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Getting Over You by AinslieG
Getting Over Youby Ainslie Grande
Ariana and Sean dated for 3 and a half years. Now that they are broken up will they get over each other? PART 2
Karma|A Dave East Story| by ImmTrying
Karma|A Dave East Story|by I’m gud luv
When the life of a not so average Stripper and a not so average Street nigga cross paths they create a extraordinary story. In the midst of falling in love, they break d...
I can't kiss my Stepdad (Chris brown LS) by 3popcakes
I can't kiss my Stepdad (Chris 3popcakes
Camari life was prefect until her dad died which Change her life. One day after school her mom brought home a guy name Chris and she didn't like him, after awhile she gr...
EAST by pradabadluck
EASTby 🥰
#743 in fan fiction #158 in girls #31 in breakups
Playin' Hard  by Love_Jas
Playin' Hard by Jasmine
Destiny Taylor, a senior in high school who's focused on finishing her last 3 months of school always been picked on because she's quiet and unbothered. She shuts down a...
Fearless (Camila/You) by WildHeartsLiveFree
Fearless (Camila/You)by Cαяtєr 🔥⚓️
Everyone knows Y/N Jolie-Pitt, she is the first daughter Brangelina, yes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She is well known for her party lifestyle and crazy parkour videos...
1995  by AmourNatalia
1995 by AmourNatalia
"September 29, 1995." I said flashing my smile. "Tell me everything I need to know about you." He came over and sat across from me. My eyes automati...
CELEBRITY GROUPCHAT 3 by lolgetouttahere
A group of celebs come together and create a groupchat called 'GANG ASSES'
CELEBRITY GROUPCHAT by lolgetouttahere
A group of celebs come together and create a groupchat: GANG ASSES
Wants and Needs  by therealfinesse
Wants and Needs by Finesse$$$
Twenty-five year old Emerald Young has worked hard all her life and is finally indulging the fruits of her labor. But of course with great success betrayal, lies, jealou...
Worst mistake? (Ariana Grande and Big Sean fanfic)  by Poptartgrande
Worst mistake? (Ariana Grande Lex ☁️
Sean regrets ever breaking it off with Ariana, he knew they could survive the distance, after a year of not speaking Ariana shows up to Sean last show of his tour and su...
Use to Know You (COMPLETED) by Libra23
Use to Know You (COMPLETED)by Libra23
They grew up together! Best friends! They enjoyed the luxury of just being kids until the couldn't anymore! He would have done anything to protect her and she knew it! H...
CELEBRITY GROUPCHAT 2 by lolgetouttahere
A group of celebs come together and create a groupchat called GANG ASSES
Crème de la Crème by krissy_britt
Crème de la Crèmeby Krissy Britt
"You can't treat me like you treat them Yes, I am the crème de la crème Yes, I am from one to ten, ten You fronting in them streets, keep saying we just friends You...
Far Away from You... by LoyalylovingAri
Far Away from Tati
You were selfish .. You lost my trust.. I can't let you hurt me like this anymore .. The sequel to drawn to you...
Celebrity Haunted House by 4ktJase
Celebrity Haunted Houseby Jase🐍💚
9 A-list Celebrities from the Music Industry all decide to chip in and buy a mansion on a beautiful island. They plan to keep it as a vacation home for the summer but wh...
Tai the Love fairy: A Royal High Fan Fiction Story by tytynow1
Tai the Love fairy: A Royal High tytynow1
Tai is Daughter of Ariana Grande and Big Sean, She is a love fairy due to the fact her great grandma was a love fairy and it passed down to her. Can Tai handle the devel...
Oh Boy! by Niaanais143
Oh Boy!by Nia_anais
Stuck between an ex and an old crush
Lost And Found by BeautifulAndSmart
Lost And Foundby ✨✌️
What happens when Ariana Grande and Big Sean find two children in the streets lost, hungry, and cold. Read to find out.
his daughter // lil wayne [the rappers daughter] by kodieeeeeeee
his daughter // lil wayne [the 🥀
Starr Carter who is 16-years-of-age, she grew up with her father Dwayne Carter III aka Lil Wayne, never knew her mother, but all she knew about her is that her name was...