Telltale One Shots by S_D222
Telltale One Shotsby S - Anon
Here you will find a bunch of random one shots based on some of Telltales characters. If you have any requests, just let me know!
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Amnesia // (Bigby x Reader) by tbhcindy
Amnesia // (Bigby x Reader)by 👽🌸✌🏼️
All your memories are gone and you can't even recall how you made it to Fable town. It was all a big blur but Bigby made it his duty to help you out through this rough p...
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The Big Bad Wolves (Bigby Wolf x reader) by Emily_Michaelis_432
The Big Bad Wolves (Bigby Wolf x Emily_Michaelis_432
You have been best friends with Bigby Wolf for as long as you could remember you two were the Sheriffs of Fabletown but what happens when bad things start to happen and...
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Symbiotic by Carnageking
Symbioticby venom
Takes place In the same universe as young justice hellspawn. Eddie Brock is a private investigator, on a case handed to him by a woman by the name of Lilith. But when he...
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Match Box (TWAU FanFic) by Marcy_TheVampQueen
Match Box (TWAU FanFic)by Moop
The continuation of Maya Hayes (a.k.a The Little Match Girl) and Bigby Wolf after they've caught the Crooked Man. In this sequel unanswered questions are answered and re...
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Legend of Silver Wolf - Bigby's daughter by AngelWolf-Hatake
Legend of Silver Wolf - Bigby's Angel Wolf-Hatake
A fanfic of the game The Wolf Amongst Us.
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  • ús
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The Wolf Among Us: Season Two by neverhappyeverafter_
The Wolf Among Us: Season Twoby neverhappyeverafter_
Basically I wrote season two of TWAU if it was a book. Here's that to expect: Rose Red (snows sister), Prince Charming, even more emotions, even more sexual tension, and...
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Changed (Bigby X Reader) by Firewolf300sp
Changed (Bigby X Reader)by Arystan Michelle Buchanan
You've always lived in Fable Town, but you weren't a fable, you were an alchemist, a Black Market alchemist to be exact. everything went smooth a lot of the time, but th...
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The Soldier and The Wolf (Bigby Wolf x Oc) by Wickedsister123
The Soldier and The Wolf (Bigby Queen Sarcasm
Have you ever heard About Selina Prince AKA The Winter Soldier who fights to Survive danger that stands in her way Now it up to her and Bigby for protect FableTown for a...
  • ốc
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The Huntress And The Wolf (The Wolf Among us x Supernatural) (Bigby Wolf x OC) by ZoeDesmedt
The Huntress And The Wolf (The Zoe Desmedt
I'm Lexy Singer. I'm Bobby Singer's adopted daughter. He found me on the streets when I was just 4 years old. He made me a hunter and I became one of the hunters from Te...
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I'll write whatever you want as long as i know what it is of course. Stuff i know: Marvel Book of life Black butler The wolf among us We bare bears Monsters inc/univer...
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Taming the Big Bad Wolf ( Bigby Wolf x Reader ) by sleepiii
Taming the Big Bad Wolf ( Bigby Rhys
You're a Mundy, working along side the feared Bigby Wolf of FableTown. Helping him with detective work and solving these murders, you slowly start to become close with t...
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Full Moon Broken Heart by allisterisnotonfire
Full Moon Broken Heartby 💫Author~Chan💫
Bigby Wolf X Rapunzel! (My oc :3)
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Eclipse [Bigby x Snow] by LastMinuteCosplay
Eclipse [Bigby x Snow]by Oliver 先輩
okay, so you've heard of Twilight with the sparkling vampires, well hey let me give you one about a wolf. I'm not a big fan of Twilight but I love the soundtrack haha. I...
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Thorn of Rose (TWAU fanfic) by DonkeySkin
Thorn of Rose (TWAU fanfic)by DonkeySkin
This is a re-write of my first novel "City of Whispers". I just hated it so Im re-writting it so I can continue my story as I wanted. I made a lot of mistakes...
  • bigby
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Bigby x Reader: Halloween awakens by Bethsaywhaaaa
Bigby x Reader: Halloween awakensby Layla Clark
HEYYYYY um. i just had an idea for this and welll. i might have a writers block ir two. mainly because i discontinued one and put a hold on a story. buuut if this doesnt...
  • snow
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The Wolf's Assistant (Alternate Ending) by BigTiddyMothGf
The Wolf's Assistant (Alternate Sophia
Maybe Nox and Bigby deserve a happy ending after all...
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