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Trapped by a Kitten | Jenlisa AU by LiLiTop_NiNiCutie
Trapped by a Kitten | Jenlisa AUby Caela
An original Jenlisa AU -- Jennie Kim seemed to have it all. She's pleased, she's happy, with a gorgeous lover, popularity, a loving family, and a wealthy lifestyle. Howe...
They Don't Know About Us (JenLisa Fanfic) CMPLTD by fivehptx
They Don't Know About Us ( fivehptx
The media and their fans wants to know the real truth behind JENLISA. There are bunch of evidences like photos and videos roaming around the internet about them. But wha...
AUCTIONED by Playerr_07
AUCTIONEDby Playerr_07
Many people then raise their number "350, 000 dollars!" "400, 000 dollars!" "550, 000 dollars" "680,000 dollars!" I heard the...
Sending My Cold Husband Dirty Text Messages While We Have Guest Over  by liskook_ship01
Sending My Cold Husband Dirty liskook_ship01
🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 [Jungkook: What's gotten into her!?] 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Guys I didn't go back and make sure there was not misspelling So I'm sorry if anything...
New Manager? by pasta1997
New Manager?by 🤍
Im y/n got a job as a manager for the popular girl group, Blackpink. She wasn't planning on falling in love again after her previous relationship was shattered by cheati...
Baby Mommy by dorky_butt
Baby Mommyby dorky_butt
"One down. I wonder if the last one standing will ever be tied down."
It's Not A Surprise || Jennie × G!P Reader  by byooniepark
It's Not A Surprise || Jennie × park yoonie
" Y/N you know your chance with jennie is 0.1% she is an idol" " i know unnie .." "Sorry i didn't introduce myself. I'm Y/N" "Baby, i...
Affection | Jenlisa by unrighteously_
Affection | Jenlisaby ً
Collection of Jenlisa oneshots. ★ - personal favourite
✰ɪɴsᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ✔︎(Jennie x G!P reader) by JennieRubyJaneKim116
✰ɪɴsᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ✔︎(Jennie x G!P reader)by DueKie
I don't know what to put or yeah just go read it. (Jennie x G!P reader)
My Crush Cold Hearted and a Bully  by JLCSSLSTMC2YWJ
My Crush Cold Hearted and a Bully by JLCSSLSTMC2YWJ
Just a story about Jenlisa English is not my first language so I hope you understand. Start:2/6/21 End:23/7/21
The CEO And His Girl | LISKOOK by 7pridika14
The CEO And His Girl | LISKOOKby Divij Rawal
What happens when the young and dashing billionaire CEO Jeon and Actress Lisa Manoban are asked to shoot for a Children's Charity Campaign? It all happens when #Liskook...
Utopia by awritinglight
Utopiaby alaska
A shipper gone wild stole the youngest members of BTS and BLACKPINK to an uncharted tropical island. Idol AU / Fluff Copyright © 2018 @awritinglight
NCT and Ateez imagines by Jiyeon-ssi
NCT and Ateez imaginesby Jiyeon-ssi
🖤Book full of imagines to live Y/N's life🖤
The Idol Marriage Life (Taehyung x Lisa) by dchillz
The Idol Marriage Life (Taehyung dchillz
People may ship BTS V with so many girls, but they don't know that he actually married to Blackpink's maknae LaLisa. Since they were kid, their grandma agreed to match t...
Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard by jtrk_me
Trial Marriage Husband: Need To arc
JenLisa Adaptation. Author: Passion Honey Note: I use the word "He" to portray Lisa and Jisoo because it's an adaptation.
VOGUE | Liskook by Jungkookset
VOGUE | Liskookby Jungkookset
Lisa and Jungkook meet for a covershoot for Vogue and the rest?..
Under // JenLisa by queenthenightvampire
Under // JenLisaby Chic’ n w/ Corn
JenLisa AU Yes, a mysterious Lalisa Manoban never bows down to anyone not until she met Jennie Kim, a school president that you don't want to mess with. Find out what wi...
My long-lost mafia brothers (BTS FF)  by BTSxTXTmoarmy
My long-lost mafia brothers (BTS simp4jungkook
[This is an unedited book, so bare with the mistakes made] Kim Y/n... a ordinary girl with a dark past in which she loses her family What will happen when they reunite...
A collection of short stories and reactions dedicated to BLACKPINK's Jisoo, Jennie, Rosè, and Lisa {REQUESTS CLOSED} [SLOW UPDATE]
STEPBROTHERS - BTS FF [Moon Land] [On hold] by moonlan11
STEPBROTHERS - BTS FF [Moon Land] moon land
This is the story of a high school girl, Y/N, who has an average life, but it will all change when her mom will get married to the father of BTS. Y/N's life will turn up...