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Yours only | BWWM by sl7tty
Yours only | BWWMby Welcome!
in which two teenagers find each other and fall in love, Hard. (ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE! THERE WILL BE GRAMMAR MISTAKES IN THIS BOOK! FEEl FREE TO CORRECT ME!)
NORP Meets NAT by EryxAias
NORP Meets NATby Eryx Aias
NORP - Normal, Ordinary, Responsible, Person NAT - Necessary Action Taken Grant 'Norp' Wealleyn comes from an all-White family full of doctors. They think his perfect pa...
Black and White {Abused Izuku Bakudeku} by _-PepperAdams-_
Black and White {Abused Izuku Pepper Adams
Izuku Midoriya had a happy life. He had two loving parents, a best friend next door, and a determination to become a hero. But when he was 4 and he found out what his qu...
Forever Yours (MXM) by Supersmallsinger95
Forever Yours (MXM)by Supersmallsinger95
A/N: This is the third book in the Unexpected series. Evan Campbell had to grow up quickly. From getting kicked out of his house to becoming a teen dad, he had no choice...
🖤Black Diamond🖤 by SpaceD0rito
🖤Black Diamond🖤by Dottie
This is a White x Black fanfiction. (a little Yellow x Blue too) This is a story about the mighty Black Diamond, she were as tall and powerful as White.She had white sh...
Random Wiggly!Paul stuff by Mils_348
Random Wiggly!Paul stuffby stabby babey
This started because I thought of some funny Waul things and didn't want to just leave them in a Google Doc. These are not, by any stretch of the imagination, good. They...
WHEN IT HITS US by linnetplacid
WHEN IT HITS USby linnetplacid
The younger years can be very blissful but still full of so much shit and it gets nerve raking. Ella moved to New york looking for a fresh start. But things seem to get...
Black and White ↠ Niall Horan by -sweetholland-
Black and White ↠ Niall Horanby thomas stanley holland
I see us in black and white, crystal clear on a starlit night. ↞↠ Book 1 of the Niall series x
Contradiction by sherimello
Contradictionby Sheri Mello
Daphney Stone is smart, popular and the most spoiled brat in LA. After graduating from high-school, she impatiently waits her eighteenth birthday to celebrate it with fr...
My Photography  by wajazhar8
My Photography by wajazhar8
This is a collection of my photography. "Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... It remembers l...
dull/vibrant | taekook by Yoongay-G-U-STD
dull/vibrant | taekookby addyorable
With you, the world is brighter. - Dedicated to: precious friend, Shae. 02052019; Happy Birthday
Strength and Sensuality [Completed] by HeraHarker
Strength and Sensuality [Completed]by Hera Harker
A modern Pride and Prejudice story. Only sexier. Mira is a refugee, starting a new life far from home. She has to deal with her troubled past, her son, and her enigmatic...
Awakened Emotions (Ferriswheelshipping) (N x White/Touko/Hilda) by eremika0000
Awakened Emotions ( Kelly
(Ferriswheelshipping) (Possible lemons) After the final battle, N decides to protect White from the revenge stricken and bloodthirsty Team Plasma. However, their relatio...
Rock With You: A Love Story by bjacksonx
Rock With You: A Love Storyby michael jackson
This is the story of Belle, a sweet girl from Pennsylvania, who auditions for the great Michael Jackson's Bad Tour. It soon turns into an enchanting love story, where Be...
Lover's Court by TheDreamKacher
Lover's Courtby TheDreamKacher
"The wolf is just a wolf. It hunts when it needs food, it kills with no need for a reason and it looks for its mate because it knows its fate. It will never underst...
Loving  the king boyxboy (interracial) by twinlovedyou
Loving the king boyxboy ( twinlovedyou
The only reason Ethan is going to a community college is to make his mom happy who is sick in the hospital . Sadly he doesn't have anyone else and being an only child do...
Pokemon Best Wishes Rewritten by albabimam04
Pokemon Best Wishes Rewrittenby AlbabImam04
This is my own version of the Best Wishes Anime. I am sorry that I cannot include the Team Rocket vs Team Plasma arc, but I have a lot planned for this. I don't own Poke...
The Ex ✔️ by annwritess1
The Ex ✔️by annwritess
It's been a 4 months since Julian has seen his ex-finacee Jamal. You would think he would see him often since they have kids. Julian couldn't bare to see him after he le...