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Pandora Riddle - Voldemorts Daughter (Book 1) by xchloeeex
Pandora Riddle - Voldemorts Chloe
Pandora Riddle is the daughter of Lord Voldemort and she hates Harry Potter as much as her father does. Thanks to her best friend Draco she is sent to Hogwarts on her la...
Conflicted Loyalites by Kiradog234
Conflicted Loyalitesby Kira
The Golden Trio have returned for their eighth year at Hogwarts in order to make up for the seventh year lost to the war. Old grudges are being reassessed, friendships...
Our Forbidden Romance by nightmares_in_action
Our Forbidden Romanceby idk
After the war of Hogwarts Harry along with his friends went back to Hogwarts -and finally Harry Potter The boy Who Live finally admits his secret. during their last ye...
Blaize love story  by mk_blaize
Blaize love story by mk_blaize
Y/n and blaize have a freak week after an encounter at the station. Hot steamy romance awaits 🥰🥵🔥
Claustrophilia by saturnedblue
Claustrophiliaby blue :0
Charlotte Beaulieu grew up a largely isolated kid, turning to books as an escape from her dreadful home life. She's been forced into this shell of herself for so long sh...
Forever Lost (a Harry Potter Fanfic) by its_justlanie420
Forever Lost (a Harry Potter lanie hill
Though the truth can be scary it needs to be heard. Read Rose Weasley's story as the truth unravels around her and things begin to change. Find out if things will ever g...
You Take my Breath Away ( A Dramione Veela Story ) by isabellarhxx
You Take my Breath Away ( A Isabella
The bad have gone good. The dirty have become the clean. Enemies become friends. Veelas are everywhere and searching for their mates. What could go wrong at Hogwarts: Sc...
Fire Elementalists- Blaize Kingdom by elementalists_3
Fire Elementalists- Blaize Kingdomby The Elementalist Community
Listen up, all you fiery elementalists! Come over to the fire section and see what we have to offer!
Haunted by the Past by hopeless-dreamer
Haunted by the Pastby Izzy
At first glance Blaize is just a normal highschool girl, and she may be if your deffinition of normal is: has a mom that went crazy after Blaize's twin sister was murder...
DIVINATION by UnicornioRhian
DIVINATIONby Unicornio Rhian
What happens when you mix super powered teens with drama? BAD THINGS! Join the Divination crew in an adventure to find out who they are! - Uni \ : )
The Beginning of The End by Christ-is-King
The Beginning of The Endby Lainie
Read the title people!!!!
Unnatural Love by harrypotter15k
Unnatural Loveby Harry Potter
Matheo was the only closet friend I could actually trust. He always would support me and never tell my secrets. He was like a brother to me and always will be. I always...
The literacy of love (slow updates)  by everwritelove
The literacy of love (slow Half Blood Princess
A dramione story. One project, one gryffindor, one slytherin, one burning passion and one shared undying love. When Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are partners for...
Chance by DreamRealmReality
Chanceby Jay
Blaize just watched her parents as they drowned and now she is swept into a world that the government has been hiding. The ocean levels have risen and wiped out most of...
No one cares [ major editing ] by Finding_Brianna
No one cares [ major editing ]by ElectricLyric
I look at my self every day and I see my wrists and I'm proud to have scars and cuts I'm not diffrent , I'm just a human punching bag who is always seen as a freak but w...
Make you mine || Harry Potter x Reader by Babyxsoul0
Make you mine || Harry Potter x Babyxsoul0
"Please, let me fix you. Be mine." Asked the boy with black hair and green piercing eyes. You didn't know what to say. Standing in front of him like a statue...
Dramione Camp Love Story by luizzy4life
Dramione Camp Love Storyby Sushi and Kiwi
Based off real life events So the both of us went to a camp together a little while back and there was a major ship going on there between a lifeguard and one of our co...
The End 3 by lainiebug11
The End 3by Lainie
(Author's point of view for all of story) Lainie is back with only two survivors left... Her wacky friend, Blaize... And, her lover, Chance... What will happen? Message...