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Bigfoot smut  by haleykailo18
Bigfoot smut by Haleyyyy
I wrote this because my friend made me a long time ago and i just came across it 10 minutes ago so here, you all can have this.
Moth Hero Academia by GoldExperienceAct2
Moth Hero Academiaby Twisting Waifu
A teen born with a disturbing quirk is destined to never be a hero. Well, if he hates villains, and can't be a hero, why not be a grey area?
Little Miss Know-it-all| TAKING DOWN SOON! by Diash_quinn
Little Miss Know-it-all| TAKING Diash Quinn
She was like a lost soul. So quiet. So seemingly thoughtful. ~ "What are you always thinking about?" He mused. "Since it's in my head then it's clearl...
weird smuts don't read (should read) by anniiwiivv
weird smuts don't read (should annieweiv
sex and more sex (please star thing i really wanna get famous off this)
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome To My Daddy Review by reviewbrah
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, ReviewBrah <3
An enticing, romantic tale that will leave love in your heart and vomit in your mouth. STORY COVER PHOTO MADE BY ME. Please do not repost anywhere without credit.
Henry by Sectumsempra
Henryby Hannah
Could true love really be restricted between human and human, animal and animal? Agatha “Aggie” Pierce defies the socially acceptable. On an annual camping trip with her...
The New Adam Harrison by yesmateman1
The New Adam Harrisonby yesmateman1
Takes place in an AU of the Bigfoot Family. Adam gets caught escaping by Arlo, who is hired by Xtrack, the evil oil company, he is brought before Conor Mandrake, who pro...
Book of Books by LadyAutumn17
Book of Booksby LadyAutumn17
This is where you can find all of my books that I create. It came to my attention that you guys may get a ton of announcements and you might miss when another one of my...
Adopted by Buzzfeed Unsolved |No Longer Updating| by derpykitten503
Adopted by Buzzfeed Unsolved |No Derpy Kitten
I really like this series so Im going to make a adopted fanfic! hope you guys like it! its not going to be an x reader adopted (might make that another time though!) Any...
Search For Bigfoot by odd_intentions
Search For Bigfootby Odd
In the first book of the cryptid series, a group of four reunited friends venture into the forest of unpopulated lands in search of a new species. The Bigfoot. Through e...
Bigfoot Santa by ScottMGano
Bigfoot Santaby Scott M. Gano
Join two incredible legends come face to face in this short story adventure. When Bigfoot catches a glimpse of Santa Claus flying in his sleigh, he can't stop looking fo...
SCP Information by DEACTIVATED1650
SCP Informationby idontwriteonthisaccountanymor...
This book will be a guiding light for you whilst you get into the fandom! This book will give you information on what SCPs are, the classes, the doctors, and more. (Art...
Mythical/Supernatural Creatures Information Book by TheRealBigfoot
Mythical/Supernatural Creatures TheRealBigfoot00
This is a mythological/supernatural creatures book that talks about many creatures and beings. If I got anything wrong, feel free to correct me in the comments below.
All I Ever Wanted by Raggning
All I Ever Wantedby Raggning
All Nadine Carter has ever wanted was to live happily with her parents, have a loving sweet boyfriend and friends she could count on. When she reached twelve years old h...
Lust For Survival : Bear Grylls x Nature by kenlestations
Lust For Survival : Bear Grylls kenlestations
Bear Grylls will teach you how to survive in the wild while also be sexually pleased. Note: I wrote this drunk months ago and left it on draft until now. I'm so sorry.
Night of the Yeti by MikaelaBender
Night of the Yetiby Mikaela Bender
Lila Foody has been obsessed with yeti since she was a child. Yeti are dangerous. Strong. A mystery. And someone has to protect humans from them. Now in her 20s, she's m...
Animal X: Natural Mystery Unit by AnimalX23
Animal X: Natural Mystery Unitby Ben Wilkins
inspired by the short-lived animal planet documentary series of the same name, comes my concept for an animated series of Animal X: Natural Mystery Unit. filled with act...
Bigfoot: The hunt by JamesTheOreo
Bigfoot: The huntby ~Oreówò~
This is a random thing I came up with when me and my friends went to play Bigfoot on roblox. It's not much of story more like a funnymoment book xD Updated every time m...
Family Ghosts: A Collection of True Stories of the Supernatural and Unexplained by SeanPatrickLittle
Family Ghosts: A Collection of Sean Patrick Little
Every family has ghost stories. They are collected and told from person-to-person, generation-to-generation. They're told over campfires or at slumber parties. They're t...
TMNT: Shattered Music by TheAmazingDuck
TMNT: Shattered Musicby TheAmazingDuck
This is set during “A Foot Too Big” after the final fight scene with “The Finger”. Donnie is upset when he realized what if he has been doing to April what Bigfoot did t...