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The Money Grubber by Lorena_Slowaki
The Money Grubberby Lorena J.S
(Lorena: This isn't provided by music so it may change in the future T_T I am so bad when I try to write...) "The guy I am in love with hate me. He may be despised...
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The World by Britania_Nowaski
The Worldby Rita_Manchester
This is my everyday life, some aren't true but you know, just for fun. A chronic of my life. A life of me as an observer of the world.
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The Fallen Hero by Lorena_Slowaki
The Fallen Heroby Lorena J.S
In a world where aliens and intimidation exist. In a world where people feel fear everywhere they go. Heroes are here to help them. Heroes are here for us. Heroes, the n...
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The Missing Girl 2 by Lorena_Slowaki
The Missing Girl 2by Lorena J.S
Spin-Off: (May change in the future since it was without music). This story is in the process of being edited by Shekiewrites. ...
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Hanako by Lorena_Slowaki
Hanakoby Lorena J.S
She loved him. He loved her. They were happy. Everyone was happy. But no one told her that happiness and love were something ephemeral.
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The Best Selling Author by Lorena_Slowaki
The Best Selling Authorby Lorena J.S
What will you do if you were to get the memories of your pasts life? Write books and become famous of course. She is the best selling author of the moment. All of her b...
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The Cursed Bride by Lorena_Slowaki
The Cursed Brideby Lorena J.S
"You will be the downfall to those who will stretch their hands out to you. And those whom you will stretch out your hand to will be your downfall." I thought...
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Nobari by Lorena_Slowaki
Nobariby Lorena J.S
Because she feared to be alone she did what her friends told her. She did everything to make her friend's ex-boyfriend fall in love with her. And she succeeded. But n...
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The Money Grubber by Britania_Nowaski
The Money Grubberby Rita_Manchester
(Lorena) "The guy I am in love with hate me. He may be despised my existence for all I know." "What ? How could someone said be like this to you ?" ...
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Announcement by Lorena_Slowaki
Announcementby Lorena J.S
Well, here is the new about my life. What do you want to know about me? Just ask. I will tell you everything. XoXo. Alright, let's being serious, I will post here: -Any...
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Introduction by Britania_Nowaski
Introductionby Rita_Manchester
I don't write as much as Lorena, so I suggest you to see her "Introduction". There are more books, I had to post it because of the Collaboration with her. The...
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Tekkai by Lorena_Slowaki
Tekkaiby Lorena J.S
A hero. What is a hero exactly? For the first time in your life, you acted like a hero but you ended losing your life after saving another life. And then, you regretted...
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24 HOURS  by Chinnnnayy
24 HOURS by Chinnnnayy
'Don't trust everything you see, even salt looks like sugar' you need to hide, if you want to survive. wala kang dapat pagkatiwalaan kundi sarili mo lang. You need to b...
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The World Opinion by Britania_Nowaski
The World Opinionby Rita_Manchester
No one could understand him. He was the most popular, he could get any girl so why her? She wasn't that pretty nor was she that smart. She was just a normal girl so why...
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Introduction by Lorena_Slowaki
Introductionby Lorena J.S
Here is the Introduction of all my books. Some aren't posted yet. It is just for the songs purpose. Or I am just waiting for the artwork to be finished.
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The God of Death by Lorena_Slowaki
The God of Deathby Lorena J.S
"Do you know who is the worst in the story? It's us. Doctors who killed and destroyed a lot of life without getting punished. I am not a prodigy. I've already kil...
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