Betamate Stories

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The Rogue [#1] by EmmaNorman_
The Rogue [#1]by Emma'♥
Ellie Pierce has been forced to live the life of a rogue for the last ten years after her entire pack were brutally murdered by the Alpha of a rival pack. The only thing...
The Alpha's Beta by fox-girl74
The Alpha's Betaby fox-girl74
Ashton is the next Alpha of the Lupes Pack, and wants his mate to be his crush, Edwin. The moon Goddess has other plans though and Ashton ends up mated to his best frien...
His Domestic Wolf by Noizez
His Domestic Wolfby Noizez
This is a rough draft! Twenty-five years, twenty-five years Noah has waited for his mate. At the beginning with all the responsibility of caring for his pack and his al...
Cliche (2023 - ON HIATUS) by ohgoditsyou
Cliche (2023 - ON HIATUS)by Kit
Mary "MJ" Johanssen is just like all of the other girls. She's pretty, well put together, and knows her place. In her last year of finishing school, she is bus...
Beta Mate by isntthatjustfun
Beta Mateby :)
Vanessa Johnson: -a 19 year-old werewolf -daughter of a beta -part of the Midnight Moon Pack -has yet to find her mate -and enjoys NCIS Damien Sarov: -a 23 year-old w...
Do I really hate you? by yetimonster98
Do I really hate you?by Yeti Monster
How were they suppose to love one another when all they've done is fight until now? Was it really a bond or just some sick joke to keep peace between them? Does she real...
Out Of Mind (Slow Updates)  by Really1968
Out Of Mind (Slow Updates) by Really1968
Haley Anderson is a werewolf but hates the werewolf life. *gasp* What will happen once she finds her mate? Even worse an Alpha mate?!
In That Summer by storiesbyjayen
In That Summerby Jayen
Senior high school student Jaine Enriquez is the 'dream-girl' of all male students at Southridge Montessori. Well, except the geeky student leader Sean Villamayor. Oppos...
The Betas Human Princess by Alex_Elizabeth_Oshea
The Betas Human Princessby Alex Elizabeth
Melody was your normal 15 year old in England. She was about to turn 16 her and her friends had planed her little get together, that was until she had to move to the USA...
Hazel by liyananina
Hazelby Leanna
Alpha Henry Human Mate Hazel was a final year student and working part-time as a teacher assistant at a tuition center. One day, after finished the class there's a group...
Beta Mate by Taylorbeeman_10
Beta Mateby Taylorbeeman_10
Crash never wanted a mate, but the Moon Goddess had different plans.
The Top Two Females by Green_Crow
The Top Two Femalesby Green Crow
When the Alpha and Beta both find their mates-two women who known each others all their lives. The only problem: they hate each other.
The Last Album - Werewolf x Human - BWWM by _Ariez
The Last Album - Werewolf x 🔮Ariez✨
Easton lost all breath in his lungs. Frozen in time, as his wolf Axel howled in agony. A single tear led to a choked sob. The sight in front of him was one the male neve...
A Charlie Foxtrot  by pack97
A Charlie Foxtrot by Addis
"I'll be leaving for five days," Gideon says from across the room. "I expect you packed up and ready to leave by the time I get here. You are to come stay...
Beta Mate | Book 1 | (Rewritten) by jadegirl2713
Beta Mate | Book 1 | (Rewritten)by JJJ W.
Sam Rider is gifted. She can make things move with her mind, hear another's thoughts if she wishes, make things appear out of thin air and put them where she wants them...
Misplaced Alpha by nerdy-tom-boy
Misplaced Alphaby nerdy-tom-boy
Casey is being hunted. Only problem: she doesn't know why. She was the Alpha's daughter and next in line to become Alpha when her mother and father retired. After her pa...
Tainted Love by Steph_Omgg
Tainted Loveby Steph
"Come on, we are almost there," I yelled. "Idk how much longer I can go," Dorothy yelled. "They are gaining on us," I yelled back. "I...
My Beta Mate by isntthatjustfun
My Beta Mateby :)
Just a sweet story about a werewolf and her Beta mate.
My Wonderful Mate by dj_muffins12
My Wonderful Mateby dj_muffins12
The deltas daughter and the betas son fell in love with each other at a young age. They would always tell everyone that they were mates but no one ever believed them. Wh...
Ignite The Flame by momentstoshare
Ignite The Flameby Destiny
*** Abigail, otherwise known as Abby, is just a normal teenage girl. Well.. besides the whole werewolf thing. What will she do when her whole world is turned upside down...