unloved by finite_forevers
unlovedby shivangi bali
'because no words can ever be enough.' part two to unsaid.
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Glo Up Guide✨💦💕💪 by BraveAndBrown
Glo Up Guide✨💦💕💪by BraveAndBrown
Love. Grow. Glow. The book to help you grow up into beauttiiiiiifuuuuuuuullllll and confident chick who knows her ish. This is a self care book to help you feel absolute...
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Sonder | re-writing by -wayfarer
Sonder | re-writingby winter wonderland
"In which a girl's life is lightened up by a boy and a boy's life is fixed by a girl" Loving a person isn't the only way you can care for someone. . . cover b...
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¤Fake Friend¤  •Pjm• by Taehyung_Enthusiast
¤Fake Friend¤ •Pjm•by Jimin = Tall
Jm:"she's just my fake friend" That word crushed my heart into pieces leading me to not trust anyone anymore ●Read to see what happends● Started:March 9, 2018 ...
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can i have a bit of gay please? by the-gay-society
can i have a bit of gay please?by Love who you are!
just a bunch of Hella queer stuff. could be depressing? I don't know! It is written by all admins (if they want to of course) and are just feel good things! Enjoy!
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life of lele and juanpa by Savannahissocoollol
life of lele and juanpaby Savannahissocoollol
these to meet one day at a party lele has a bad past and Juana is the only one who can help her what will happen will they fall in love read to find out
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Jade And Jackson by Hollygirl0413
Jade And Jacksonby Hollygirl0413
Jade is an omega in her pack dealing with some pretty bad stuff, she is constantly being picked on and has to do others work. She wants to run but cannot afford that, sh...
  • beassertive
  • bullied
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The Geek With A Crush by theoptimisticgirl12
The Geek With A Crushby theoptimisticgirl12
When Tracie moves to California with her brother and dad, she is not expecting to like a boy there at all. She is a geek who loves Marvel, video games, music, and being...
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Jessi 🌺 by J3SSI-
Jessi 🌺by ` Jessica
"There's nothing better than self love"
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Poems - Rhythm Of Thoughts by MyriadOfSmiles
Poems - Rhythm Of Thoughtsby down to earth
Hey thanks for picking my collection. This is my first attempt at poetry so I'm not sure how it'll come out. The words have come out from the depth of my heart so I hope...
  • motivation
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  • freeverse
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Love Yourself  by Pixiikiesx
Love Yourself by Pixiikiesx
YOU are worthy YOUR body is the most priceless place so caress it and love it LOVE YOURSELF And if you think you can't do that because of your scars or any other stuff...
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Train Tracks [ON HOLD] by bookworm18453
Train Tracks [ON HOLD]by ? zuzu ?
Aaron has gone through a lot. He never shows the pain that he feels and the emotions that he has. He is a good person but he's misunderstood. He never really stood out o...
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Her Ways to Seduce Secretly by FreakingPrettyLady
Her Ways to Seduce Secretlyby Jade Izelle
I know that you are researching about things like this. Asking HOW? Because you're reading this. Ha! You, Silly girl. So, If you want to understand how to seduce a m...
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With All My Heart... by apsykr
With All My apsykr
Everybody is unique and special in their own way..each with different opinions and feelings..but the one thing that brings us all together are all those inexpressible em...
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Just Stuffs You Know!  by Usha_Belieber
Just Stuffs You Know! by Sinner
Things you don't say but feel. Things that are unsaid. Poem|BlankVerse|Paragraph (These are my writings.)
  • poems
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The Musician's Voice by TheSkystorm
The Musician's Voiceby Bookworm
Zacharias was born mute. As a child, he was teased repeatedly for not being able to talk, and he couldn't defend himself. He just kept it inside himself. Sign languag...
  • mute
  • instruments
  • piano
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Melanin.  by Vintige
Melanin. by Vintige
Melanin: The pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color. Dark-skinned people have more melanin in their skin than light-skinned people have. Melanin is pr...
  • blackgirlmagic
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"Bullied" by Charleen_Joy123
"Bullied"by Charleen Joy T. Chan
This is a real story. This is the story when I was bullied
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Love yourself! by pierce_the_girl
Love yourself!by CC's unicorn🦄
A book of things that personally make me feel better. A lot of bands stuff!
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What is #MakeSomebodySmile? by MakeSomebodySmile
What is #MakeSomebodySmile?by :))
Are you confused what MakeSomebodySmile is? Read this and I hope it helps
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