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It hurts to love you (Billie Joe Armstrong) by Music__Junkie
It hurts to love you (Billie Joe Billie_hoe
sky was your typical punk teenager. Ever since she met Billie Joe they have always been close and she considered him as her uncle that she never had. They were oddly clo...
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Punk, Depressed and Band Obsessed (Billie Joe Armstrong Fan Fiction) by morgelly
Punk, Depressed and Band morgelly
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Good Riddance || Billie Joe Armstrong by StrangeWithTheStars
Good Riddance || Billie Joe ⚡️kc
Some pasts are meant to stay in the past. [June 3, 2016-August 18, 2016] **Editing Soon**
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16 (Green Day Fanfic)-SEQUEL OUT NOW by ali_isaninsomaniac
16 (Green Day Fanfic)-SEQUEL OUT ali_isaninsomaniac
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Broken Home by imtotallynotokay
Broken Homeby アシュトンバギンズ
Jimmy is a kid who grew up without a father. Only having his alcoholic mother to take care of him. He tends to find some bad ways to cope with his life. What happens whe...
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She || Billie joe by idiot21
She || Billie joeby idiot21
"I don't want you to fall in love with me Thalia." Billie whispered sternly. "That won't be a problem considering asshole isn't my type"
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The Father I Never Knew- Billie Joe Armstrong -Under Serious Editing- by Star6732
The Father I Never Knew- Billie Star WFO Butterfly
The last thing thirteen-year-old Talullah Spencer wanted to do was move across the world. The first thing she wanted to do, however, was meet her idol. What happens when...
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Those Green Eyes by JHailey
Those Green Eyesby Hailey
Billie Joe Armstrong seems to have it all. His adoring wife Adrienne, two little boys and Green Day, his band that has achieved more then he ever expected. That is until...
The One I Love So Dear {Green Day Fanfiction} by OXXMacysDayParadeXXO
The One I Love So Dear {Green OXXMacysDayParadeXXO
Teacher x Student thing Cute
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Your My Everything by NoButIGotCheezWhizz
Your My Everythingby NoButIGotCheezWhizz
Billie Joe Armstrong- Tall, Skinny, spikey Black hair, always wears black button up shirt with a red tie and black ripped jeans, heavy eyeliner, hot as fuck... and my hi...
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5 Times Billie cried sadly/angrily, and the one time because he was happy by amys101
5 Times Billie cried sadly/ cas_the_angel_666
What is sounds like. Literally what it sounds like. Don't own anything, I'm poor
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The End by JoshoTheDino
The Endby Josh
About Billie Joe Armstrong Is x Author Gooda times
Yes, Sir || B.J.A. by coolliketre
Yes, Sir || mother of fanfics
17 year old Melina Garcia is nothing but trouble. And trouble is all that seems to follow her. When enrolled into a new school, she seems to develop a nemesis; her music...
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Don't ask, Don't tell.• Bike/Green Day  by lilalternativekid
Don't ask, Don't tell.• Bike/ j0e🎈
in which billie is transitioning to a man and moves to california, meets new people, experiences the teenage experience. • [not completed yet] (slowish updates) if you...
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Yes, Ma'am || B.J.A. by coolliketre
Yes, Ma'am || mother of fanfics
**SEQUEL TO YES, SIR** She left her heart in Oakland, but he found her three years later in New York City.
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Scars Will Not Fade Away(A Billie Joe Armstrong fanfic) by ka72ty
Scars Will Not Fade Away(A Savannah
Angel, now known as Roxanne, has been through all different types of abuse. The only one she could count on was her best friend, Billie. But they get into the biggest fi...
Ruining my pretending• Green Day by lilalternativekid
Ruining my pretending• Green Dayby j0e🎈
in which friends become lovers #5 in #americanidiot
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Extraordinary Girl: B.J.A. by mvltiacct
Extraordinary Girl: jolie
A story in which 40 year old Billie Joe Armstrong finds himself very attracted to a very extraordinary 19 year old girl, Sloane Holmes.
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Becca's Book by A_Shadows_foREVer
Becca's Bookby Ghoulette🥀
Just some one shots for my best pal Becca.
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Adopted By Billie Joe Armstrong  by ToxicMinds
Adopted By Billie Joe Armstrong by ToxicMinds
Payton has been in adopting agencies pretty much his entire life. What will happen when his idol Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife Adrianne adopt him? You'll have to rea...