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RIPPLES [A Fairy Tail Fanfiction] by therealnarnia
RIPPLES [A Fairy Tail Fanfiction]by Becky
After dying in her original world, a girl goes to the Fairy Tail universe, hoping to change things for the better. But does her appearance there make it better, or worse...
Fairy tail the matchmaker by Tyger420
Fairy tail the matchmakerby Tiger_Kiwi
It's the perfect time...for my plan It's dragon mating season It's right after the grand magic games What happens when all the guilds go on vacation? what happens whe...
New School, Fake Life (Discontinued) by princessnyxx
New School, Fake Life ( princessnyxx
This is a story about Lucy and Lisanna they are best friends and they move to a new school, but they hide there identify to live a life as normal teenagers. Will their s...
Mine Only: Stoshi- Fanfic Fairy Tail  by Nashi_Dragneel_786
Mine Only: Stoshi- Fanfic Fairy Nashi_Dragneel
read story to enjoy. it's a Stoshi fanfic.
Shattered by Mina_world
Shatteredby Mina_world
After Lucy's been found by the Magic Council, she's been acting strange and avoiding everyone lately, including her spirits! The guild is very worried about her, especia...
Here we go again by Alexa_Fernandes
Here we go againby Alexa the Hentai Queen
When a little pinky haired girl named Meredy returns to her home town looking for a new job she runs into a few old friends. But when old feels start to surface again wi...
ENGAGED!? ☆ A NALU FANFIC ☆ by arushijbswag
ENGAGED!? ☆ A NALU FANFIC ☆by 🙆 Aruchii 🙆
"Hey Lucy! No time to waste dear. Hurry up!" I was lazily tieing my shoe laces when I heard my mom screaming my name from the car. "I'm almost done, mom...
~ANNUAL SUMMER FESTIVAL~ by _taylor_fairytail_
Lisanna had a secret crush on the handsome blue haired member of the Raijinshu. She knew that it wouldn't work out, because he wasn't interested in her. Or so she though...
FAIRY TAIL ONESHOTS by tvdboybands
One word :FAIRY TAIL One-shots Ok that was four words.... Oh well :) TITLE SAYS IT ALL
Fairy Tail Ships (Best and worst)+ pictures by MiNameIsJoker_
Fairy Tail Ships (Best and worst) KakenaTheQueenOfTurtles
One day I was browsing on Tumbrl and decided to write this book... !!It's my opinion!!
The Untold Future Stories of Fairy Tail by sarahlin3
The Untold Future Stories of Sarah.lin_
Time moves forward as our favorite members of Fairy Tail grow older, eventually marrying and having children. Stick around to find out what crazy adventures and trouble...
Những đứa trẻ từ tương lai by Lunadra
Những đứa trẻ từ tương laiby Lunadra
Sorry mina vì cái ảnh bìa ko phù hợp,đây là fic thứ nhất của mình mong mina thông cảm
Fairy Tail Next Gen: Love birds by Nashi_Dragneel_786
Fairy Tail Next Gen: Love birdsby Nashi_Dragneel
it's about Stoshi(Storm x Nashi) and Ignia (Igneel x Sylvia)
Pirates and Maries by artist_daydream725
Pirates and Mariesby Cassidy Huebner
Lucy is a Sergeant Major for the maries, she is very respected and feared. The Fairy Tail Pirates are also feared, especially Natsu Dragneel, though no one has seen him...
Fairy Tail Truth or Dare  #complete# by its_irene__
Fairy Tail Truth or Dare its_irene__
The title says it all. It's fairy tail playing truth or dare! (Please excuse my English haha.. it's not my first language and I wrote this ages ago)