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Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan by ahadaAbdullah
Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasanby Aj Angelic
what happens when too richest families comes across each other In different situation but some truth's are on they way for more information beep in the book
AdiYa: She Doesn't Know!! (18+) by taihatarique5
AdiYa: She Doesn't Know!! (18+)by taiha tarique
Aditya sat next to Zoya in the bed. And embraced her from sideways. He kissed her cheek first. He said, "Oh! You are so young, both soft and and so firm!" His...
LOVE Happened Again❤❤(Jenshad F.F)(completed) by sarsajmarifar
LOVE Happened Again❤❤(Jenshad F.F) Sarah
#1 in bepannah 22/10/2019- 9/10/2020 Aditya is a 27year old businessmen. His arrogant, rude, angry heart changes soft whenever he see her eyes. He got more angry on her...
AdiYa FF - DestinyTheGame by taihatarique5
AdiYa FF - DestinyTheGameby taiha tarique
If two hearts are meant to be together, no matter how long it takes, how far they go, how tough it seems, fate will bring them together to share their love forever ...
MY UNKNOWN BETTER-HALF by mischiviouswritter
Heyy guys,I am reader but due to my dear bestiee end up being writter... Here is a JOURNEY FROM UNKNOWN TO KNOWN And carry a beautiful msg for everyone here...Hope you...
Secret Lover ✓ by Lost_soul_01
Secret Lover ✓by Divyanka Joshi
Adiya love story Peep in to know more
Dildariyaan❤(Novellete) by books_heart23
Dildariyaan❤(Novellete)by Hifza Ali
"I think the perfection of love is that it's not perfect." ~Taylor Swift "Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to...
Destined To Be Together by loveforlove3
Destined To Be Togetherby ✨AdiYa Lover✨
Destiny is a word that can change your life for good or for bad. Meet zoya, she is a 23 years old chirpy girl. She is kind at heart and caring by her nature. She is not...
U R My Stalker by Sharbhi_lov_Vani
U R My Stalkerby THE THINGS I DO 4 ❤
This story starts from where veer found out RANI is not on the bed it was pillows on the bed and confront to accept that bani and rani are same what happens if bani acce...
DIVORCED LOVE (Completed) by silvyline86
DIVORCED LOVE (Completed)by silvyline86
Hi everyone. Its my 3rd story that I have started to write. Please support me guys as I really need your encouragement. The story: Hello everyone I am Aditya hooda. I ha...
Destined to be together (On Hold) by Manmeetk04
Destined to be together (On Hold)by Manmeet
They met eachother on the day their partners cheated them. Broken and shattered.... How destiny brought them together.! - Yash and Pooja cheated Zoya and Adi respective...
7 days (jenshad F.F)✔✔ by sarsajmarifar
7 days (jenshad F.F)✔✔by Sarah
"Zoya... it's you?" asked Aditya in shock. He didn't know that his wife is she who he met..... _____________________________________________________________ Ad...
life : Emotions in Relations ✔️ by Kavitapu
life : Emotions in Relations ✔️by deepu
This is a story of 2 middle class people aditya hooda and zoya siddique and how they fall for each other and when aditya hooda becomes rich then how it will effects thei...
Humdard by rehmat_blessing
Humdardby Rehmat
"Mohabbat jindagi badal deti hai Mile toh bhi..... na mile toh bhi..." Aditya and Zoya, two broken souls who will heal each other slowly and steadily as they...
Kurbani- Ishq ka  naam by rehmat_blessing
Kurbani- Ishq ka naamby Rehmat
Zoya and Pooja are sisters. Pooja is married to Aditya, and Zoya loves Yash. All four are extremely happy in their lives. One night, Aditya receives a phone call which c...
The jealousy pangs! by Lolmum
The jealousy pangs!by Lolmum
After Aditya Hooda returns back to Mumbai,India, his Bestfriend Zoya Siddiqui is more than elated! Join the journey of two people who've realised their love for each oth...
Ikigai | One Shot Series  by Lost_soul_01
Ikigai | One Shot Series by Divyanka Joshi
Ikigai- Reason for being. Just a few shots I hope that you enjoy it :) Context: 1. Love In Denial? (Aditya X Zoya) 2. Little Things (Aditya X Zoya) 3. Let Us Go (Adity...
Zaroorat by Meera1903
Zarooratby Meera1903
The story starts after Aditya returns from Paris. What would have happened if Aditya and Zoya had had time to explore their feelings and love for each other! This book s...
Bouquet Of Love -The One Shot Series  by HappyShelf16
Bouquet Of Love -The One Shot HappyShelf16
Stories Inside •Baatein Unkahi •Cursed In Love •Hakuna Matata •And The Night Goes On (1) •The Night Still Goes On (2) •Until You Die (3) •Until I breath (Finale) •Loch...
AdiYa X JenShad One Shots  by AnushkaJasminex
AdiYa X JenShad One Shots by Anushka
6/12/2018 - #1 Rank #AdiYa 25/12/2018 - #1 Rank #AdiYa Come & enjoy my one shots on favorite couple i.e. Aditya X Zoya aka AdiYa! You will also enjoy JenShad that's Je...