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Boyfriend imagines by Emmagable765
Boyfriend imaginesby Simp
Just imagines between your bf or crush <3 Feel free to request I'll have a request page every few chapters
crush imagines  by ivyPJ13
crush imagines by PJ13
imagines about your crush... you - y/n crush - c/n No.1 in #bfimagines
Ondreaz Lopez Scenarios by daddy_maverick
Ondreaz Lopez Scenariosby Maverick
I haven't made a book of just imagines *without storyline* about Ondre so here ya go
Various Imagines [ Requests Open ] by gisiadakota
Various Imagines [ Requests Open ]by Mary
Literally any fandom you ask for. Fandoms I write without request: Peter Pan (OUAT) The Maze Runner (Mainly Newt & Thomas but I accept and do the others :)) Chilling...
nirvana by twodumbasshoes
nirvanaby twodumbasshoes
smuts n maybe fluff idk
catching feelings by anx_iousboy
catching feelingsby jaxon 🌈
- makeshift cover- some fluffy bf/partner imagines,, maybe gf in future ?? idk,, i just like writing fluffy stuffs
Crush Imagines by harrysbae201
Crush Imaginesby harrysbae201
I take requests!!! <3 :))
Crush Imagines by bumblebeetunalolz
Crush Imaginesby chxoticdxrling
Um lil bit of lemon/angst/fluff/$mut gxg bxg nbxnb umm message me if you have requests!
Random imagines i think of (mainly bf) by gracegirl456
Random imagines i think of ( HeyitzTay
Random things i imagine or in some cases cute dreams i had Sometimes you can't find what you want to read so you write it yourself. (Won't be updated very often as they...
Boyfriend imagines by turntbeeba
Boyfriend imaginesby malibu 💛
Bf imagines for different boyfriend names. Request you and your boyfriends name and scenario
Boyfriend imagines by Jelrifai
Boyfriend imaginesby Jelrifai imagines
Requests open Started: 4th October 2021 Rankings: 8th October:#1bfimagines
boyfriend imagines 1 (ongoing) by user26573892
boyfriend imagines 1 (ongoing)by yuhhhh
some sweet and sad imagines abt you and your boyfriend hey everyone! This is my first imagine book I'm writing. I am just starting out but hopefully my writing will get...
bf! ; idol imagines  by 116club
bf! ; idol imagines by r
a book full of idols and what kind of boyfriends they would be
bf imagines by deanwinchhesterswife
bf imaginesby marlee2676
[ in progress / open for requests ] imagine all the lonely people... yeah im talking to you. and also me. I love reading these but I wanted to write my own! They're so...