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DATING by BesprenLeslie
DATINGby Author_ Lang lang
Being an idol is not easy, you have to wake up early and you can rest if your schedule is done, we cant visit our parent's because you have to focus on work and schedule...
=Mo Dao Zu Shi= (Lan Zhan x Sheng Mey x Wei Ying) by raven121_u
=Mo Dao Zu Shi= (Lan Zhan x Amelia Lightwood
Don't share this story, don't copy it or this story can't update! The original characters of MDZS aren't mine, but my Modern Oc is mine. Non-copyright my fanfic or I wil...
Sam and Cat  [UPDATED 6-12-16] (Lesbian/Bi Story)(Completed) by AngelBaby000
Sam and Cat [UPDATED 6-12-16] ( Ke
Billie Eilish x Melanie Martinez  by ifidontsmile_imrude
Billie Eilish x Melanie Martinez by ifidontsmile_imrude
I love her, Melanie, she's- she's amazing, beautiful, cute, and so fucking crazy. And I love it. She's so much like me. But cute.
Me and Maddison Beer's past by UnknownGirl1294
Me and Maddison Beer's pastby unknown
this is some real notes from my old diary I wrote a couple years ago, and I really think you should read it.
Meet Threesome Hookups Expereince by leon23333
Meet Threesome Hookups Expereinceby Wenqi Fu
My dating expreience on threesome website was bitter-sweet, but it worthy, I love this relationship because I got a lot of fun from it.
Your neko slaves~ by Natalya_Riggs
Your neko slaves~by ♥︎☁︎︎Samantha☁︎︎♥︎
Carl Grimes as a neko x reader x Sami (OC) *Smut/ depression/ fluff/ yandere/ masochist/ Sadistic/ death/ gore/ sensitive content* - Sam
I Can't Change~ Larry Stylinson by LouT_omlinson
I Can't Change~ Larry Stylinsonby LouT_omlinson
Harry is a 17 year old senior student at Kennedy high. Living in Holmes Chappell was tuff for him. He gets bullied cause he's gay and yet he gets adored my a bunch of gi...
Questionable love by sadthoughtsofmine
Questionable loveby idk
two best friend Haley and Hannah they both like each other but Hannah has a boyfriend. Hannah's boyfriend is toxic so Hannah always goes to haley to rant everything
My opinion on Yandere simulator ships by ninjagofangirl109
My opinion on Yandere simulator Asu
Like in "My opinion on star vs the forces of evil ships" you give me a ship and I'll do it . And also you are allowed to ship my Yandere triplet oc's(Which are...
Sovereign Atheism by ominous_thoughts
Sovereign Atheismby ominous_thoughts
Short book containing, thoughts, ideas, and conspiracies about human nature, law and religion.
My Book of Poems by h0p3less-l0v3rs
My Book of Poemsby WolfyChan13
All of these are my works. •Warning• They can get deep sometimes. I hope you like them. Love h0p3less-l0v3rs ;3 ~|!|~ALL RIGHTS RESERVED~|!|~
I fell in love with my gay best friend?! by szechuasauce101
I fell in love with my gay best szechuasauce101
Imagine this: You and your childhood best friend were always together through music. You played the piano and trumpet and she played the cello. A day after, you started...
Rebel Leader Love (Gay Love Story) by APJstories
Rebel Leader Love (Gay Love Story)by APJstories
Taking place from the series called, "My Inner Demons", by Aphmau, this is the story of an 18-year old human named Alex, who is the half-brother of Rhal, and t...
The story of my life {Stenbrough} by Reddiesstrawberry
The story of my life {Stenbrough}by stenbroughstrawberry
a story of where Bill denbrough and Stanley uris fall in love :)
Story Of Two Single Bisexual Girls by leon23333
Story Of Two Single Bisexual Girlsby Wenqi Fu
We have been secretly in love with each other for three years. I am a somewhat bad bisexual girl, her gender is the same as mine, but her character is separated from me...
a wilder cliché love story  by daddycornflakes
a wilder cliché love story by ‼️‼️
aviva, high school graduate, baby face to the college world and has no real idea what to expect out of her new life and home in California, yes this sounds cliche but wo...
A new discovery by littlebrownfangirlie
A new discoveryby Dahlia Leila
Gravity Falls story... WARNING THERE WILL BE LGBTQ+ THINGS SO CLICK OFF IF YOU DON'T LIKE!!! Hope you enjoy! Cover doesn't belong to me!!
Eito-kun by Sparrowolven
Eito-kunby Cody Wolven
Eito is a bright young student at Hagami Highschool for special talents.