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Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Return (Completed) by Wolfsong19
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Wolfsong19
Azura has now found her way back in the universe of Kingdom Hearts. Now a new adventure awaits her a long with new and old friends. What adventures and trials await her...
Key To Light And Dark Ventus/Roxas X Reader  by vampire2468
Key To Light And Dark Ventus/ vampire2468
This story follows the original game. Enjoy!!! I do not own any kingdom hearts characters. Credit story to Shiro Amano
Again and Again [Ventus x FEMReader] by Lok_the_Nobody
Again and Again [Ventus x Adiós
Arrived in the Land of Departure without any memories [Name] finally gets the chance to discover who she was when the opportunity arrives but is thrown into an unexpecte...
Weaver of the Hearts by khgirl678
Weaver of the Heartsby ㅤ
On a remote island there lies four best friends longing for adventure outside their cramped lay island; Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Sakura. All get their wishes granted, but...
Destiny of the Unknown Princess by NeliAreli15
Destiny of the Unknown Princessby NeliAreli15
Having an intertwined past with the seven heroes of light, having met the Master who brought doom to all worlds, and having her own past... It really isn't easy. After a...
The Heart of a Princess: A KH BBS Fanfiction by FrozenKHFan97
The Heart of a Princess: A KH FrozenKHFan97
(Book 1) This story is about Hikari's adventures with the BBS trio as she travels through worlds fighting the Unversed to fighting Vanitas and Master Xehanort. The scene...
Vanitas x reader by HeartSong3
Vanitas x readerby TheMemeLovingChef
When your world is over run by darkness, you are taken in by Master Xehanort.
Just A Little Bit of Light (A Birth By Sleep Fan Story/Rewrite) by SilverDreamsisBrenna
Just A Little Bit of Light (A Brenna and Friends Studios
Annabelle, preferably Analia is the Daughter of Master Eraqus. Living in the Land of Departure with Aqua, Ventus and Terra, formerly with Terra's twin Tessa and three fr...
Kingdom Hearts ONESHOTS by KinchoHakai
Kingdom Hearts ONESHOTSby Kincho金鳥
This is my first oneshot, I hope its not bad. Some of you can request some characters you want to. Warning: Late Updates and I might Reply late to your Requests. Though...
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A Heart Unbound by khdarkheart
A Heart Unboundby khdarkheart
Hana embarks on what she calls the 'journey to discover the truth of her existence;' however, it is not particularly an adventure she chose to go on. Destiny required he...
Sora X Reader (Kingdom Hearts// One Shots) by JustAnotherFuck-Up
Sora X Reader (Kingdom Hearts// JustAnotherFuck-Up
-Cover rights go to it's artist- These are just some little fluffy one shots between you and Sora. If anybody wants any LGBTQ+ stuff ya gotta ask because otherwise it's...
I Love You. Vanitas X Reader by IlluXionXIV
I Love You. Vanitas X Readerby Bella E.
Once Vanitas gets dumped, he finally learns learns what love means besides sex.
Ventus [One Shot Compilations] by BananaRoyalty
Ventus [One Shot Compilations]by ven.
A book of (shitty) oneshots with Reader paired with Ventus, a character from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. These are written by the self-proclaimed ruler of all banana...
~ OTP Challenge! ~ [PokeSpe y KH] by Saphire235
~ OTP Challenge! ~ [PokeSpe y KH]by ~Sapphire~
Un reto, 30 días, 30 historias, muchos de mis shippings OTP y diversas situaciones de lo más peculiares, ¿Te atreves a leerlas todas?
Kingdom Hearts Oneshots by lazy-aplaca
Kingdom Hearts Oneshotsby Alpaca
Requests: Open! Request what character and what game! ❤️ No smut
TAIYO TO TSUKI ✦ Kingdom Hearts by ginaxwrites
TAIYO TO TSUKI ✦ Kingdom Heartsby Gia E.
Light and Darkness. Sun and Moon. These words seem to represent Stella. The mere mention of her past gives her painful headaches and she wants to know why. Multiple imag...
Broken Medicine-Vanitas x reader- (Under Editing)  by theboyishwonder
Broken Medicine-Vanitas x Coffeeoverlord♡
❝Fixing the shards of glass to a broken soul is always the best medicine there is❞ ------------- •Fanfic first made: July 2015• - Formerly known as Lover from the da...
Ventus Birth by Sleep Love Story  by BillDenbroughsGirl
Ventus Birth by Sleep Love Story by Losers Club ❤️❤️❤️
Ariana loved Ventus as long as she could remember. She never thought that he loved her but he confessed to her on the day he turned 15. Something happens to Ventus after...
A Dark Eclipse And A Vibrant Dawn by loremasterquinn
A Dark Eclipse And A Vibrant Dawnby Xander Quinn
while visiting another world with master eraqus and terra, aqua experiences her first dive (this is before the game actually starts, when they were in the range of 8-13...