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Game Hoppers (DDLC x Male Reader) by IJustLikeRWBY
Game Hoppers (DDLC x Male Reader)by Meme Thief and Mediocre Author
Aah... Doki Doki Literature Club, what a game, seriously it's great, so, why not make a story on it? Leave suggestions on what games to go to, I have a few ideas but wou...
  • cod
  • games
  • natsuki
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Into The Rift by Renegade_Russkiy
Into The Riftby Renegade_Russkiy
Jerome is at the height of his career as a United Nations Operative, his noble job has his skills placed on the line in low profile deployments all across the highly des...
  • specialforces
  • covert
  • discipline
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Primis and Ultimis Crews X Reader One-shots And Imagines by balder614
Primis and Ultimis Crews X Kira
The title says it all. I won't do lemons, but I may do the ultimis crew if enough people want me to. Requests are open and feel free to request more than once! I hope...
  • tani
  • oneshot
  • nikolai
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Shadow Of The Past Trilogy ∞ THE DISPLACED by kemorgan65
Shadow Of The Past Trilogy ∞ THE Annika K.E. Morgan ˊˎ ˗
One Disaster--Two Earths--Three Survivors: After a cataclysmic event hurls three women to a younger Earth, they find themselves separated, stranded thousands of years...
  • wwbm
  • ghost
  • featured
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C.O.D Imagines by mrs_floyd
C.O.D Imaginesby mrs_floyd
basically what the title says :) I HAVE A REQUEST PAGE ON HERE TO KEEEP TRACK OF THEM Includes ~ Logan Hesh or David Keegan Woods Soap mason Mitchell Gideon Maybe other...
  • frankwoods
  • fanfic
  • ww2cod
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Live (Richtofen x Reader) by SlightlyIrradiated
Live (Richtofen x Reader)by SlightlyIrradiated
I'm rewriting the end of Blood of The Dead because it was scheisse! I fell in love with Primis Richtofen. So, we're saving him, falling in love with him, fluffin' him an...
  • lemon
  • cod
  • blackops
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Call Of Duty Nazi Zombie Imagines by mrs_floyd
Call Of Duty Nazi Zombie Imaginesby mrs_floyd
Note: please do not list curse kinda makes me uncomfortable because some of the comments.... takeo Nikolai Tank Dr.Richtofen
  • richtofen
  • blackops
  • takeo
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Playing God (Helford #2) by RileyTegan
Playing God (Helford #2)by Riley Tegan
*This is a sequel to Toy Soldiers* It didn't surprise me when I got caught by a third party while I was on the run. They tied me up and put a hood over my head; I lost m...
  • drama
  • helford
  • awesome
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The New Test Subject (Richtofen X Reader) by CoeurClair
The New Test Subject (Richtofen Cœur Clair
Apart of the French Army, you are on a mission with three other men. While on your journey, you are kidnapped by the very reason why you're in the army: Group 935. Obvio...
  • callofduty
  • richtofen
  • kidnapped
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Blackwatch by WhiskeyCharlie141
Blackwatchby Wesley Connor
Meet Blackwatch...a black ops unit led by a tier one war veteran, Gabriel Reyes that handles off the off the books mission for NATO in a dark and complex world. (Modern...
  • modernblackopsau
  • blackopsau
  • overwatch
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PROJECT SPARTA by bbgallagher
A former #1 AMAZON Kindle download! A Wattpad Featured story. Project Sparta is "Maze Runner" meets "The Bourne Identity". As soon as Xander Whitt en...
  • cia
  • badassreads
  • thriller
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When They Come For You by SandyRook77
When They Come For Youby Maria Sandoval
The world as Clarke Griffin knew it was a complete and total lie. Upon the death of her father, Jake Griffin, she finds out that her family is one of the founders of Ska...
  • marcuskane
  • skaikru
  • abbygriffin
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Call of Duty One Shots [Requests Open!] by butterfly123199
Call of Duty One Shots [Requests ♠️Bean♠️
The boys are back and better than ever! Ready to satisfy your every need! {REQUESTS ARE OPEN!}
  • richtofen
  • hesh
  • frankwoods
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Call of Duty Zombies X Reader 2 (One-Shots) by MissAnchor
Call of Duty Zombies X Reader 2 ( --⚓--
!!ON HOLD!! + REQUESTS CLOSED + 2.0 Characters Only --- {ANY ART USED IS NOT MINE} {Characters belong to Treyarch}
  • dempsey
  • nikolai
  • blackops
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Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together by Zombiegirl777
Those Who Slay Together, Stay Zombiegirl777
Richtofen, Takeo, Nikolai and Dempsey escape from Der Riese to Kino Der Toten where they meet a girl who saves their lives and proves to be an asset in slaying the undea...
  • edwardrichtofen
  • nazizombies
  • nikolai
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Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies Crew (One-Shots) 1 by MissAnchor
Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies Crew ( --⚓--
!!ON HOLD!! + REQUESTS CLOSED + 1.0 Characters Only -- {Any Art Used Is Not Mine} (Cover Photo Not Mine) {Characters Belong To Treyarch}
  • cod
  • dempsey
  • codzombies
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Call Of Duty Roleplay by butterfly123199
Call Of Duty Roleplayby ♠️Bean♠️
All in the title. ❤️
  • takeo
  • callofduty
  • dempsey
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COD Primis Crew x Other Crews Smuts/Scenerios x READER x STORY by loufente
COD Primis Crew x Other Crews killawatt
hey bitches, welcome to my book with NSFW and 18 + scenes, with humour and pussy popping, take this book with pride to enjoy your funny fantasties xo - fenty all rights...
  • cod
  • takeo
  • zombies
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Return Of The Last Dragon by SimpaulSimon
Return Of The Last Dragonby Simpaul Simon
Much has changed since Leroy Green , a young martial artist living in New York City, trained tirelessly to attain the same level of mastery as the great Bruce Lee. Wit...
  • kungfu
  • karate
  • adventure
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Misty x reader by ValkyrieThunderGod
Misty x readerby Melissa
  • blackops
  • nicolai
  • tranzit
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