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Keeping Up With Cade by banana_boat
Keeping Up With Cadeby banana_boat
They hooked up a lot. It was nothing else even if she wanted it to be – which she didn’t. It was convenient because he lived with her best friend – and it was good. What...
Friends with Benefits (Rye Beaumont)  by duffs_girl
Friends with Benefits (Rye Duffs_girl
Rye and Lilly (Andy's sister) are best friends but what happens when things become more complicated than that? #161 Andy - 09/12/2019 #1 andyfowler - 20/09/2019 #23 ben...
I'm Her BoyToy (DISCONTINUED) by Awesomeness_09
I'm Her BoyToy (DISCONTINUED)by Mrs. Lerman
"My best friend's using me for her own benefits and I'm too dumb to say no." That's what Calvin's been thinking as he wakes up and finds that he's all alone in...
Being friends with Lorena by holliezx
Being friends with Lorenaby H
Nathan Saint is the most popular boy in school, he could have any girl he wants, when he wanted them. Nathan notices Lorena, a girl in all his classes and they strike a...
Enemies Without a Limit by Mrz_Gurlie
Enemies Without a Limitby Elisha
Naomi Marks and Darryl Adams have been enemies since their Freshman year of high school. The rude comments, name calling, and snide remarks have existed between them for...
Best Friends With Benefits & After The Benefits End by ReadWriteLoveIt
Best Friends With Benefits & Ceri-Lou ♥
Ever since playgroup Olivia and Daniel have been inseparable. Best friends since..well forever. However after a drunken night things change between the pair and their r...
Isolation (modified) by maynardhigh
Isolation (modified)by maynardhigh
**an improved version of Isolation - the same story but rewritten to be more mature, and a better read** Megan Hayes and Logan Brooks are your typical, rebellious teenag...
Best-Friends With Benefits (Under Reconstruction) by Prodigywriter9638
Best-Friends With Benefits ( Rachel
Conner Rogers: Hot, athletic, and popular, with an ego the size of the Empire State Building. Selena Rider: Clumsy, uncoordinated-and-most-definitely-not-athletic, and s...
Best friends with Benefits (Completed) by FreeFallingx1
Best friends with Benefits ( FreeFallingx1
I wrapped my legs around waist, pressing my body closer. My arms snaked around his neck as he slipped his around my waist, pushing me hard against the wall. I bit his li...
My Sisters Boyfriend by moonlightfudge
My Sisters Boyfriendby moonlightfudge
Ever wonder what would happen if you fall inlove with your sister's boyfriend happened to Samantha. Samantha Lee or Samie you can call, is a 19 year old teena...
Enemies With Benefits by XxCricketTheNinjaXx
Enemies With Benefitsby Cricket
Danielle Tyler had been best friends with Victoria Wentworth since what some would consider forever. They were inseparable and kept nothing from each other. Danielle Tyl...
Defying Fate by TabithaLeRaye
Defying Fateby TabithaLeRaye
"Look. You're my mate so of course I want you. But I want Aubrey, too. And I think I've figured out a way to make this work for all of us. I can keep dating Aubrey...
Online [ Niall Horan ] by niall_horan_smiles
Online [ Niall Horan ]by .
"I don't know I just got that feeling about him. You know how your favourite song comes on and you just have to dance?" •...
Obsession||BWWM by cocoapebbles
Obsession||BWWMby (Glen) Cocoa
Obsession [Noun] - The domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. Or, in which Elijah King can't seem to take no for an answer. ...
Innocent Bet  (Complete)  by writerssofia
Innocent Bet (Complete) by Sofia
Summer Rich. Just your typical 16 year old girl, just a little more rich. Not popular, but not unknown either. Cheerleader, but not a snob or stuck up. Not shy but not r...
Mi Rival. Mi Love (BOOK 1 COMPLETED) by gail_rivas
Mi Rival. Mi Love (BOOK 1 gail_rivas
"Consider us as friends-with-benefits, if it makes you feel better about the whole ordeal." I scoffed. "As if. If anything, we're enemies with benefits. I...
Euphoria // Aiden Gallagher  by SummerSparke
Euphoria // Aiden Gallagher by Pringle
Aiden SMUT 🤤🤤🤤 euphoria: Learn to pronounce noun a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.
Benefits by harrythirls
Benefitsby ella
WARNING: SPG Jade and Harry made a deal and it's involve a lot of dirty stuff.
The Best Man by Teekay044a
The Best Manby The_Goofy_One🍂🍁
Olivia Davis reluctantly agrees to be her best friend and long term crush, Tristan Johnson's bestman at his wedding