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Holby City Oneshots by flaczollieberena1906
Holby City Oneshotsby flaczollieberena1906
Holby City Oneshots. Mainly going to be Flac. Open to requests
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Something About Christmas by becka_boo15
Something About Christmasby Becka
Bernie and Serena fanfic. Holby city.
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Berena- Coincidences by becka_boo15
Berena- Coincidencesby Becka
Holy City fanfic on the characters Serena and Bernie. Based on a dream i have. Will not necessarily follow the storylines of Holby City. Not sure who made the title pict...
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Distance... by ourlovesxoxo
#4 ourlovesxoxo
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder... but is that really so?? After the loss of her daughter Serena Campbell left on a sabbatical, to find herself and manage h...
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Berena - Untold Love by casualtyobsessed
Berena - Untold Loveby casualtyobsessed
Berena story set after 'The Kill List' BECAUSE OMG THAT ENDING. Eventual smut
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Berena  by berenaholby
Berena by berenaholby
In my arms by MyAccountxp
In my armsby Aphrodite
A berena fanfiction: Serena isn't well since her daughter died, so she has taken some leave and Raf is on Keller for a couple of days. So Mr Hanssen sent for the cavalry...
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To Have And To Hold by jaymiebell
To Have And To Holdby b e r e n a
Set after the hug...
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Berena  by missydoctorwho
Berena by Amelia 🖤🖤
random Bernie and Serena
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Wanna Play? by MyAccountxp
Wanna Play?by Aphrodite
FUN FAIR HAS COME TO TOWN! Serena and Bernie have fun and end up being in their very own romantic movie 🌹❤
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Remember, Remember  by WonderfulWolfe
Remember, Remember by WonderfulWolfe
A usually well composed Serena seems withdrawn after losing a lovely lady with dementia. Bernie vows to get to the bottom of the problem before the end of the day.
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Default Title - Write Your Own by ourlovesxoxo
Default Title - Write Your Ownby ourlovesxoxo
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Wonderful World (Bernie/Serena) by WonderfulWolfe
Wonderful World (Bernie/Serena)by WonderfulWolfe
Serena struggles in the aftermath of the accident that resulted in the death of her daughter Elinor. With Jason still in hospital and the weight of the world still on th...
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Thorn In The Lover (Berena) by TheLittleMissSwan
Thorn In The Lover (Berena)by ColifersLilBean
Bernie returns from Ukraine with a set mind of what she wants. Serena. However, Serena has decided to give Robbie another chance. She deserved to, Bernie was gone. Now...
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Unstoppable by oblivionokay
Unstoppableby Katie <3
Berena 😍😍
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Hold on (Berena) by RedgravesTardis
Hold on (Berena)by RedgravesTardis
Bernie and Serena's Marriage have hit the rocks as Bernie had been hiding her depression from Serena cause Bernie to cheat behind Serena's back with Abigail (Sorry i had...
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Broken Strings Waterloo Road & Holly city FanFiction by StellaPriceFan
Broken Strings Waterloo Road & StellaPriceFan
A family trying to piece their life's back together after a tragic event New chapters every Monday Wednesday and Friday xx
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I'll keep you safe (Abigail x Bernie) by RedgravesTardis
I'll keep you safe (Abigail x RedgravesTardis
Bernie finds it hard to come to terms with finding her partner cheating on her, can Abigail and Bernie's family help her get better before it's too late?
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Saviour by RedgravesTardis
Saviourby RedgravesTardis
Bernie wants a family, she finally gets one but it doesn't come easy as she finds out that Serena had cheated on her while she was away and when she's working a night sh...
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When All Is Said and Done by jaymiebell
When All Is Said and Doneby b e r e n a
*Set just after the last scene between Bernie and Serena in S19xE13 and this is just my take on what happened after Bernie left Serena to make a very important phone cal...
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