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Erich Der Riesenkönig :The Largest H-class by NguynLThinPhc
Erich Der Riesenkönig :The Lone Ranger
The largest one ever built because of one man... A man who is known to be a monster by the goverment of the world... He was the one that ended the first world war by cre...
A Kings Throne (changes being made ) by soundOwaveO
A Kings Throne (changes being soundOwaveO
In the Second World War a prince was killed, ripped to shreds by his enemies and sent into the oceans abyss, a tomb for nearly a century. He was meant to be the greatest...
Azur Lane: A Royal Pain by xxdisneyfan99xx
Azur Lane: A Royal Painby Comanche99
Jack had seen more than his fair share of battles as a mighty commander for the Royal Navy, and the same could be said for his fleet. After dealing with the Sirens for t...
Never Alone (Bismarck, Azur Lane) by PanzerAce
Never Alone (Bismarck, Azur Lane)by PanzerAce
Bismarck is constantly troubled over her defeat at the hands of the Royal navy, feeling that she is truly useless... FYI this is a Bismarck and reader story.
Tale of The Forgotten Ship by ollieboy27
Tale of The Forgotten Shipby
What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of the ocean, equipped with machinery you've never seen before and a face you do not recognise? This is the fateful...
Two Philippine Navy Frigates Goes to Azur Lane by AwesomeNinja1027
Two Philippine Navy Frigates Wilfredo M. Fernandez
Partly Tagalog and English story. Especially dialogue between Jose and Antonio. Story inspired by the Philippine Navy Frigates. The Philippines recently acquired two bra...
| Lovesick | - [ Yandere!Tirpitz x Reader ] by Himarii_San
| Lovesick | - [ Yandere!Tirpitz Himarii
Tirpitz isn't the one who'd be a yandere for love, but when she comes across the Commander she can't help but want them like no other How far will she go to have the Com...
 Azur Lane: A love made of steel... by NikeRubyJennie
Azur Lane: A love made of NikeRubyJennie
Hood and Bismarck became very close and started to develop strong feelings for each other before the Ironblood betrayal. But that day at Denmark Strait changed everythin...
King of the ocean by N7Captain
King of the oceanby N7Captain
They needed more firepower if they wanted to beat the sirens. So, let's start summoning yeah? Disclaimer: Azur Lane is not owned by me and anything that you recognize is...
Yandere Bismarck and Tirpitz x Male Depressed Betrayed Suicidal Reader by RyeXacters
Yandere Bismarck and Tirpitz x RyeXacters
This is a book that was originally created by TheOmegaLife please give him the credit and not me but I would like some likes for this. In the book Y/N also known as the...
Azur lane: Siren Reader by Enterprise-sama
Azur lane: Siren Readerby Enterprise-sama
Your a siren.... An experiment siren... You Were called the Silent death or whistling death, you killed almost 50 million people.... But something wrong happened you wer...
Azur Lane: The Indomitable Duo by Galv324
Azur Lane: The Indomitable Duoby Galv324
The Indomitable Duo. The most feared pair of battleships the world has ever seen are born into the world of Azur Lane as they try to find their place in this world. USS...
Enterprise's New Life by AwesomeNinja1027
Enterprise's New Lifeby Wilfredo M. Fernandez
USS Enterprise (CV-6), a floating city of steel. After a stellar service career in World War 2. She was decommissioned in 1958. She's the only ship that earned 20 battle...
Azur Lane: Dead Men Never Lie by xxdisneyfan99xx
Azur Lane: Dead Men Never Lieby Comanche99
A few months have passed since the death of Jack, the valiant commander of the Royal Navy. The fleet that he left behind has only grown stronger in his absence, even wit...
Azur Lane:The Lost Bismarck Class by shadowgamer254
Azur Lane:The Lost Bismarck Classby Shadowgamer
There were 4 factions,united to fight against an evil that came from another world,The Sirens a unknown force that came from another world,bent on destroying humanity an...
Federation Chronicles: Defending these Azur Lanes by N7Captain
Federation Chronicles: Defending N7Captain
Formerly Azur Lane x Male Reader. What if a ship from the future somehow came to the past? Well, let's find out as Azur Lane finds an ally that might just be able to win...
Azur Lane: The Hotshot Pilot Turned Commander by AwesomeNinja1027
Azur Lane: The Hotshot Pilot Wilfredo M. Fernandez
Not related to Symphony of the Heart. Lt. Cdr. Wilfredo "Maverick" Fernandez is a hotshot Top Gun fighter pilot with a reckless personality. He always has a kn...
A war of two seas (Sea of Thieves x Azur Lane) by Cmonkey512
A war of two seas (Sea of 8-bit monkey
A world with two seas. The first, Azur Lane. A sea where a military organization of the same name fights the traitorous Crimson Axis, who have allied themselves with Azu...
Red Crimson Sky by DevonRamirez
Red Crimson Skyby Devon Ramirez
Kurt Ludwig was an average high school student from America fluent in everything German one day he awakens to find himself in the middle of a war in a world completely d...
Azur Lane: Enterprise's Past by AwesomeNinja1027
Azur Lane: Enterprise's Pastby Wilfredo M. Fernandez
An Azur Lane alternate universe story. Story inspired by the fanfiction video on YouTube created by Ryuma Brunestud Enterprise's Past (Enterprise Fanfic) Azur Lane. Imag...