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Hira da matattu  by jamilaumartanko
Hira da matattu by Jamila Umar Tanko
A true life story by Jamila Umar Tanko
Experiment GONE WRONG ( experimented bello AU)  by RelzoThecheesegod
Experiment GONE WRONG ( Relzo
NYEHEHEHHEHE WARNING : !! fluff, cringe, angst, etc !! Mina had a new machine bello tried to test it but the machine broken down which it had gone wrong bello has turn...
JellyJamm : bello's overwhelmed problem ( ANGST, Cringe?, Fluff 👌)  by RelzoThecheesegod
JellyJamm : bello's overwhelmed Relzo
If you don't like this then why read this piece of shi- bello and his friends except goomo were having arguement which had gone wrong bello thought they were playing but...
Jelly Jamm: Rita's Nightmare/Fever by CuteCartoonLover06
Jelly Jamm: Rita's Nightmare/Feverby CuteCartoonLover06
Rita has a nightmare, and a fever. But don't worry! Bello is here to help!
All yours by capri13corn
All yoursby capri13corn
"Who do you belong to?" He whispered in my ear. "I'm all yours" ******************************************** Amara Amiri was just another bold talkat...
Mina's Fear by CuteCartoonLover06
Mina's Fearby CuteCartoonLover06
Little did everyone know, Mina is scared of not only the dark, but also thunderstorms. Who will help her?
Bad boi minion x reader luv story  by Imacutiepiexoxo
Bad boi minion x reader luv story by Imacutiepiexoxo
Gru's quirky side kick gworl realized she catches feelings for a bad boi minion, Bob.... Bob is a stripper, bad boi and in a motorcycle gang 😏
Namjoon's  pictures by alittlesky
Namjoon's picturesby alittlesky
que de decirte ;v, el titulo lo dice todo no? en fin aqui encontraremos muchas imag de nam el hermoso lider de bangtan pueden ser imag sad, alegres, con pack 7u7, tie...
My friends are my life  by dolcelunalulu
My friends are my life by dolcelunalulu
Amiche per sempre ! Perdonate ogni volta le vostre migliori amiche perché loro non vi tradiranno mai !
Con gli occhi di un'adolescente  by GiorgiaSaliceto
Con gli occhi di un'adolescente by TeddieBear
Quando ti svegli e capisci che questa non era la vita che sognavi, cosa devi fare? Iris non lo sapeva.. Chris se ne fregava.. E io? Io non ne avevo proprio idea.
Hugues Marie Bello by nitaisutradhar
Hugues Marie Belloby Nitai Sutradhar
Hi I'm Hugues Marie Bello, after graduating from university, I found jobs creating HTML e-learning courses and designing content for digital books. Along the way, I tran...
@slf_jenn by AxilyaLilwyn
@slf_jennby Jennvello McAllister
Berisi tugas dari sekolah @SeoulFLHS_RP
The Mystery of the Untold Tree by MissBCQ
The Mystery of the Untold Treeby MissBCQ
oh well just read it! I'm tired gosh! You will just read it anyway! Read if you want. Well if you hate it, EH DI Wow. Sorry for i was only updating it only seldom sorr...
From love to shame , and from shame to love???