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Chasing Pearls by Le_Muslim_MAN
Chasing Pearlsby Abdullah
Good things come to those who wait, but what of those who choose to chase fate? Might all good efforts go to waste, for those who pursue their goals in haste? Ahmad Abdu...
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"Just Friends" by WillieBoi18
"Just Friends"by WillieBoi18
This book has bigots, romance (kinda) and a loyal friend who tries to stick up for his own. Will their relationship grow into more, or will something else happen?
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Going through Hell and back Together by BenDrowned941
Going through Hell and back Ben drowned
A girl named Anna who's struggles to get through the school day, each day is a battle. What's wrong, she's smart, loves nature, athletic, and a outgoing person. The only...
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Faggot by HarryPotter1307
Faggotby Serena
Garret didn't choose to be different. He didn't choose to be hated, harassed, and discriminated against. He never wanted to be unacceptable in the perspective of the big...
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In God We Trust? by johnpauldonoghue2019
In God We Trust?by John Paul Donoghue
Chicago investigative journalist Ann Jackson is assigned to find a connection between a Georgia hate group and the governor. She finds that the hate group has kidnapped...
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Sacred by TheFreedomFighter
Sacredby Kam
"Nothing is sacred until you find something worth the attention." [Lgbtqiapd/SAGA]
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My Balloon Floats High by aladywithwords
My Balloon Floats Highby A Lady with Words
A poem about the issue of groups or classes of people allowing the discrimination of them to keep them from rising to their full potential. An observation from experienc...
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Why I'm An Agnostic-Athiest by blueintheface666
Why I'm An Agnostic-Athiestby blueintheface666
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What Current Events Mean to Two Nobodies by Two_Nobodies
What Current Events Mean to Two Two_Nobodies
Hello and welcome to the second book in the Opinions of Two Nobodies series, where two agnostic atheists write their opinions about different topics in a sort-of ongoing...
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The Sinless by xxmariediazxx
The Sinlessby Sabrina Marie Diaz
This story is a horror based fantasy. I have based my main character, Father Fred Phelp, upon the actual man who found the Westboro Church on 3701 Southwest 12th Street...
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