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PRINCE & PRINCE || binwoo by adorejunnie
2 boys needed to find a girl at the same party , but what happens if they find each other ? December 14 2017 -January 25 2018
  • chaeunwoo
  • moonbin
  • astro
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Little Space - Yoon Sanha  by ilobumycarat
Little Space - Yoon Sanha by 뿌티
It takes place with them as a group still and Sanha is a little *Let's pretend that Sanha is short in this and not a giant
  • sanha
  • babyspace
  • crossdress
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Seek • binwoo by -jinwoo
Seek • binwooby ⌜ 怖い ⌟
"where are you hiding?" ©-jinwoo
  • binu
  • binwoo
  • dongmin
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insta | binwoo by luvminsunq
insta | binwooby j ✿
"yo, have you ever thought about how big russia is?" "go to sleep!?" a story where moonbin constantly bothers eunwoo with random things late at night...
  • kimmyungjun
  • parkjinwoo
  • socialmedia
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The Day ( BinWoo / EunBin Fanfic ~ Soap Couple ~ ) by NikoruSkyler
The Day ( BinWoo / EunBin Fanfic NikoruSkyler
Spring is finally here, but it still seems to be cold. But the warmth of love will always win the battle. SPRING UP with a full heart and nothing will wreck the power yo...
  • astrofanfic
  • aroha
  • astro
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sweet talker | binwoo by luvminsunq
sweet talker | binwooby j ✿
"i felt so special until i saw that you talk to everyone like that" - a collaboration between @STRXXTCAR and @MlNSUNGS !!
  • parkjinwoo
  • angst
  • fluff
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Binnie Baby (Binwoo/binu)  by astroarohaz
Binnie Baby (Binwoo/binu) by 💖💖💖
"What's your name cutie?" "I-I'm M-Moonbin and I'm lonely" Eunwoo can't help but take this cute guy with him. In which Moonbin is a cat hybrid and a...
  • rocky
  • kpopidol
  • littlespace
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we've got issues but it's okay ('cause we all have eachother) by FoxHybridGaming
we've got issues but it's okay (' Avery
in which 13 boys (ranging from highschool to working) who are best friends are in a groupchat together that ends up as a hellhole of disaster
  • chatfic
  • namjin
  • sope
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247 Yeoksam-ro by isthiskyle
247 Yeoksam-roby not kyle
Life for the couple Eunwoo and Moonbin have been a routine for the past three years since they've moved in together as a couple. The basic wake up, go to work, eat, and...
  • cha
  • moonbin
  • eunwoo
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All debuted with a dream!!!  by moonbinisacandy
All debuted with a dream!!! by moonbinisacandy
Moonbin is a very nice student, and he goes to 'fantagio school' for finishing his study life, then he will fall in love......vkook, binwoo, myunjin, sanhy...
  • astro
  • boyxboy
  • binwoo
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.2 SECONDS by TheAstroStories
"It took me only 0.2 seconds to fall in love." Dr.SuJi began to reply when the interviewer questioned her about her love life. His charismatic personality and...
  • aroha
  • fiction
  • kpop
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Forbidden | Binwoo by AgustYoonSwag
Forbidden | Binwooby Smol Mochi
From the time I had first seen you I had fallen in love with you. I, however, knew my love for you was forbidden.
  • moonbin
  • binwoo
  • lgbt
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my last by sulgoi
my lastby sulgoi
moonbin finds the love of his life in their uni's cafeteria and it turns out they have mutual friends (texting au)
  • binu
  • myungjin
  • dongmin
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High School Life [SaTzu] by thewritergirl38567
High School Life [SaTzu]by thewritergirl38567
Pine Hill Academy is a great business school. Tzuyu's parents decide to send her there but that means she must leave Taiwan and go to America. There she meets Moonbin, E...
  • moonbin
  • tae
  • eunwoo
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We're the Two who Found the Destiny ; binwoo / binu by pandasher
We're the Two who Found the alexa
"maybe you're the sun and im the moon and we were never meant to collide but wouldn't it be spectacular if we did?" Eunwoo runs a fan acc for his favorite idol...
  • sanha
  • rocky
  • moonbin
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There for you by vkookandchankai
There for youby chankaiandvkook
I'll be there for you.. But you gotta be there for me too....
  • topeunwoo
  • binwoo
  • topchaeunwoo
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