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The Record of My Heart: A Book of Bible Study by VoxPasseris
The Record of My Heart: A Book VoxPasseris
In this book I will keep an account of my extra Bible reading. Follow along if you'd like, and take a peek into my mind and heart, for if ever I am honest, (which I try...
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Faith by AriHonest
Faithby AriHonest
This is a quick commentary on a couple of verses found in the bible dealing with the subject of faith. I am a Christian so the faith I speak of is faith in Jesus Christ...
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Benji Krol x Reader🖤 by applecake30392045
Benji Krol x Reader🖤by Coke Whore
Yummy gay boy that you have made straight.
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Knowing the Unknown by miemie_m
Knowing the Unknownby Miemie M
Can knowing the unknown change everything? Three years ago disaster struck for Melly. She's been carrying heartache and has watched her life grow dreary every day. Now...
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   Church Chatroom by xXDreamDorkxX
Church Chatroomby •♬• 𝙎𝙥𝙤𝙤𝙣𝙨 •♫•
" Church doesn't have to be a building." - My mom As you may know I am a Christian and I wanted to make a book where Christians could get together and share B...
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Proverbs by GvJevitha
Proverbsby GvJevitha
Proverbs in the bible is full of treasure. This book will highlight important proverbs which helps us to renew. Let's go deep in to the word of god.
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It's Me Again God 2 by HelenLouise7
It's Me Again God 2by Helen Louise
This is part 2 of my prayer/devotional 'It's Me Again God'.Join me as I spend time in prayer, read the Bible and just listen to what God has to say each day. He loves us...
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Pray More ; Worry Less by GvJevitha
Pray More ; Worry Lessby GvJevitha
Prayers from the scripture. Let's go deep into the word of God.
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Beginning the Breakdown by avadel
Beginning the Breakdownby Laine and Aria Nichols
Are you broken? Do you feel lost? Do you feel like there's something empty in your life? Maybe you've searched the Bible for answers before, but sometimes, it's hard to...
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Praise The Lord by GvJevitha
Praise The Lordby GvJevitha
All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for e...
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My Mina: Devotional by JessicaGoyette
My Mina: Devotionalby Jessica Goyette
I was thumbing through old entries of revelation the Lord had opened my eyes to as I read His word. Eagerly, I had been jotting down on looseleaf since January of this y...
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Virtuous Woman (Vol - 2) by GvJevitha
Virtuous Woman (Vol - 2)by GvJevitha
This book is to those who are eagerly meditate bible. The focus of this book is to change our lives according to the bible and to understand verses deeply and seperately...
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Outlaws of love//boyxboy [completed] by hotgayromance6969
Outlaws of love//boyxboy [ hotgayromance6969
Dray and Jack have been friends for a very long time. What will happen when Jack finally expresses his feelings for Dray? Will Dray feel the same? Or will the friendship...
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Bible Study by RedheadedReader03
Bible Studyby Ann Kathryn
A book that describes verses in the Bible, and includes cool graphics! This is meant to be used as a Bible study. I hope you grow in your faith from reading this book! E...
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Let His Light Shine  by Freedom_Writer3
Let His Light Shine by ❤️Liv❤️
Just something I wanted to do.
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Harry Potter's hairy pott-er by PapiSchlong
Harry Potter's hairy pott-erby PapiSchlong
He asked, "Truth or Dare", I said, "Wand, hand it over".
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Daily Bible Reading and Prayer, KJV, May 10-Nov 9, 2018, Acts to Hebrews  by BoldforChrist
Daily Bible Reading and Prayer, BoldforChrist
As Christians we are to reading the Bible and pray every day to grow in our relationships with Christ. I confess I do not do that nearly as often as I should, so I am ma...
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Study of Revelation by HimitsuStudy
Study of Revelationby HimitsuStudy
Maybe you've tried reading the book of Revelation on your own but can't get into it due to the symbolism and you have trouble figuring out what it all means and how it t...
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Proverbs by kakelind
Proverbsby Alice Kate
This is a short interactive Bible study. For the next 31 days I will be going through Proverbs chapter by chapter. This is meant to be interactive so anything you would...
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Bible Lessons/Study by Faith_The_Writer7
Bible Lessons/Studyby Faith Shores
So, I really felt motivated by God to do this. These will have some of my opinion of things. Well, I hope you learn lots of stuff by reading this!!! God bless you guys!!!
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