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BTS 8th Member by LycanBloodInMyVeins
BTS 8th Memberby ❝Brooke❞
Hi everyone! This is my new book, I hope you enjoy it! Book Cover by:Kyotojungkook
Criminal Minds One Shots~Open for Requests! by LookingforAutumn
Criminal Minds One Shots~Open Autumn Elizabeth
Since I find these fun and since I happen to love Criminal Minds, you can request a one shot for any character. It could be Reid x reader or a character x character, it'...
Diving in to the Heart of Wattpad  by Keybey20
Diving in to the Heart of Wattpad by K🍁
As an avid reader the biggest problem I face is what to read next. So I decided to help you wattpaders by making a list of my favorite books. You'll won't be disappoint...
#ProjectBadBoys Reviews by ProjectBadBoys
#ProjectBadBoys Reviewsby #ProjectBadBoys
A showcase of recommended bad boy books for your daily entertainment. We review only the best bad boy books on Wattpad.
Book Title Compilation -com by seirrasoffy
Book Title Compilation -comby seirra soffy
Book title compilation-complete ✓ read ® Recommended © Comic € movie/drama [bl] yaoi/boys love
Top 10 Wattpad Stories of 2017 by cheytaylor1
Top 10 Wattpad Stories of 2017by Chey Taylor
It's that time again for my top ten Wattpad stories of 2017!
Favorite Power Rangers Villains by powerrangercommunity
Favorite Power Rangers Villainsby Power Rangers Community
"Green with Envy." Favorite Power Rangers Villains from all seasons will be found here! All Rights Reserved | Copyrights © PowerRangerCommunity Cover Made...
Aliens by hellohi024
Aliensby hellohi024
In a world where no one believes in extra terrestrial activity, one little boy with extraordinary abilities arises in the small country of Ghana. Problem is will he be a...
The Platinum Blade by Bobbski2007
The Platinum Bladeby Bobbski2007
A group of 4 friends make their own guild to start their own adventures. Sandra the phsycotic sword maiden, Bobby the passionate shield Hero, Riccardo the potion creato...
Remember My Name || Min Yoongi { Completed } by XiaoJoeun
Remember My Name || Min Yoongi { Mei
Story #1 "My story begins with death and it will end with death." Min Yoongi is trapped inside a time warp until he can remember the name of his first love. ...
Kaléa's: Best Stories by Kaleas_Work
Kaléa's: Best Storiesby Tessa Kaléa
Best Stories that I can share with you to read with.
Fandoms I'm in by Ines_3579
Fandoms I'm inby Ines_Ivy
This is a book where i store the things i like and where i will mention the fandoms i belong in. This is just my opinion on them, so it's not really that important, but...
James Rodriguez and the Two Cyclops Dragons by NoDevilOnEarth
James Rodriguez and the Two NoDevilOnEarth
This book is amazing. Has to be read. James Rodriguez is a courageous boy. Please read it. I would really appreciate it.
The Best of the Best Awards by thatlamenerdywriter
The Best of the Best Awardsby notreallyanerd
Join the Best of the best awards and compete to see if your book deserves the title 'the best'. Read for more details.
BOOK COVER BUSINESS  by preshie_luv
hey its Precious.C.U making book cover over here DM for book cover here are collection book covers!!!
JUSTIN  by adaragrace_
JUSTIN by Siska.
"Justin." "Jen." ... "Jen, I Love you." ...
My favorite YouTubers (2016) list by IceyFox2016
My favorite YouTubers (2016) listby Adele
These are a few of my favorite YouTubers this far. I have been watching YouTube since the end of 2014.
Could I ever forget this day? (Miraculous AU) by _Maygurl2006_
Could I ever forget this day? ( _Maygurl2006_
Marinette messes up and ends up attracting lots of unwanted attention which maybe is just the thing she needed to reach her goal : Adrien . But maybe she ends up reveal...