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Pokemaster Betrayed by OddEyesEmperor
Pokemaster Betrayedby CorruptHero
Ash Ketchum after getting done the Kalos league expecting to be greeted by his friends and family but he wasn't. Living in Alola he doesn't want them to ruin his new lif...
  • ashketchum
  • betrayed
  • aureliashipping
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Of Replacements and Blood Brothers by Ticklefeather33
Of Replacements and Blood Brothersby Team_Iron_Spider
Harley Keener comes to visit the tower for a month or more. He gets immediately jealous of Peter because he is so close to Mr Stark and he stages a scene where it seems...
  • alone
  • lokilaufeyson
  • peter
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We Love You Most by Ayeyou_Kma
We Love You Mostby Nazzia 🥴💜
Passion was a girl who dated man after man and it never seemed to go right for her. What she thought was a different man was really the same guy who was also an shapeshi...
  • thug
  • love
  • scifi-romance
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Prince Of The Stars : Percy Jackson Fanfic by The_Star_On_Fire
Prince Of The Stars : Percy starlight286
" It Is Easier To Forgive An Enemy Than To Forgive A Friend " _ William Blake He threw his head back and cried out in frustration. He wanted to scream, kick...
  • prince
  • betrayed
  • hazel
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Betrayed Annabeth by Jellothemellow
Betrayed Annabethby JelloTheMello
Betrayed. Broken. Beyond Repair. Besides her Seaweed Brain. This all happened when a certain daughter, of Athena named Callie, scammed her. She framed me for everything...
  • frazel
  • campjupiter
  • hazelleveque
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Assassin Kuroko by AnimeSavesLifes13
Assassin Kurokoby AnimeSaveMyLife13
Kuroko Tetsuya known as the "Phantom 6th man" and the "shadow player of serin" is hiding something from his teammates. What will Kuroko do when GoM a...
  • foodwars
  • broken
  • friends
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Of Apocalypses and Revenge by Ticklefeather33
Of Apocalypses and Revengeby Team_Iron_Spider
<SEQUEL TO***OF•REPLACEMENTS•AND•BLOOD•BROTHERS> When the apocalypse breaks out, the Avengers are forced to run. Peter was the cause of all this because he ran awa...
  • powers
  • avengers
  • thor
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Time to go Berserk in Another World! by Yasu-Yamiyato
Time to go Berserk in Another Yasu-Yamiyato
Yato is a 16 years old boy and goes to a normal Highschool. From an outsiders point of view, he just seems like the lifeless kind of person, the one person that never le...
  • cheats
  • berserker
  • magic
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Fallin deep by quamariajones
Fallin deepby Spvite🎈❤️
19 year old tiana was an independent young lady that was going to the city of angles with her best friend start a new life a better future for her .. What she...
  • thug
  • newlife
  • lockdown
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I'M Bullshit  by AlexionPro
I'M Bullshit by AlexionPro
  • acceptance
  • smile
  • lonelines
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Why me? by MyAnimalsAreLife
Why me?by MyAnimalsAreLife
Ava has sever abandonment issues. When she was five her grandmother died then a few years later her grandpa. Those are the only grandparents she's ever know. When she wa...
  • betrayed
  • confusion
  • stronglanguage
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The daughter of the sea god (Percy Jackson Sister) by NadaAlHajj
The daughter of the sea god ( Nada Al Hajj
After the war was over Percy Jackson was betrayed by the gods, and his girlfriend. He was sent to Tartarus after being accused of betraying the gods . Soon after it is...
  • artemis
  • thalia
  • adventure
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Severed Wings by MaddoxLove555
Severed Wingsby 🌈
On his eighteenth birthday, Caleb Lindstorm is betrayed by the people he thought he could trust, plunged into the mysterious world of angels and demons and everything im...
  • friendship
  • angel
  • angelsvsdemons
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Perseus No More by clouding_stars
Perseus No Moreby clouding_stars
another generic percy gets betrayed yeah im just writing it for fun. Wonder when will i ever update again wew
  • percyjackson
  • betrayed
  • prince
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The Call of the Traitor by Spiritwalker447
The Call of the Traitorby Spiritwalker447
Given to a guardian. Trained as an assassin. Loved. Betrayed. When will her life get better. When Lily is given to a guardian, who is secretly the King of Assassins. Tra...
  • betrayed
  • vampire
  • assassin
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the models revenge by user069386518586
the models revengeby @kazukiemagne
9 pm, one alluring night. After drinking a little too much at her BACHELORETTE PARTY, Adison's fiancée picked her up and brought her home to their apartment. Finally com...
  • hype
  • boss
  • love
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A story about you by cornflakesoreo_
A story about youby zhalhoneybunny
nothing to say but i am a newbie. i love to read quotes and poem. i am inspired by korean, chinese and english also malay song to write quotes and poem. ♡
  • betrayed
  • broken
Just a bet by kimTaetae7983
Just a betby Kim taehyung
"W-wa-was I just a bet........?" I asked holding my tears back He smirks "I think it's time for you to leave"
  • jungkook
  • betrayed
  • yoongi
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Celebrity Secret by izzy_fizzyXD
Celebrity Secretby Kermit the frog
Skyler spear, a famous actress during modern times, has a huge secret. She's a witch.. Recently,they have been killing witches throughout the whole world, creating a mas...
  • fantasy
  • betrayed
  • celebrity
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The Betrayed by Abhayadityajain
The Betrayedby Abhayadityajain
It's a fairy-tale world the Olympians rule the world as all powerful, but fair Monarchs - with Zeus as their leader. But all is not as it seems. The seemingly tightly kn...
  • fantasy
  • shadow
  • light
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