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Iron huntsmen by Shadow_trooper
Iron huntsmenby Shadow_trooper
Bioshock and RWBY crossover, I own neither, just the idea for this story #1 in bioshock
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  • delta
  • wattys2018
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Subject Delta x Reader (Bioshock 2)~Protector of the sisters. by FNAFBookMaster5
Subject Delta x Reader (Bioshock Shyanne Koch
Might have something to do with the theory of Sally (Bioshock infinate) being a Big sister swearing to take care of the little ones. and subject delta has sworn to keep...
  • bioshock
  • sallybioshockinfinite
  • subjectdelta
Triplets (Lutece twins X reader) [Complete ✔️] by LynxOnAcid
Triplets (Lutece twins X reader) [ The Reigning Lynx
You (Y/N) Lutece (reader) Helped Andrew Ryan out with Rupture, but you don't want it to spiral into a disaster. So you contact the Lutece twins (Your brother and sister)...
  • readerxcharacters
  • bioshock
  • rapture
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Bioshock Series oneshots by Leader_c
Bioshock Series oneshotsby Carly
A variety of The Bioshock series that can have almost anyone ??? I'll write anything guys lol well almost anything I do take requests
  • littlesisters
  • rapture
  • columbia
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Big Daddy on Remnant by Darthjedi0
Big Daddy on Remnantby Bryan Stone
y/n a big daddy was escorting Sofia lamb to a nearby "angle" until a group of splicers attack. He manage to kill most of them but the last jumped on y/n,pulled...
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  • malereaderinsert
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Bioshock of The Highschool (male reader x Highschool DXD) (Discontinued) by Warrgaming
Bioshock of The Highschool (male Warrgaming
Not many people know this but Rias Gremory has a long lost brother who was treated terribly by his family so he ran away but he was then taken and made into something bi...
  • malereader
  • abused
  • highschooldxd
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The book of potential x male reader stories by Darthjedi0
The book of potential x male Bryan Stone
Let's see if we can bring some x male reader stories to life on wattpad
  • xmalereaderstories
  • tf2
  • bloodbrone
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Lincoln in Rapture by Hollowhunter2
Lincoln in Raptureby Hollowhunter2
Yes, another NSL fanfiction, live with it. So story time: Lincoln is kidnapped and taken to Rapture the underwater city. Will he ever see his family again, does he want...
  • lincolnloud
  • bioshock
  • rapture
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Various x reader (One-shots) by Lamperru
Various x reader (One-shots)by Lulu
'Ello, it's me. Haven't wrote a story in ages, so I'm gonna be rusty as fuck. But it's whatever. I'm taking requests, so if you want anything or anybody just let me know...
  • baldisbasics
  • borderlands-presequel
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The girl living in the ocean| A Bioshock fanfic by TwentyOneEndings
The girl living in the ocean| A WE ALL NEED GEESUS
Subject Zeta was a fifteen year old girl, living in a city called rapture. Although, this city was a run down, with buildings broken, water flowing through them, splice...
  • bioshock
  • booker
  • bioshock2
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Rapture Back From The Grave  by lssjbrolyxkale
Rapture Back From The Grave by lssjbrolyxkale
(little sister appears) Mister lssjbrolyxkale is the created this story. He do not own Naruto or any of the BioShock, Resident Evil series they belong to the rich people...
  • bioshockinfinite
  • bigdaddy
  • bigsister
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Little One (Bioshock) by fleshblush
Little One (Bioshock)by ellie.
❝ Watching her with the Big Daddy, it was suddenly so clear. It wouldn't stop, it would never leave her. It would never hurt her or shout at her or get drunk and hit her...
  • frankfontaine
  • brigidtenenbaum
  • rapture
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Rapture:  (A Bioshock Fan Fic) by Emmakay911
Rapture: (A Bioshock Fan Fic)by Emma Kay Martin
What if Jack wasn't the only one who survived that plane crash? What if someone else made it out alive too? Follow Destiny deep into the Atlantic ocean on her way to rap...
  • gamer
  • little
  • fiction
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El diario de yhoxy by FAXY9999
El diario de yhoxyby FAXY9999
Rapture una ciudad en el fondo del mar donde los cientificos eran la piedra base de la comunidad yo era uno pero ya les cuento.
  • bioshock
One Shots by NerdOutKnife
One Shotsby Dat Weird Bi Dude
Two words: One Shots Of Anything You Request...wait a minute...
  • mystery
  • horror
  • fantasy
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Sonic the Hedgehog: The rise of Rapture [ON HOLD] by Cookieslikesmilk345
Sonic the Hedgehog: The rise of Ah, I'm just an everyday fanf...
#2 in Rapture mmmmhhhhh, I grew up with the Bioshock games(though I fucking HATE Bioshock Infinite, but that is my opinion on the game). I started to get into Sonic in...
  • sonicfanfiction
  • sonicthehedgehog
  • shadow
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Irish Raindrops.  Jatlas, Jack X Atlas Bioshock by ClockworkTarantula
Irish Raindrops. Jatlas, Jack X ClockSpider
((Atlas is his own person in this, not the person in the end of the game)) Jack is constantly listening to the sound of his radio friend, Atlas. Atlas has been helping t...
  • jack
  • littlesister
  • jatlas
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Drowned Roses(RWBY X Big daddy male reader) by iamfreakingout
Drowned Roses(RWBY X Big daddy I am surprised
You are (Y/n) Fontaine adopted son of Frank Fontaine All Bioshock rights belongs to 2K
  • weissscheene
  • rubyrose
  • rwby
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The Lamb Of Columbia (Songbird) - BioShock Fan Fiction by JessDeWitt
The Lamb Of Columbia (Songbird) Little Moth 🔪
There is a human inside a Big Daddy, there is a human inside a Big Sister... So of course, there is a human inside Songbird! With the Prophet's looming threat of the Fal...
  • thelamb
  • elizabethcomstock
  • infinite
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Bioshock male reader; RWBY insert by GASTLY42957
Bioshock male reader; RWBY insertby Rhogar
I've had this idea in my head for awhile. Why? I think I've been playing too much Bioshock recently. Now I've seen a few of these but it's always as Subject Delta. For t...
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  • weissschnee
  • bioshock
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