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Bill Nye x Corn by skeletonarms
Bill Nye x Cornby AYY
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Kinky chonies by not_a_smut_a_story
Kinky choniesby Tiggy and Babby Girl
please take note, we mean NO HOMO WHATSOEVER 👅💦👄🙈🙉🙊
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That sweet, young ass~ Rick x Morty LEMON by Icey_Demon
That sweet, young ass~ Rick x Lei
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CODY KO SMUT by pepeblessyou
CODY KO SMUTby emily
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My Shizzle (Bill Nye x Miss Frizzle) by Bekfst
My Shizzle (Bill Nye x Miss Trash tbh
Tbh my otp ;)
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Bill Nye x Reader by TinOwO
Bill Nye x Readerby Tino
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weird Wattpad stories by Gavin_slightly_thicc
weird Wattpad storiesby Gavin
weird Wattpad stories (not meant to offend anybody) (none of them belong to me)
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Bill Nye Fan Fiction by penguinsainaspqce
Bill Nye Fan Fictionby Annika Schnitt
Bill Nye Fan Fictions
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Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson SMUT by SkylarWesttt
Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson SkylarWesttt
"Here," Bill says, reaching for his pants, "let me unzip your genes." Next, Bill gives Neil a handjob. "Well, Bill, I must be a diamond because...
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Science in the Produce Aisle (Bill Nye x Bob the Tomato) by vienna21pilots
Science in the Produce Aisle ( DJ Spooky Jim
When sexy, middle aged scientist Bill Nye decides its time to pick up some produce, you'd never believe what he decides to plant in his vegetable garden. A Bill Nye and...
Bill Nye 18+ Fanfic by Sukaeru
Bill Nye 18+ Fanficby Brenden Thomas
My friend at school wrote this and... Yeah. Here I am now. This fanfic tells of a guy. But not just any guy. It was Bill Nye the Science Guy.
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Canada by SkyeMackey
Canadaby SkyeRayneMackey
Canada has taken over the world, and Bill Nye is their lord?
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BillDogg smut OwO by OwO_Lord_123134
BillDogg smut OwOby Meadow
"Ooh Doggy" - Bill Nye the Russian Spy
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Bill Nye; My Guy by blxinee
Bill Nye; My Guyby em :)
When Lacey, a open and frankly dumb professional middle aged white woman, finds Bill, a handsome virginial scientist in the fruit section of the organic grocery store...
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Rainbow Connection  by Goodnessluck
Rainbow Connection by Goodnessluck
Everybody knows his name. He's the world's most popular frog. But what people don't know is your story. Kermit the Frog is depressed- but can you save him?
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bill nye the science guy by KuroMoooooon
bill nye the science guyby tommy
bill nye BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL bill nye the science guy
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Saitama x Bill Nye  by SaitamasHair
Saitama x Bill Nye by Metal Bat's bat
What happens when you come up with some weird fanfic? I don't know, Just read. (Lmao beware theres some cancerous content) (Oof and offensive. Also, beware grammar natzi...
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My Funny/Weird AJ stories by Animal-Ham
My Funny/Weird AJ storiesby Animal-Ham
All the hilarious and entertaining things that happen to me on Animal Jam! WARNING, MAY CONTAIN: Bill Nye, Fan girls, Oof, Memes, Pet Bears, and much more.
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One-Shot Bill Nye x Ms. Frizzle by beanpolefandom
One-Shot Bill Nye x Ms. Frizzleby Aubrey
just some... fun
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