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Witchcraft (Castlevania) (Alucard X Belmont! OC) by HoodieVixen
Witchcraft (Castlevania) ( Anxious Force of Chaos
I am Vendta Belmont, the last, and only, adopted daughter of the Belmont family. Once a statement held of the highest regard, no put me lower than dirt. First the Belmon...
Hellfire [Castlevania x Fem!Reader] by queenieayla
Hellfire [Castlevania x Fem!Reader]by queenieayla
Y/n has struggled all her life. Her one true desire was to help people, but they refuse her. What has she done to receive this backlash? Wanting to be accepted, Y/n chan...
Encore by Farla_Blackdragon
Encoreby Farla
Trevor learns the afterlife apparently involves finding himself outside of Gresit, about to fight the Night Hordes and Dracula again. He can't say he never sinned, but e...
Belmont Twins (OC x Alucard) by AtticusAreola
Belmont Twins (OC x Alucard)by AtticusAreola
Trevor Belmont and his sister Elizabeth didn't have the best start and things won't get any better when they're thrown into a prophecy where they must fight alongside th...
Painful Love. A Dracula FanFiction. by drpsps666
Painful Love. A Dracula Mae
you work for dracula. your like isaac and hector,your a devil forge master,but they make creatures of darkness while your make weapons and potions. your also a werecat,b...
A Vampires Mage (Castlevania) by Isabella-1000
A Vampires Mage (Castlevania)by Isabella-1000
When an orphan girl from Gresit survives countless nights of death at the hands of Draculas hordes, finds herself at the bottom of a pit beneath the city she never would...
ᎷᎪᏚᎢᎬᎡ ᎾF ᎻᎾᏌNᎠᏚ {Trevor Belmont X Reader X Alucard} {Castlevania} by Free_Doodlez
ᎷᎪᏚᎢᎬᎡ ᎾF ᎻᎾᏌNᎠᏚ {Trevor Belmont Free~
One year. The world had one year. One year to right it's wrongs and make peace with each other. After the one year was over, Dracula's demon army descended upon the unwa...
Luz B. Noceda: The Next Belmont by Lightman2120
Luz B. Noceda: The Next Belmontby Lightman 2120
Camila Noceda marries a mysterious man and gives birth to the next generation of a legendary bloodlines, who's sworn duty was to protect humanity from the creatures of t...
The demonic and her vampire (Alucard x oc reader) by Bloomfairydragon
The demonic and her vampire ( rose luckett
Come on this trip with Tarana takimoto and her two new friends and one childhood friend in stoping Dracula from killing all of human kind I don't not own Castlevania th...
Jaune's Arc of Castlevania: The Return of the Crownless Prince by caloyantig29
Jaune's Arc of Castlevania: The VEGARUSH
Jaune was found dying in the woods of Transylvania just near Alucards castle, where he found him and decided to give him some of his blood changing him into a vampire. H...
The Vampire Prince + Vampire - Revamp by Jedisage
The Vampire Prince + Vampire - Jedisage
A revamp of my Rosario Vampire story. lol Get it? Vampires rulers of the night and masters of darkness. Through the Years tells of Vampires where portrayed in movies an...
Castlevania Imagines by TheClumsyNarwhal
Castlevania Imaginesby Annabel Marie
A collection of one-shot scenarios, jokes, ideas, fan arts and memes/videos from the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania! (All original credits go to the producers, write...
Last of the Belmonts (A Castlevania: Season 1 Fanfiction) by WinterPhoenix123
Last of the Belmonts (A WinterPhoenix123
Alyx and Trevor are the last of the once-famed Belmont family. Now scorned and disgraced, they wander the land of Wallachia looking for shelter, food and money wherever...
The Celestial House - The Beginning: The Hero, The Witch and The Owl by Demon010
The Celestial House - The Demon dark mezzo sangue
In a world full of monsters, hunters, witches, demons, angels, superheroes, supervillains. For a reason unknown to all, a boy blessed by the Celestial Forge appears, it...
Luz B. Noceda: The Next Belmont Season 2 by Lightman2120
Luz B. Noceda: The Next Belmont Lightman 2120
After recovering from her previous battle with Belos, Luz returns to the Isles to fight a war against both the corrupt Emperor and the Creatures of the Night. She must g...
Castlevania by BigBang5275
Castlevaniaby BigBang5275
The son of Dracula falls in love with a girl who is very different and not of this world. She is more powerful than Dracula. Sleeps hidden within the catacombs where the...
Prophecies Foretold (Ghoul Mountain) by KingLutherian
Prophecies Foretold (Ghoul Luther Woods
First book in the Belmont series William Belmont is also know as subject 47, a unique user. A person with the ability to bend the natural order to his will. When abiliti...
The One Who Fled |Trevor x Reader| by TheWolfAndTheRaven
The One Who Fled |Trevor x Reader|by The Wolf and the Raven
After losing more gold than she could count, [Y/n] and het family were scattered around the country in an attempt to pay their debts. However, [Y/n] is tired of the long...
Castlevania x Reader Oneshots by -Mother_Lily-
Castlevania x Reader Oneshotsby Daffodil Jx
Tbh even though Castlevania is a ✨GOD-TIER✨ anime, it don't get alot of recognition.. So I'm gonna try and fix that. I will do: GXG BXB BXG and GN I take request and wil...
Under Nght of the Dominance wielder by Mechaknight865429
Under Nght of the Dominance wielderby angel genos
years have past Soma Cruz the incarnation of the dark lord Dracula wielder of Dominance has been sealed away in the years in the 2035 his son Setsuna Cruz has discovered...