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The billionaire's savior by baeline0711
The billionaire's saviorby baeline0711
Samantha Camilla William. Daughter of the richest family in the world. She's absolutely gorgeous, and not only that, but she's super intelligent too. She's a self made...
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The contract by phaylove4
The contractby phaylove4
Only the broken can heal a broken. Cold hearted, arrogant, someone who doesn't take corrections, someone who feels he's always right, the heir to the Simpsons enterprise...
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She who belongs to the Beast by fiftyshadesofbabes
She who belongs to the Beastby I like shmoney :)
She wasn't one who loved the spot light on her, she was on to keep to herself and stay home, just be a regular adult. Sure her father was a multi-billionaire with a boom...
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The Shakespeare Killer by asatabardo
The Shakespeare Killerby asatabardo
Catania Jayne is just an ordinary young lady who spends her time writing and keeping to herself. She had become accustom living on her own in new York city for the past...
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The Billionaire's Hired Girlfriend (A Billionaires' Brides Novel) by AlexiaXChann
The Billionaire's Hired Alexia X.
Family oriented Alexandra Stewart is in desperate need of money for her dad's heart surgery. She is stoked when Jayden McCartney unexpectedly barges in to her life and o...
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Two Billionaires (ON HOLD)  by Oh_Katherine
Two Billionaires (ON HOLD) by Adarina
Nicholas and Kim Norman are owners of very mighty technological companies. Nicholas Norman was the boss who got whatever he wanted and was proud of everything he had. He...
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Yes... Daddies! by blackwings888
Yes... Daddies!by 💎Blackwings888💎
Valery is a Sixteen year old orphan who has the same thought process as a five year old. The Fross brothers are the richest men in the world but they don't have the best...
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Forcefully Yours (Mafia Love Story)  by i7love8allah6
Forcefully Yours (Mafia Love
"Why don't you leave me?" I shouted, trying to mask away the fear that filled inside of me this time. "Oh Darling I wish I could." He smirked, almos...
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The Elites by -effervescence_
The Elitesby Cade
After flying overseas to enroll in a prestigious boarding school, Blake Graham assumes that she can finally catch a break. Instead, she encounters the boy who she fough...
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SOYAYYAR MU DAGA ALLAH NE | ✔ by fadeelarh1
Labarin Soyayyar Aliyu da Aisha wadda ta faro cikin Qiyayya..!!
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Love Me thoda Aur by Harshpree
Love Me thoda Aurby Harshpree
Two online friend fall in love . zain cool smart boy and aliya a completely dream girl and desire of everyone. Will they ever get to know who are they.....
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My holy matrimony by Biiashh
My holy matrimonyby unicorn_biiashh16🦄
"Listen Sunshine, you are married to me and that means you have to submit to me." He says holding my chin tighter. I stare at his blue eyes. "The day I s...
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Billionaire's First Sight Love (Billionaires#2) by shiningstar990
Billionaire's First Sight Love ( Sana khatoon
Clara Kennedy daughter of the biggest businessman Damon Kennedy and the future heir of her family business. Jonah Anderson C.E.O of Anderson company. When they first...
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Books I Can Never Put Down by jasonmorgan96
Books I Can Never Put Downby Spencer
The first book you read here is memorable. The book you will probably read more than once and the book that will get you hooked from the first page. But don't know how t...
Best Romance Stories by gladzszs
Best Romance Storiesby Gladz Anne
My compilation of amazing books that I've read. Recommended for everyone and I hope you'll love it.❤ Mostly book series and romance stories.Partly general and teen ficti...
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The Arrangement: It Led Me To Family by madisonrae19
The Arrangement: It Led Me To Madison Belle Rae
*Sequel to The Arrangement: It Led Me To Love* Ellison and Laurene have finally admitted their feelings for each other, but not everything has fallen into place yet. Whe...
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Completed books that you'll love 2 by taynu1996
Completed books that you'll love 2by taynu1996
A few completed stories that I really enjoyed and hopefully you'll love them as well. They're all amazing stories from amazing authors. Give them ago, I'm sure you won't...
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Married To My Kidnapper(completed) by appleallegator
Married To My Kidnapper(completed)by appleallegator
Alishba, a normal girl, as far as she thinks. A perfect dad, a protective brother and a fiance that adores her. But everything changes when her childhood friend proposes...
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Till Heaven do us part... by Thee_pretender
Till Heaven do us Tanika Adesa
Who would have thought that the wealthy and arrogant Carlos Hernandez would get tied down to one woman... A plain ordinary woman, Erinn Parkers who practically took his...
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Lit Me Up by violet_rose21
Lit Me Upby violet_rose21
"Did you just slap me?"He asked furiously "Do you need another one to get myself clear enough?"I said coldly "You'll regret this deeply.Mark my...
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