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I'M KARA DANVERS by xthecrazyfangirlxo
Supergirl. She was brave, selfless, kind, beautiful, and more powerful than any human could ever dream of being. Lena Luthor had always had a weakness for powerful women...
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He's  My Secret       (edited )  by royal_loveheart
He's My Secret (edited ) by royal_loveheart
He kept on staring at me but I ignored him, at least I tried to. He was sitting right beside me and although I was looking at the board I still could glimpse his form fa...
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MEMES by she_is_music
This book contains the best memes of all you can find! I repost pics from mostly Instagram accounts so message me if you want to know them ^^ Btw the perfect cover is fr...
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Glo Up Guide✨💦💕💪 by BraveAndBrown
Glo Up Guide✨💦💕💪by BraveAndBrown
Love. Grow. Glow. The book to help you grow up into beauttiiiiiifuuuuuuuullllll and confident chick who knows her ish. This is a self care book to help you feel absolute...
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not who I was meant to be (trans denki AU)💙 by ilovecatsandsid
not who I was meant to be (trans ilovecatsandsid
denki was born girl but he was ment to be a boy born in the wrong body you could say but when he told her parents they went crazy and he was forced to be there little pr...
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¤Fake Friend¤  •Pjm•  by Taehyung_Enthusiast
¤Fake Friend¤ •Pjm• by °Taesthetic°
Jm:"she's just my fake friend" That word crushed my heart into pieces leading me to not trust anyone anymore ●Read to see what happends● Started:March 9, 2018 ...
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Sexual mind  by 1xsingle_queen
Sexual mind by Mrs.Singe
I am a very sexual person so all of my small stories are about sexual thoughts. I make my stories feel like your actually in that situation. If your not a sexual person...
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She was always different from the other girls she talk to Kevin for gods sake!?! ____ Hi this is a story of how Kevin slowly fell insane and lost it These are not my ch...
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Help(CH & Completed) by Squidfly6
Help(CH & Completed)by Squidfly6
(Front cover made by me) Lately Australia has been a bit off the edge with his brothers and the other countries. As days go by Australia realises something is wrong with...
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A Royal Story by Cephxx
A Royal Storyby MarieBoo
Ella Diana Porter, 19 years old young woman who's born in England but her parents moved to France, is soon going back in England to one of the most prestigious Universit...
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Marissa's surgical experiences by KianaDavis18
Marissa's surgical experiencesby KianaDavis18
Marissa's surgical experiences. how she became the doctor she is now with NO training
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Francine & Earl by as_uwish
Francine & Earlby #FreeYourBody R
In which a masculine girl and a feminine man attempt to escape their stereotypes.
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A Collection Of Poems by Srutica
A Collection Of Poemsby Someone
These are just a few poems i penned down in my free time. Some are about dreams I've had, some are about places I've been, and some about my thoughts and experiences. I...
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Being a Believer {HIRING} by RunawayBelievers
Being a Believer {HIRING}by Runaway Believers Community
WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING!!!! Stress less and do what you love! Cover made by: @Sky_is_limit
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Ways to Seduce Secretly by ExpensivePen
Ways to Seduce Secretlyby Jaiz Tapa
I know you're doing some research 'bout things like this. Asking HOW? Because you're reading this. Ha! You, Silly girl. So, If you want to understand how to seduce a...
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The Transgender Jorney by HirisSear
The Transgender Jorneyby Flor- De-Apra
This story is about a girl named Ashley who had gender confusion when he was little,his mother passed away and and his dad didn't support him of how he was. Will he make...
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Her Rise from The Slums  by symplytomi
Her Rise from The Slums by She Writes And Sing
#3 in Project Nigeria Abisola's conquest over poverty is a story you want to read
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Unaffected by 12TanR
Unaffectedby StrangeTales
This is a short story based on an emotional journey of a girl who suffers bullying. Bully can lead to serious mental issues such as social anxiety, trauma, depression an...
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Be Yourself Quotes by jasellll
Be Yourself Quotesby jasel🤤
"Just be yourself you are beautiful. "
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