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Necessary Friendship by Benleylove12
Necessary Friendshipby
Miranda is on a mission to sow her wild oaks after being married for almost 10 years when she meets Ben Warren. He becomes the friend she never knew she needed. But can...
Another Station 19 Fanfiction  by TvSeriesManiac
Another Station 19 Fanfiction by TvSeriesManiac
Station 19 fanfiction. I hope you will like it. Tell me what do you think. I'm curious about your opinions. Btw. I'm not a native English speaker so there will be mistak...
Station 19 camping trip by surreralove
Station 19 camping tripby Oh.whatever
Since we were robbed of a cute bonding camping trip with the 19 members I decided to create my own
Another Avery || GA & TGD || Claire Browne by ghostlymajor
Another Avery || GA & TGD || major
Jackson finds out that he has a younger half sister. She's a doctor at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. That doctor is none other than Dr. Claire Browne. Claire was sh...
Grey's Anatomy Imagines  by Kkizzle1217
Grey's Anatomy Imagines by Me
A collection of Grey's Anatomy imagines that I wrote/write. Imagines include... Jackson Avery Alex Karev Callie Torres Arizona Robbins Mark Sloan Derek Shepherd And mor...
This is Fire by Scissor-me-timbers
This is Fireby Watsit13!
Maya has just started working at Station 19 as a probie. What will happen she finds love, and is reunited with an important someone from her past?
The Accident by Musicgirl1120
The Accidentby Musicgirl1120
Engine 19 gets into an accident and Maya gets seriously injured. Will she be ok? Originally published on AO3.
Coming Home (Station 19/Grey's Anatomy fanfic) by Kelly_Kat-246
Coming Home (Station 19/Grey's Kelly Kat
Erin O'Malley was familiar with pain. When she was sixteen she lost her brother George. It took a toll on her so when she turned eighteen she left Seattle. Fast forward...
Mia Bishop by EmilyAbrams9
Mia Bishopby Emily Abrams
When Maya's little sister turns up at station 19 Maya must navigate helping her, being captain and helping the firehouse through a tough loss. What challenges will they...
A Bambina or Bambino of Our Own by Musicgirl1120
A Bambina or Bambino of Our Ownby Musicgirl1120
Maya and Carina have been in a happy relationship for three years, and since the beginning, they both said they never wanted kids. But now, both of them find themselves...
Adopted by the Deluca-Bishop's by LucyHughes910
Adopted by the Deluca-Bishop'sby Lou
Feel free to message me or comment with idea's/requests for this story as every little helps! Plus it might be nice for you to see something you want to happen in statio...
mayas sister  by greysanatomy7564mcu
mayas sister by greysanatomy7564mcu
trouble lies around every corner it seems to follow maddy everywhere she go's.This is a story of maya bishops youngest sibling and all the challenges she will face #5 ma...
We'll Get Through This by Musicgirl1120
We'll Get Through Thisby Musicgirl1120
Everything has been going perfect for the Bishop-Delucas. They have two amazing daughters, work is going great, and they are ready to have another baby. But when a routi...
Only Time Could Tell by Diorxfanasty
Only Time Could Tellby izogieluvr
Miranda & Ben always worked through their problems but some problems are bigger than others, Will they make it through or be torn apart.... Only time could tell.... *I d...
Little Surprises Everywhere by 109Maddie
Little Surprises Everywhereby Maddie
Hailey Bishop has always had one goal perfection. But when her abusive father Lane kicks her out her world is turned upside down and she goes to her big sister Maya for...
Take on the World by andyhcrrera
Take on the Worldby andyhcrrera
Andy Herrera knew two things: She didn't want to settle down, and she didn't want to start a family. Firefighting was first, it always had been and it always would be. ...
EYES FORWARD-Maya Bishop by saralancesbae
Eyes forward... The religion that the Greys and the Bishops were raised under. If you never looked back, how could ever be hurt by the past, right? In which two women co...
Carina DeLuca x oc by presidential_facts
Carina DeLuca x ocby lee
Maya Bishop x female! oc This is set in season 3. Look inside for more details. There is cursing and homophobia (definitely homophobia)
too hot to handle  by olivaaa1765543
too hot to handle by olivaaa1765543
what if andy has a little sister and she was a model to pay her way through the fire academy but what happens when she shows up at station 19 for work
So Many Secrets by Amy1927
So Many Secretsby Amy
Andrea Herrera and Victoria Hughes have been best friends since they started working at station 19. The two share everything with each other. They are currently waiting...