It's always you by hiding_star
It's always youby hiding_star
A beautiful girl who doesn't fight with anyone who always hides behind who always being scared A man who is not scared of anyone being joyful with everyone who spread ha...
  • love
  • drama
  • billionaire
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Rose and Thorne by KateLorraine
Rose and Thorneby KateLorraine
"Indeed you are," Blake finally said in a weary, unimpressed voice. "And it is time you learned your place. You are my wife and from now on you will obey...
  • friendship
  • lovetriangle
  • shakespeare
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Love In Hidden Places by kendall_schwartz
Love In Hidden Placesby Kendall Schwartz
Kaitlyn Roberts has spent the last ten years of her life building her fortune. Not too long ago she finally decided that she had enough time to spend on a romantic relat...
  • lovestory
  • hottie
  • boss
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The Love I have For You  { 2019 } by Foresightest
The Love I have For You { 2019 }by Foresightest
Toxic love was all I received when I feel for you I kept going back because you were the only love that I had ever really known..Until you broke me. Hi my names Selena...
  • meganfox
  • mentalhealth
  • heartbreak
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Daughter Of Billionaires by randombutterfly_101
Daughter Of Billionairesby randombutterfly_101
My mom is a famous singer as my dad is a model and owner of his own company. Constantly being in the public eye was hard to make friends, too many people just wanted to...
  • billionaire
  • teenfiction
  • wattpad
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Gold Skies by polarhoidinq
Gold Skiesby - ̗̀ xosabrina ̖́-
- in which he'll play her like a violin; and he'll bring out her darkest and deepest desires. ...
  • first-sight
  • youngadult
  • friendship
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REVENGE of the BILLIONAIRE(needs Editor) by banawolkaye
REVENGE of the BILLIONAIRE(needs banawolkaye
"The terrible mistake I've ever done in my life is letting you and my child go. Marry me and let me prove how just much I love you." ------Jaime Kings His miss...
  • couzin
  • love
  • series
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Forbidden Nights [OLD VERSION] by spapce
Forbidden Nights [OLD VERSION]by space ☾
Seventeen-year-old, Evelina Marino comes from a wealthy family who expects nothing but the best from her all the time. Constantly stressed by her pushy parents, her vers...
  • olderman
  • darkromance
  • jealousy
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THE KING MATE by ethereal_stories
THE KING MATEby ethereal_stories
It's been 3 decades that humans found out about the mystical world.A world full of werewolves,vampires and fairies,etcc. No there weren't any wars between humans and mys...
  • fairies
  • queen
  • mystic
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Snow White & the Billionaire Prince by meiyvki
Snow White & the Billionaire Princeby l i n h
A man, no, a really handsome man stood in the middle of the room. He had dirty blonde hair, broad shoulders, and he was probably a full head taller than me. He glanced...
  • high
  • vanessa
  • design
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Stay by Zarabookworm
Stayby Zara Grigoryan
This story is about Sarah, a 22 year-old teacher, whose life changes completely after she meets Alexander, a 26 year-old CEO of a famous company. Their story is full of...
  • young
  • dangerous
  • lovestory
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Best Completed Books on Wattpad by Zeebee3456
Best Completed Books on Wattpadby Zeebee3456
This is just a review of all the books I have read and I wanted to give you a view on how I feel about them. :) I update whenever I finish a book :)
  • werewolf
  • bookreview
  • badboy
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billionaire step father by oceanictidalwaves
billionaire step fatherby oceanictidalwaves
"love at first sight was real, hate at first sight was also real, and i wish i could hate this dude, but he made my mom happy. hold up, let me rewind." ...
  • rich
  • billionaire
  • highschool
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Kidnapped by a Psychopath | {Book 1 of the Wrong Encounters Series} by WritingIsEmotion
Kidnapped by a Psychopath | { anonymous
[Highest Rank: 42 in General Fiction] [#1 in #backstabbing] He couldn't break his gaze off me. The depths of his midnight blue eyes indulged in seeing me squirm under t...
  • general
  • love
  • kidnapped
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Revenge Of The Goddess  by Arenaphrodite
Revenge Of The Goddess by Kaniz Faria
Grace Knight, a sweet girl who always had a celestial smile plasterd on her face. With her goddess like appearance she was meant to be loved by everyone but turned up t...
  • phoenix
  • love
  • passion
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Craving Heart by zaib9hasan
Craving Heartby alirivera13
"I want everything of her to be mine.Heart body soul.i want her complete surrender".i won't accept anything less in bargain of my heart. " You are not buy...
  • marriage
  • hasnain
  • anaya
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Love, Lust and Dry Undies by BirdiePaxton
Love, Lust and Dry Undiesby Birdie Paxton
"Lily, I don't want to take the risk of you not understanding that side of me, or worse, waking up in a month or a year and regretting this very evening. I want you...
  • love
  • alpha
  • dating
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Playing With Fire: A Mafia Romance by unicorndoodoo72
Playing With Fire: A Mafia Romanceby Unicorn Doodoo
They were like the sun and the moon. Darkness and light. Goodness and evil. Demons and angels. Angelina Valentino catches the eye of Vitali Tsarovich. Her life spirals o...
  • rich
  • guns
  • angel
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One Last Time by -friabled
One Last Timeby ♥
❝life taught me to let go of a lot of things, but letting you go was the hardest.❞ Aisha Mehra, was a carefree woman with a happy-go-lucky attitude, who always used to s...
  • arranged
  • romance
  • family
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What Are The Chances by stalkerishthings
What Are The Chancesby Randomness
What happens when a Popular Infamous Badboy falls in Love with your Girl Next door This is not your typical Badboy-GoodGirl Story. Here your girl plays with the feelings...
  • possessive
  • teenficition
  • billionaire
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