Unmask Love by TheLondonDreamer
Unmask Loveby London Dreamer
They both have scars They both have secrets They both have pain But they have different goals While she is trying to heal from the scars of past, he is scratching over t...
  • yourstoryindia
  • memories
  • drama
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Beyond Trust by fadedreign
Beyond Trustby fadedreign
"You know nothing about me, absolutely nothing! Who are you to tell me what's best for me Joslyn?!" he yells. "So all the girls you sleep with, you th...
  • choose
  • boss
  • college
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Muslimah In The City by Baramy
Muslimah In The Cityby A muslimah!
Previously known as Us.Again. This is what happens when Lahzah Khan, a practicing muslimah, decides to settle down in Mumbai hoping for a fresh start. But life seldom mo...
  • usagain
  • hijab
  • spiritual
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Our Destiny by Alefiyahfaeez5253
Our Destinyby Alefiyah K Faeez
Anjana is an orphan with a horrible past.. but none of it stopped her to become successful... she is a successful writer with three back to back hits... and a national l...
  • billionaire
  • love
  • destiny
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Love in Depths (REWRITING) by 1midnight_moonlight
Love in Depths (REWRITING)by 1midnight_moonlight
Tatum Parker has to move back home because of her mom's weak heart. She struggles when she gets to her house and paying for all the bills. When she finally finds a great...
  • doctor
  • love
  • ceo
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Laters Baby. by saminthelostworld
Laters Baby.by saminthelostworld
  • manik
  • nandini
  • romance
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Say, I Love You by PerfectGemini
Say, I Love Youby Pari Sami
Quang Li Na, daughter of a billionaire in Hong Kong. Everything in her life is perfect. She has loving and caring parents, even grandparents, a sister & a prince charmin...
  • breakup
  • mexico
  • hatetolove
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Atypical Heiress: The Penelope Marino Story by HP4lyfe2020
Atypical Heiress: The Penelope Mar...by Ashleigh Yates
Meet Penelope Marino. At 26 years old, she's the youngest CFO in the history of the company; She's also the daughter of the CEO and owner. There's more to her than being...
  • romance
  • father
  • inheritance
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The billionaire's ex wife  by KuiQueeny
The billionaire's ex wife by kuiqueeny15
"You're pregnant congratulations" the doctor said with a smile on her face "What," I am so happy that I am finally pregnant me and Tristan have bee...
  • wattpad
  • arrogant
  • ex
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She's the QUEEN of my FOREST | #wattys2018 by Aparnaroop
She's the QUEEN of my FOREST | #wa...by Aparnaroop Surali
I panic when I hear a bang on my door. Oh my god, this all time he was calling me? I quickly look into the peephole. F**k, he is the guy from elevator! Why is he here? A...
  • marriage
  • india
  • fiction
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THE BLACKMAIL by texxy204
THE BLACKMAILby Titilope Yusuf
''Just tell me what I can do to save my best friend'' I asked him, tears running down my cheeks. ''I will release your friend,'' he paused to take a look at me, ''b...
  • betrayal
  • badboy
  • billionaire
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Dancing with my Bully by dody_215
Dancing with my Bullyby Dorothy Nwude
Do you remember when you where a freshman and being timid and naive the older guys would make fun of you? Well for me that never stopped, years later I met him, and th...
  • plussize
  • bussinesswoman
  • suicidalthoughts
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Trouble With The Billionaires (Bachelor Series #1) by _musu__
Trouble With The Billionaires (Bac...by Muskaan Madan
Highest Ranking #59 in chicklit........☄ Nathaniel Black has everything, from the charming drool worthy looks, the marvellous amount of wealth and the perennial trial of...
  • romance
  • possessive
  • desire
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Wattpad books you'll love  by lil-lil-lil
Wattpad books you'll love by líllíαrnα
Books that I've read and think are absolutely amazing!
  • billionaire
  • comedy
  • comfort
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Under the Influence by exquisiteee
Under the Influenceby exquisiteee
"Kiss me," she said slowly to the man whose arms were wrapped tightly around her waist. "Not yet," he said in return. That was the first time she had...
  • billionaire
  • fiction
  • mature
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Untouchable by Pfunzo18
Untouchableby Comicallymade
#700 teen fiction Do not touch the princess. Do not look at her. Do not speak to her. Blue is a bitch. Her father is a king. She's popular. She's feared. She's beautif...
  • royalty
  • teen-fiction
  • bitch
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The CEO & the Christian Girl by ntlpurpolia
The CEO & the Christian Girlby ✝️ N I C O L E ✝️
NO MATURE CONTENT / SWEARING IN THIS STORY! EXCERPT: "What the hell is wrong with you?" He was breathing hard, his face white and shocked, his hair dishevelle...
  • christianity
  • arrangedmarriage
  • jesuschrist
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Mr And Mrs Blossom by _sarahaxox
Mr And Mrs Blossomby Sarah
Sonia Richardson is a 23 year old, who works at a elementary school as a teacher. Sonias parents tell her a jaw dropping deal they made many years ago with the Blossoms...
  • wattys2018
  • agreement
  • drama
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Mistaken Love (#Wattys2018)  by dearhearty
Mistaken Love (#Wattys2018) by dearhearty
She didn't mean to love the man who she knew that will never love her back. Shanaya Campbell is working a successful editor-in-chief. She is only 22 years old but she a...
  • desire
  • exboyfriend
  • romance
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Dark Paradise {2D} by Saturnzkilos
Dark Paradise {2D}by Babygirl 🍑
"Shoot me!" 2D pulled the gun towards his forehead. An assassin on the dark web known as the "Woman in red" always gets the job done, but what if an...
  • stuartpot
  • alternateuniverse
  • billionaire
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