 in 'Blamione' for a long time
Her Light In The Dark|| DM,HG by dramionebabes
Her Light In The Dark|| DM,HGby Salt&Pepper
In which a bushy haired slytherin with a dark past, finds the light in the form of a gryffindor with slicked back blonde hair. //Gryffindor Draco and Ron// //Slytherin H...
The Mudblood by _Dramione__life_
The Mudbloodby _Dramione__life_
What if Harry wasn't the boy who lived? Harry lives a happy life with his parents. Hermione Granger goes to school and meets two boys. A boy with red hair and a great pe...
Seducing The Slytherins  by serious_black_lupin
Seducing The Slytherins by dramione
Ok so first i suck at these description things so sorry about that. After the war Hermione Granger went to Australia to restore her parents memory. It took a lot of effo...
Fred by anniii2021
Fredby anniii2021
Fred ist der Sohn von Hermione und einem Unbekannten.
Auror -Shinigami. Gdy Shino zawitało do Hogwartu (BARDZO WOLNO PISANE) by AleksanderKopiec
Auror -Shinigami. Gdy Shino Aleksander Kopiec
Co się stanie gdy Złote trio spotka na Pokątnej pewnego rudego Japończyka? Jak zareaguje Hermiona na wieść że nie jest szlamą, a dziedziczką starożytnego klanu? Jakie pr...
One shot ❤️Harry Potter  by hereinthedarkness15
One shot ❤️Harry Potter by hereinthedarkness15
One shot su harry potter in collaborazione con -SofiM456- e - Eleonora829-
The Dark Lady (Blamione) by dramionelover101
The Dark Lady (Blamione)by Toni Pulford
Who is Hermione Really? What do Harry and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named really mean to her? Read and find out what happens in Hermione's life. (Book 1 in a trilogy)
Love You, Love Blaise by fitzphieshipper123
Love You, Love Blaiseby S.L.S.
Hermione has been different lately. Staring off into space. Smiling at the Slytherin table. Smiling dreamily. Blaise Zabini seemed to spend most of his time writing lett...
His last three words by Hartucc
His last three wordsby Finn Granath
After the love of his life dies Draco Malfoy tries to recover from his pain and to move on with his life, this is the story of how he survives day after day.
A Rather.. Unfortunate Love Story by starstruckbitches
A Rather.. Unfortunate Love Storyby Star <3 and Delilah
Since when does Harry ever turn a challenge down? Especially from Draco Malfoy. Who will be the first to back down from this wonderful game of "Chicken"? No 3...
Slytherin Hermione by niva_214
Slytherin Hermioneby niva
Everyone is coming back to Redo their 7th year. What they find out at the resorting is a shock. Blaise, Theo, Pansy and Draco have a secret.Will Hermione, Ginny, Harry a...