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Gang (Billie X Brandon) by billieXbrandon
Gang (Billie X Brandon)by billieXbrandon
"Billie-." "Brandon! Get tf out of my way and give me the gun!" Billie yelled aggressively in my face. I handed her the gun. She hot af. Sex,money, f...
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Amore by billiebad
Amoreby billiebad
A Billie and Brandon love story. First story hope you all like it ☺️
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Billie x Brandon  by bleauchella
Billie x Brandon by bleauchella
Billie and Brandon fan fic where you're Brandon in this story there is a lot of smut so if you don't fw that then I suggested you cut. Also I kinda tried to make this sh...
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Toxic by billieXbrandon
Toxicby billieXbrandon
Show never tell Warning ⚠️ this story contains: smut, rape, depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts, lgbtq+, and abuse
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Goodbye: Book 2 by Angels_broken_grace
Goodbye: Book 2by Billie's_Crown
"Please. Please, don't leave me." ***** Billie Eilish is a teenager on her way to fame. And fame is not an easy thing to handle Billie eilish has suffered fro...
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