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Za wszelką cenę.(Billdipp) by YaoiSusan
Za wszelką cenę.(Billdipp)by LemonGirl
Oj Dipper chyba nie myślałeś, że damy ci tak po prostu odejść! Uratuję cię. Kocham cię i powiem ci to jeszcze wiele razy. Wrócisz do nas. Za wszelką cenę. Czyli druga cz...
The Unexpected | bill x dipper | | billdipp | by kennedybergmann
The Unexpected | bill x dipper | | kennedybergmann
Dipper and Mabel are now 17 and It's been 5 years since Dipper defeated Bill. In those 5 years Grunkle Stan moved away and Uncle Ford moved away to continue his studys...
When They Meet again [Billdip]//Discontinued//cancelled by Pine_Stars
When They Meet again [Billdip]// ★ ᴍᴀʙʙʏ ᴘɪɴᴇs ★
[REWRITE] "Y-you are..." His lips looked like about to said something "what??" I said in confused, he began to silent and then blushed "I-i...&q...
WE'LL MEET AGAING (BillDipp) (Mpreg) by midori_love
WE'LL MEET AGAING (BillDipp) ( midori_love
Tras una trágica vida, Dipper conoce a Bill un chico que comienza a formar una banda de rock. En su encuentro surge un amor inolvidable pero el destino los separa de que...
BL One Shots by idieh17
BL One Shotsby Bookworm
In this book, I will put my gay one-shots. All the ships that I have will get at least one chapter. (Hopefully) This is a mix of cartoon, anime and real life shows. *I...
~Bill is Back~ A Tale of Gravity Falls by Mha_addict
~Bill is Back~ A Tale of Gravity Hiatus
Bill comes back after 2 years, and Dipper now 15, has fallen in love with him after finding out he is in s human body, these two will be on a wild adventure.
Paying Off My Debt~' (yaoi BillDipp) by Maddieuxp
Paying Off My Debt~' (yaoi Maddieuxp
"Magiczny świat od dawna Ci się przyglądał z zainteresowaniem. A ja zawsze pragnąłem mieć na własność interesujące rzeczy..." Rodzeństwo, zaraz po pożarze ic...
I Walk The Line by anakin--skywalker
I Walk The Lineby Maggie
Idek if I like what this is starting off as so please tell me if you like it or not.....
Mine (billdipp fanfic) by Bakubrosleftnutsacc
Mine (billdipp fanfic)by Dis bitch empty
dippers life was terrible until he met Bill Cipher, he was glad to call him 'Mine' April 18th 2020: #511 in Billdip
Error in Code Gravity Falls BillDip(Experimental AU) by Moon1Cloud
Error in Code Gravity Falls Moon Cloud
As Dipper walks through the town, he looks at the small collection of books he had just bought. Suddenly, someone around his age runs past him. Dipper, frightened, falls...
Looking with love the moon by Wolf55cold15
Looking with love the moonby Nessie
Hace muchos años, que el mismo tiempo dejó en el olvido, existió un reino, aquel reino lleno de amor y paz. Hasta ese día. El día en que todo se destruyó para Mason. L...
Pakt |BillDipp| by EmikoHope
Pakt |BillDipp|by EmikoHope
Dowiecie się o czym to jest wchodząc tutaj i czytają. Ale i tak po tytule i okładce wiadomo, że ma to związek z mądrą i nieśmiałą Sosenką a także przystojnym i niebezpie...
And Maybe BillDipp by Eliann-Kamui-5
And Maybe BillDippby Eliann-Kamui-5
Y todas las mañanas me despierto y no te tengo a mi lado, miles de pensamientos surcan mi cabeza, sin darme descanso una palabra recurrente llega como si fuera a cambiar...
A night to remember by Kiethgacha
A night to rememberby kira arashi
(completed) A yaoi billdipp Bipper sinario
Bill cipher Und Das Wiedersehen by H1E2W3
Bill cipher Und Das Wiedersehenby H1E2W3
Bill hatte ich lange nicht gesehen wo und wie ich dachte er wahre schon tot
Liebe ist Liebe by StoryQueen91
Liebe ist Liebeby OtakuGirl Yuki
Vier Jahre nach dem Chaos und dem Kampf mit Bill Cipher, verbringen Die fast siebzehnjährigen Zwillinge die Ferien bei ihrem Gronkel Stan. Das Schiksal von Dipper veränd...
My best friend dare /Billdip\ by Sso-Hhe
My best friend dare /Billdip\by Sso-Hhe
"I dare you to ruin my life." ------------------------------------------------------- The idea is not mine I got inspired by a CREEPYPASTA named : I dared my...
Why Are You So...You? (BillDipp Gravity Falls) by Dementer_Carebear
Why Are You So...You? (BillDipp Nova Gilbreath
Dipper is now 17 in this story. When Bill shows Dipper his new form, Dipper starts to think he may have a small crush on Bill. Can Dipper admit his feelings to a sadisti...
Cycle BillDipp by Eliann-Kamui-5
Cycle BillDippby Eliann-Kamui-5
Se dice que nosotros somos dueños de nuestras propias decisiones, esas decisiones tomadas te llevaran a una salida o a un ciclo constante de infierno, reflejemos el infi...