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The Infiltrator (A Flash Fanfic) by Theflash2467
The Infiltrator (A Flash Fanfic)by Theflash2467
"So, what's your name?" "Lexi." "Lexi what?" "Just..Lexi." ********************** "You may not realise it but the powers w...
Too Bad! [ BFB x reader ] by FennecFics
Too Bad! [ BFB x reader ]by Max
What if the characters in BFB never appeared in the human world? What if, instead, a human appeared into the world of BFB? What would happen then? (This is an alternati...
Enlightenment [Book 2: SEKTOR V Trilogy] by SEKTORV
Enlightenment [Book 2: SEKTOR V SEKTORV
Highest WP ranking so far: Sector #1 (out of 1,200) Top 0.08% Book two of the SEKTOR V Trilogy expands into the Galactic unknown. In Enlightenment, Humanity's myopic and...
Worlds breaking (MHA X Pretty Cure Crossover) by ultrastarsupernova
Worlds breaking (MHA X Pretty ultrastarsupernova
Class 1A went out on a field trip and visited multiple hero agencies and a museum about the history of heroes, but as they loaded off the bus upon returning to U.A. a la...
Save Me, Mr. Stark! [Iron Man FF] by AMagicalLlama
Save Me, Mr. Stark! [Iron Man FF]by imamagicalllama
Arix is almost to the age of 18, where she can finally stop running for all these years...where she doesn't have to worry about the flashing lights following he with bul...
 [universe facts] by spookybisexual
[universe facts]by Irva
《I know nothing with any certainty,but the sight of stars makes me dream》 - Vincent Van Gogh ©written by; sp00kyirene published at 28.9.2017
Supernovas & Escapism by duke21
Supernovas & Escapismby this lonesome loser
"You get one chance, fight or flight?" "Escape." "So flight then?" "No, escape." ---- two different boys from two different world...
When the star shines (Unedited) by Pilot_3
When the star shines (Unedited)by PLT_3
A star that she see from the sky, that is visible in her eyes. She wishes that one day she'll hold it but what if... What if that star will become a black hole in her li...
I, the Dragon.  What to do now? by user85216283
I, the Dragon. What to do now?by Yves
I wake up with a Dragon body! My children and wife are still sleeping.What to do? I am not human anymore. Where to go? What to do. Oh no, my size is increasing and I...
My poems (I will update when I feel like it) by LoverofBooksGal
My poems (I will update when I Persassabeth and Hiccstrid's...
I am going to be writing poems of all kinds to get my feelings out, or because I am bored. Thanks for reading this!
Yoohyeon X Reader, Dreamgirl by AwesomeWriter17
Yoohyeon X Reader, Dreamgirlby AwesomeWriter17
Y/N L/N, Proud member of ARMY and InSomnia, your biases being Yoongi and Yoohyeon. One day, you find yourself being sucked into a weird black hole and you wake Y...
Pearl of the Stars II - Far From Home by AngusEcrivain
Pearl of the Stars II - Far From Angus Ecrivain
Stranded in a distant, unfamiliar star system, Captain Grace Ifhans must fight for her life, and for the life of everyone else!
152 days || BFB AU || Detective Pie and the unsolved mysteries by Kai-chan_reads
152 days || BFB AU || Detective Call me Kai
Yup, I'm making yet another story. Hope you like this one! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS STOR...
I, the dragon. I still don't know what to do! (tome 2) by user85216283
I, the dragon. I still don't Yves
I am scouting a sword and magic country as a wyrm and I try to not be killed, to make a lair, eggs and little wyrms and try to not destroy the humans. I promise, it wil...
D≡∆R  M≡ | ♠ by eunyxung
D≡∆R M≡ | ♠by ᴴᵒᵖᵉ ᵂᵒʳˡᵈ
" L'Obligation de Produire Détruit la Passion de Créer " BlackHole ↔ Me ☼
Galactic Gale by colourfulmoth
Galactic Galeby shar
The stars have settled, but the winds are just picking up. Kael Galtionie thought he had left his life as Uterca's golden prince behind, but when his mother falls ill, t...
Tranquility meets Insanity by klutzzyfudge_1929
Tranquility meets Insanityby Jiya
#2 in the undiscovered award 2020 #11 under poetry from June to August (2019) "But the sweets can't bring you porridge, The colours can't make you dim Caresses can'...
The Experiment (The Infiltrator Book 2)  by Theflash2467
The Experiment (The Infiltrator Theflash2467
5 moths after her death, Lexi wakes up in an alley in Star City with new powers and no idea how she got them, all she has is faint memories of being experimented on. Wi...
Re: Zero Restarting Battle for Dream Island from Zero! (CANCELLED) by GW_LupineTaco
Re: Zero Restarting Battle for Taco Loves Housepets
When 22 objects mysteriously get transported to the past, the Announcer comes back with familiar challenges. Cancelled, but you can read some cringe. BFB 30 already came...
Void {Spiderman Fan-Fic} by TheBlackMask
Void {Spiderman Fan-Fic}by Auddy
A new darkness is rising. After a space expedition gone wrong, something came back with it. Something more dangerous than any symbiote. Something the earth isn't ready f...