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Let's Make A Deal by MsThang223344
Let's Make A Dealby Dippy_Doppy_Pines
Weirdmageddon has struck, Bill at the top of it all. Dipper has to make a life altering choice to save his family, but at what cost? In this AU, Dipper and Mabel are sev...
Billdip smut:3 by bxldop
Billdip smut:3by bxldop
Gets sexy really quick:3 A lot of sex, kinks, all that good stuff. DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE IT🤷🏽‍♀️. Au & one shots!
Tatoos: A Billdip Story by ChloePerson123456789
Tatoos: A Billdip Storyby ChloePerson123456789
Dipper and Mabel return to Gravity Falls. Dipper has a huge secret he's been hiding from everyone, will they find out?
Fighting For Control V2.0 [Gravity Falls Fanfiction] [STALLED] by DraconaMalp
Fighting For Control V2.0 [ Gloopy Gloo
Dipper shivered. His body felt wrong. Something was wrong... what was it? He'd look at his hands and stare at the self harm that wasn't inflicted by him. Mabel watched f...
He stole my soul (BillDip) [Demon!Dipper X HumanForm!Bill] {Completed} by _Inky_Quill
He stole my soul (BillDip) [ Jack
Any art I use I don't own -7 years later- Dipper who now lives in Gravity Falls aranges a trip for Mabel to return to Gravity falls. Now 19 and will be 20 by the summer...
Reunited Lovers A Billdip ( Bipper, Bill X Dipper ) Fan Fiction by Korga01
Reunited Lovers A Billdip ( Ahri
After weirdmagedon, Dipper and Mable leave to go home, it's the last day of school all ready and the mystery twins soon find out they are going BACK to Gravity Falls, Or.
A Demon's Heart by inkofeeliah
A Demon's Heartby Eeliah
Eighteen-year-old Dipper decides to move back to Gravity Falls with his sister and he meets someone familiar. His emotions take control and he falls for someone unexpect...
Gravity Falls reacts to... by shinshinjane
Gravity Falls reacts Shinshinjane
Many of the cast of Gravity Falls are force to watch everything that pops in front of them like a video add. This makes my fourth cast react to stories.
The Quiet Kid by Eris_The_Fluxed
The Quiet Kidby ∆ Eris ∆
Billdip Highschool AU (Human Bill) Dipper doesn't talk. He hasn't said a word since middle school. Nobody knows why. And nobody cares. Nobody except Bill Cipher. It's...
{BillDip} Stockholm Syndrome by AliceAndKatyWrite
{BillDip} Stockholm Syndromeby Salad and Kake
His life has NEVER been easy. Thirteen-year-old Dipper Pines meets up with a rival of his in the woods. Tricks were played, and now he is trapped in the Fearamid, but th...
Darker Perspective  by DysfunctionalRequest
Darker Perspective by DysfunctionalRequest
Set after the events of "Not What He Seems." "Grunkle Stan, I trust you." The words struck hard in Dipper's heart and he knows that something has cha...
A Deal Made From Stone. {BillDip} •COMPLETED• by FanficCookie13
A Deal Made From Stone. {BillDip} Out Of Holy Water
It's been ten long years sense the demon known as Bill Cipher took over the small town Gravity Falls. Dipper Pines and his sister Mable Pines are back for the summer. ...
Hurry up and save me (Bipper x-reader) by Hottopiczz
Hurry up and save me (Bipper Call me J
Live through the episode sock opera as your very own character that a familiar demon may have feelings for. Can you be saved? Can you save Dipper? Can he save you? Or wi...
Giving Into Your Demons - Bipper  by Kawaii_Goddess2002
Giving Into Your Demons - Bipper by Rose
Bipper/BillDip Trigger warning: Self Harm/Suicidal Thoughts In the small town of Gravity Falls, alot can happen, can it not?
Dipper x Bill  by Sparky_The_Wolf
Dipper x Bill by Sparky the wolf
Dipper and Mabel comes back to Gravity Falls after 4 years. They are almost 18, only two months before they become adults. What is Dipper going to do when he finds Bill...
We Made A Deal {Memorys} by fullbloodmoon
We Made A Deal {Memorys}by fullbloodmoon
what if the story took a different ending? A deal will Bill with change his life But all Kings want someone by their side The question is simple. Who are you? Dipper? Pi...
Billdip fanfic Bills neko pet by AliceCipher26
Billdip fanfic Bills neko petby Alice Cipher
After one of Fords experiment went wrong and the twins in hailed the gass. They have turned into neko's. Of course Ford went to look for a cure but at the same time the...
A Demon of the Sea - Gravity Falls by Moonchild3701
A Demon of the Sea - Gravity Fallsby Moonchild3701
Dipper is an aspiring author looking for work on the sea for something to write about. He is going around a port city asking around on different ships one night when he...
Billdip oneshots by farawayconstallation
Billdip oneshotsby farawayconstallation
I failed Drarry, so my new otp is Billdip Warning: this will possible contain bad language and smut! Enjoy these oneshots... Please DM me any ideas, they would be very...
The Deal by Mitzi_baby
The Dealby Mitzi_baby
In exchange for Mabel not having to marry Prince Gideon Dipper makes a deal with a certain dream demon. Dipper realizes that maybe being with this demon won't be so bad...