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the orphan and the truest beliver by SawyerAddax
the orphan and the truest beliverby Sawyer
this a story about Peyton pan. She is an orphan. She only has one friend. she finally gets adopted on her 11 birthday, but she has to leave her best friend behind. His n...
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Handball🥰 by AllyAlessia8
Handball🥰by Ally
Buna!Ma numesc Ioana(nume fictiv)și va voi spune despre aventura mea cu acest sport minunat..handbalul!(Încă mai practic🤣)
Diary of a Fairy kid by MagixBeliver
Diary of a Fairy kidby Zumix
This is a guide to being a fairy. I will also include some transforming spells. NO HATERS AND NO FLUFFIES!!!
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 Lies by Cupcakestories100
Liesby Cupcakestories100
This is the life of a liar. She had it all, but as soon as her dad got re-married, it slipped from her grasp.
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Believe it!! by bluepinkcherryblosso
Believe it!!by bluepinkcherryblosso
A story about a Mexican girl in 1846, trying to prove to her uncle that she is just as good as his soldiers. That her gender didn't matter. a bit of spanish
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I belive by dancemomsfan145
I beliveby dancemomsfan145
This book will tell you what are the good sides that we should follow. And to take you to realize how important everything is.
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Wasn't It A Sad Life Darling?  by 01karenn10
Wasn't It A Sad Life Darling? by 01karenn10
Allison Vade. Not the brightest person but still not the average dumb human. She's a struggler. Staying in highschool for more years than an average teenager. Ever so ea...
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Why I'm here by Rockerchic1890765432
Why I'm hereby Rockerchic1890765432
When Melissa Farling smells her mate will she find him or run the other way When the biggest player Jaxson Wentz is flirting and smells his mate will he forget about her...
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Poems of old by iamsirius111
Poems of oldby M
A collection of my early poetry
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Sadistic Feelings by obsessjun
Sadistic Feelingsby peterjun's tinkerbell
This is my forbidden poems. S a d i s t i c F e e l i n g s G i m m e M a r k e u © 2 0 1 9 Highest Rank; #3 in Poerty [08/11/19] #42 in Feel [10/11/19] #8 in Poerty [1...
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 Unsteady (J.m) by kayliejoy9
Unsteady (J.m)by kaylie joy
Hold on to me because I'm a little unsteady.
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Impossible by jaynadpatel
Impossibleby Jayna Patel
I used to believe in God quite literally and would will him to 'make' a miracle happen just to 'prove' that he really did exist. As I got older I realized this wasn't r...
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Believer (completed) by Narin1601
Believer (completed)by Narin1601
Sidney just moved from NYC to California. New school. New friends. New crushes? Who knows...
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The Girl With The Pen || How It All Began || Book 1 || by Flower_Writer321
The Girl With The Pen || How It Rebecca C.
..Hi... My names Hope Elliot... I grew up in California with my parents. We had to move to Kansas which ment new school and new everything... I had a passion for drawing...
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The day that shrek met the bee from the bee movie  by khalissi1999
The day that shrek met the bee khalissi
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It's show time   by olga_sprouse
It's show time by olga_sprouse
A girl named Dawn Clair is a greek girl and she was born with a lot of talents but yet undiscovered and her low self-esteem didn't help at all . We will be hearing her s...
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