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Insatiable {Yandere!Bertholdt x Reader} by SuperHighSchoolDork
Insatiable {Yandere!Bertholdt x Faith
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS always I don't own the characters or the art, so ya know the drill. Leave requests if you want, and as always, thank you for reading!
Attack on One-Shots by noellebombastic
Attack on One-Shotsby Noelle
Just a nice compilation of one-shots. This is no longer an updated one shot book. Disclaimer; I do not own the manga nor the anime of Shingeki no Kyojin. Characters belo...
one-shots | snk/aot by -straycats
one-shots | snk/aotby [ inactive ☹ ]
Hodgepodge of AOT/SNK one shots. Will take requests. I do not own these characters, nor the anime. :)
Something Happened Last Summer by Hukkiii
Something Happened Last Summerby Hukki
Warning(s): Omegaverse, Highschool AU, Slight Nsfw Ship(s): Mikannie [Mikasa/Annie] Annie kept to herself, she wasn't one to act out or try and join the "Popular&q...
We Are All Killers [Snk ~ Reiner x Bertolt] by arminleftthechat
We Are All Killers [Snk ~ Reiner Alexa play Despacito
2145 Long, long ago, humanity had reached it's peak in peace and prosperity. The sad thing was that there was still war and starvation. Overpopulation took it's toll, ta...
I Have An Objection! [ Levi x OC ] [ Moderate Editing ] by ackerman-inc
I Have An Objection! [ Levi x OC ] アンジェラ (hiatus)
"I don't think people love me. They love versions of me I have spun for them, versions of me they have construed in their minds. The easy versions of me, the easy p...
I'm sorry (Reibert) by smallestuke
I'm sorry (Reibert)by smallestuke
* Massive Trigger Warning * (Reibert) Bertholdt finds out Reiner's cheating on him, ruining their marriage. Will they be able to save it, or will it all come crashing do...
(ON HOLD) [AOT] Attack on Titan Boyfriend Scenarios and One Shots (Modern! AU) by emopastelgirl
(ON HOLD) [AOT] Attack on Titan emopastelgirl
ON HOLD IN THE MEANTIME Boyfriend Scenarios and One Shots with some of the Attack on Titan boys all set in the modern! AU! I accept requests but I don't do lemons, smuts...
Attack On Titan / SNK One Shots by Kodiak_Bliss
Attack On Titan / SNK One Shotsby Introverted Snail
This is filled with the magical magic of yaoi, yuri, and x reader. I seriously hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. This'll will only consist of AO...
Bertholdt Fubar x Fem!Reader Oneshot by AoSora6
Bertholdt Fubar x Fem!Reader AoSora6
"I think you're gonna need some good luck to pass the midterm exams." Y/N has been having some trouble with keeping her grades up recently (especially Mathemat...
The Book Of Lemons by Barmec1de
The Book Of Lemonsby Barmec1de
I would make these more kinky, but then I realize my friends read this. Hey! Do you like lemons, but can never find them in one place? Well then, here you go! Mainly y...
Just us, Alone by jaegerb0mb
Just us, Aloneby Aaron
Reibert One-Shot {SFW} In which my favorite boys just do cute things. **cover art by irkberuai on Tumblr**
Yandere BertholdtXReader AU by Bertholdt_Fubar
Yandere BertholdtXReader AUby Bertholdt Fubar
Bertholdt Fubar is your childhood friend. You've known each other since you've been alive. He's always been there for you, through everything. You knew him better than y...
Little Pecks by jaegerb0mb
Little Pecksby Aaron
Reibert One-Shot {SFW} In which Reiner and Bertholdt can't sleep. **cover art by nenekantoku on Tumblr**
Reibert Oneshot by __drache__
Reibert Oneshotby Drache
Reiner is ill and can't go to school. After school Bertholdt brings him the worksheets home. Have fun reading it ^^//
Bertholdt Hoover x Reader: Trying for Happiness~ by TenebrisMelodiam
Bertholdt Hoover x Reader: TenebrisMelodiam
He was a Titan shifter. She knew about it. How on earth could this ever work?
The Outside World [An Attack on Titan Fanfic] by fangirlsatlarge
The Outside World [An Attack on ginge and flick
When two friends take a small outing together, they never expected for one of them to fall down a hole in the ground and change their lives forever.
Shingeki no Kyojin Characters react to videos! To viral, Scary, Funny, and to suprising Videos! They also play games that are Random, Horror, and much more! They love m...
Attack On Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin One Shots by LittleMixAddict101
Attack On Titan/Shingeki no Abby
Just what ever pairings I feel like doing, short stories