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The Futuristic Angel (Kuroshitsuji Ciel x OC) by Clowntastic
The Futuristic Angel ( Jan
13 year old Alexis led a pitiful life. Her parents being the richest people on earth, was biased against their only son Marcus hence blaming everything he did on poor li...
The handmaiden with red eyes by Imagination42
The handmaiden with red eyesby Can you hear them?
In need of inhuman abilities to protect the one she loves, Elizabeth Midford calls upon a rabbit demon, renaming her Rosemary to serve as her personal handmaiden. But ov...
After the circus  by Neko_channnn
After the circus by Neko~chan
Ivy. Well that's what Joker and the others call her. Ivy is special. Her eyes are rare and bizarre. When she meets the mysterious Butler from the Earl of phantomhive, he...
High-School Heart Throb by pianomusicchild
High-School Heart Throbby pianomusicchild
So picture this, you are starting your second year of High School and you have a bunch of new students. However you suddenly have several new teachers as well. All of wh...
Grell has a Little Sister?! by pianomusicchild
Grell has a Little Sister?!by pianomusicchild
(Y/N) is Grell's mature little sister. She often has to take responsibility for Grell and her mistakes and try to keep her out of trouble as well as working a job as a g...
Once Upon A Dream *Sebastian Michaelis* (Black Butler Fanfiction) by YokiLoki
Once Upon A Dream *Sebastian YokiLoki
Lavender isn't your normal everyday demon. The difference between her and most? She feels compassion. Join this strange cat demon as she finds herself in the midst of th...
The Phantomhive Experiment  by zara1581
The Phantomhive Experiment by aot-is-my-everything
Sebastian + Reader: (Y/N) Phantomhive, Ciels forgotten sister, a sister that would like to stay forgotten. But unfortunately that's not how fate works. You were the elde...
Not This Time. ( Sebastian x reader ) by sickimeansick
Not This Time. ( Sebastian x sickimeansick
It felt like thousands of eyes observed you, you stood frozen in place, the cold air touched your bare feet, opening your eyes you saw him sit on his big sharp thrown, h...
That Fateful Evening: Grell Sutcliff x FEM! Reader by TheQueenofLGBT
That Fateful Evening: Grell ꂦꉓ꓄ꍏꃴꀤꍏ
After a mountain of grief, stress of being a noblewoman, and an argument with a long-term friend, you took a stroll to clear your head. Rain poured onto the London stree...
Nightmares & Daydreams by queens_watchdog
Nightmares & Daydreamsby queens_watchdog
Sebastian Michealis is a demon, and demons aren't supposed to fall in love. That is, until he falls for his master, Ciel Phantomhive. Sebastian fears of what may come if...
Тнє Qυєєиѕ Fσχ.                                        (Reader x Ciel) by RedRosesAmongSnow
Тнє Qυєєиѕ Fσχ BloodySnowflake
The Queen is dead. And you had a pretty good idea of who was responsible. The Queens' Guard Dog. You wouldn't let him get away with it, no matter what. But what will hap...
Emotionless. (Cielois) by Animephangirl1
Emotionless. (Cielois)by Animephangirl1
Yet another day of the same taunts and beatings from the same beautiful boy... But I don't care, of course; I'm emotionless.
Fade by maxmcnulty
Fadeby max mcnulty
Ciel Phantomhive feels nothing, anymore. Not a single thread of empathy clung to the young demon. He chuckles to himself as he remembers that Sebatian was still destin...
My Cat's Black Butler  by aby209tom
My Cat's Black Butler by CeciliaFaustus
You just got to read to find out ... Xoxo Aby209tom & Asha_faustus 😙😘😚
Psychro - A Black Butler Ice King AU Fan-Fic by GalaxyPulse2567
Psychro - A Black Butler Ice Galaxy 💫
Highest rank: #3 in blackbutlerfanfic Note: This is not a Sebaxciel fan fiction. Psychrophobia - the fear of cold, ice or frost. When Astre and Ciel Phantomhive and t...
Black Butler: Mystery Dimensions by DarkAngelNightWings
Black Butler: Mystery Dimensionsby Lady Night
Lyric Night grand-daughter of the king of devils has accidentally opened a portal to the world of Black Butler. What will happen to her as she meets demons, fallen angel...
The Queen's Beautiful Black Rose - CielxReader by janenguyen001
The Queen's Beautiful Black Jane The Nerdy Girl
What will you do when you're in a Famous Noble Family that amazingly close to the Royalty blood? What will you do when obviously your Parents have to have a two faced li...
red | sebastian michaelis  by kodzukenz
red | sebastian michaelis by prev. -jenbabe
red (adjective) - red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love...
Sebastian x Reader One Shots by Vauxiliatrix
Sebastian x Reader One Shotsby Idk What Im Doing
This is a book with a bunch of one shots from the one and only Sebastian Michaelis! <3 The reader will be different things by the way on some stories not always human...
That Time My Dreams Came True by LunaT_T
That Time My Dreams Came Trueby Luna Mash
A sixteen year old girl named Jade Sylvan is abused by family and hated by her whole school! The only way she gets through life is reading and watching her favourite ani...